Uniden Scanner Test Modes for the HP Series scanners

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Before We Begin

  • The usual warnings apply; RR is not responsible if you damage your scanner, use at your own risk, etc.
  • Some of these cause the scanner to lock up. If this happens remove the battery / power, put it back in then turn it back on. Make sure your scanner is backed up using your software of choice before you do any of this.
  • Power down to exit unless stated otherwise
  • If you turn the BCD536HP off then on to reset it, you might get the infamous Nothing To Scan message. If you do, select Write Data to Scanner.
  • With the SDS100 you may need to try more than once to get it to work.
  • You can find support to discuss these at the Uniden Tech Support Forum

Keypad Entries

Test name Keys BCD436HP BCD536HP SDS100 SDS200
Birdie Search 5K steps1 2+0+ON X X X X
Initialize Memory 1+0+YES+ON X X X X
Key Touch Test/Headphone 3+0+ON X X X X
Clock Test 9+CHAN+ON X X X X
Tone Out Stand By Tone out 1 2 4+CHAN+ON X X X X
Boots up no LCD screen 3+CHAN+ON X X X X
LCD Contrast ADJ test 2+CHAN+ON X X X X
Checker Board screen 3 1+CHAN+ON X X X X
USB Serial test 1+DEPT+ON X X X X
LCD Contract Adjust Test 3+DEPT+ON X X X X
Close Call Test 1+SYST+ON X X X X
Checker Board LCD 3+SYST+ON X X X X
Search Test 5K steps 4 4+SYST+ON X X X X
Tone Out Standby 6+SYST+ON X X X X
Trunking Test 5 7+SYST+ON X X X X
Load Test Data 7 0+SYST+ON X X X X
Scan Rate Test 3+9+ON X X X X
Software Version Test 5+9+ON X X X X
  1. SDS100 / SDS200 push To Scan to exit
  2. 163.400 CH:1 NFM A:300Hz B:3000 Hz+
  3. Press a key and switch to key touch/headphone
  4. Hit SYST or DEPT to change step sizes
  5. 1 Moto, 2 EDACS Wide, 3 EDACS Narrow, 4 LTR
    1. Motorola--Displays 851.0125 CTRL press DEPT changes to VOICE SYS changes back to CTRL Avoid changes to LSD Press Menu to go back to Trunking Test Menu
    2. EDACS Wide Displays 851.0125 CT, Dept changes to VC, System changes back to CT
    3. EDACS Narrow, displays 894.0125 same changes as above
    4. LTR displays 851.0125------
  6. 162.400 Press Dept to change to WX Alert Test---Turn off and turn on holding on and it boots up to Monitor Weather-Turn dial to change stations + (SDS100 / SDS200 push To Scan to exit)
  7. To exit Go to Menu - Settings - Restore Options - Reset User Settings

HomePatrol 1/2

  1. Power off the unit
  2. Pressing the Volume up & Power at the same time until you first see the boot screen quickly release the two and hold the volume down to enter test modes.
  3. You'll have access to complete Firmware versions as well as many other tools.
  4. To return to normal scanning power off unit normally and power back on as usual.


The "Calibration" function will set the accuracy of your finger's input to the touch screen....

Once you have selected the "calibration" menu button, you will see small circles appear on the screen. Touch carefully and directly on the circles as they appear. There are 5 circle targets to touch. The first 2 turn a very light yellow color after you touch them, and the next 3 show a small red dot where your touch was registered.

After touching all of the calibration circles that appear, touch anywhere on the screen and then choose "Save" from the next page, or "re-try" if you want to repeat the calibration.

Writing a Debug File (BCD436HP / BCD536HP / SDS100 / SDS200)

  • This file is used for debugging by Uniden
  • Power Down to return to normal
  1. Power up while holding AVOID.(adds Set Debug Log Mode to settings)
  2. MENU --> SETTINGS --> Set Debug Log Mode --> SD Card File
  3. Monitor for a bit (a minute or two is plenty).
  4. MENU --> SETTINGS --> Set Debug Log Mode --> Off
  5. File is in the debug directory on the SD card.

SDS100 / SDS200 Functions

Using ProScan

  • ProScan can be found here
  • Select Test and Extras then Protocol Command. In all cases Power Down to exit
  • Enter SDR to see the SDR Demo (basically non functional)
  1. Enter TST,X,UNIDEN_TEST_MODE Caution: This disconnects the serial port
  2. X equals the following;
    1. Software Version Display
    2. Close Call Test
    3. Unknown
    4. NWS / SAME test
    5. Key Touch / Alert LED / Headphone test
    6. Unknown
    7. Tone Out Test

P25 Adjustments using the hidden modes HomePatrol 1 and 2

  • The P25 filter and P25 mode options are found in a hidden menu.
  • To turn on the hidden menu, go to the Audio Options menu and press the blank area in the bottom right corner of screen for 2 seconds or so until filter settings show.
  • P25 reception indicator is displayed instead of favorite list name while in scan mode. To return to favorite list name turn scanner off and back on.
  • P25 status : NON/P25/ENC/LNK/DAT Axx or Mxx : A means AUTO. M means Manual. xx is threshold level (8-13). ERR: Error rate.
  • Instead of turning the scanner off, leave it in the clock mode and it will retain the manual adjustment setting.