Winnebago County (IL)

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Winnebago County

Winnebago County 911/ETSB

The new 911 center at 4511 N. Main St., Rockford (near River Bluff Nursing Home), will dispatch for basically every police department in the county other than the City of Rockford, which will continue to dispatch from the existing 911 center. The new center is prepared to dispatch for fire departments as well. (Opened in October 2006) News Story

Winnebago County Fire/EMS

* Common Radio Frequency Allocation Template:

  • FIRE 1 - Rockford City (151.175 Repeater D074)
  • FIRE 2 - Rockford City (155.73 Simplex D073)
  • FIRE 3 - Rockford Rural/Suburban Depts (secondary) (154.235 CSQ on Base 210.7 on Mobile)
  • FIRE 4 - Rockford Rural/ Suburban Depts (primary) (154.190 CSQ on Base 210.7 on Mobile)

Winnebago County Sheriff's Department

  • Website
  • WRDQ517 769.28125, 769.53125, 769.78125, 770.53125, 771.03125 trunked P25 repeaters (tower @ Rockton Township Highway Department Garage, Rockton). This will be a site in the STARCOM21 system. (7/2019)
2740.000  WQEY410  F  Winb SD Bomb Sheriff: Bomb Unit (Remote Control Robot Bomb Disposal)
  • Sheriff now licensed for 155.565R (was Rockford PD W Control 3 WQJ478 Expired]
  • WQSJ342 - 436.000 for Recon Scout (Bomb Robot)

Winnebago County Government

  • 465.000 WQFS761 BP RB NrsHome River Bluff Nursing Home: Paging (Rockford)

ESDA / Amateur Radio


Regional Medical Center Information

Rockford has three major regional trauma centers with two medical helicopters serving all of the following Northern Illinois Counties: Winnebago, Boone, Stephenson, Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties. All UHF Med Channels are also used for inbound patient reports by Rockford City FD and Helicopters along with below.

St. Anthony's Medical Center (Rockford)

OSF Medical Center

163.25000     KNIG642  B   Paging  Telm  Data  
460.88750     WNVI339  M   SAMC Data Data (Multiple Frequencies)  Telm  Data  

Swedish American Hospital and Medical Center

  • Central and Downtown
  • 462.75000 WNZL333 B SAMC Paging Paging FM Data

Presence Saint Anne Center (Rehab and Long-Term Care, Rockford)


  • Rockford Memorial Hospital (Rockford Health System) merged with Mercy Health System in 2015 to become Mercyhealth. Mercyhealth operates two hospitals in Rockford: Javon Bea Hospital - Rockton (the former Rockford Memorial Hospital) and Javon Bea Hospital - Riverside. FCC licenses are still in the name of "Rockford Memorial Hospital".
  • WQMM715 - 464.95 RM (NFM) for Hospital Ops/Disaster
  • KUX800 - 462.925 Repeater (NFM)

EMS Agencies

ATS Medical (Rockford)

  • 155.34000 WQDC352 M MERCI-1 First Responder for regional trauma center

FHN Memorial Hospital (Freeport)

Lifeline Ambulance (Rockford)

  • KNNN798 licensed to St. Anthony Medical Center

Mercy Ambulance Service Inc. (Rockford)

  • 155.34000 WQJI784 M MERCI1 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms

Metro Medical Services, Inc (Ambulance, Medicar)

  • WNHJ244 463.525 repeater - Metro Ambulance
  • WPZI277 152.300 (repeats 157.560) and 152.345 mobiles (NFM)
  • WNSA631 155.220, 155.340 and all UHF MED Channels (mobiles)

Municipalities and Districts

  • Rockton Township Highway Dept - 151.01 Base/Mobile WQPM299 (NFM)
  • Durand Township Highway Dept - 153.8225 20-50wt Mobiles (NFM) WQSI569

Greater Rockford Airport Authority


Blackhawk Fire Protection District

Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Fire Protection District


Harlem-Roscoe Fire Protection District

Hillcrest (Village)

  • WQPP748 956.25625 SENSUS Water Data 12K (at New Milford)

Lake Summerset Association

  • Website
  • Police by Winnebago County Sheriff; Fire by Durand FPD

Loves Park

  • Police dispatched on Sheriff C2 155.19 156.7 PL

New Milford

  • Police by Winnebago County Sheriff

New Milford Fire Protection District

North Park

North Park Public Water District

  • WPUX891 952.01875 8K85A1D / 2K00A2D (at Machesney Park)

North Park Fire Protection District Remote Receive/Transmit Links (RF)

  • Main Repeater - link os 460.5875 and 465.5875 out. Located at the water tower in Loves park.
  • Backup Repeater - link is 460.625 in and 465.625 out and is located at NPFD 600 wood ave. Machesney.
  • Both Repeaters Receive 154.325 and retransmit on either repeater output

(465.5875 or 465.625) to St Anthony hospital in Rockford IL and is controlled by St Anthonys.

So at all times .."MedCom" at St Anthonys can hear 154.325 on either tower sight by listening to 465.5875 or 465.625 and respond using 460.5875 or 460.625 to output 154.325.

Dispatch is located a few miles away from the fire district therefore.. A UHF link is needed for dispatch. They have 2 Receive sights for redundancy.

Northwest Fire Protection District

  • Serves an unicorporated area around Rockford

Pecatonica (City)

Pecatonica Fire Protection District

  • Dispatch by RockCom at MercyHealth - Rockford

Rockford (City)

Rockford Public Works

  • WQCE412 - 160.155 Base/Mobile, Mobiles on 159.57 and 159.66 (NFM)

Rock River Water Reclamation District

  • 3/12 - Modify KUV552 to 7K (MOTOTRBO)

Rockford Park District

  • WQRY275 - Mobiles on 457.5625, 461.4125, 461.5125, 466.7375, 461.8125 (20-2wt NFM Voice/Data) for Public Golf Course
  • WQPW850 - 151.4675 repeater with 155.9775 (NFM) for Parks and Recreation Education Center
  • WQQR724 - Mobiles on 467.4375, 466.4125, 461.4625, 466.5375, 461.6875 (NFM Voice/Data)

Davis Park at Founders Landing is a seven-acre outdoor venue along the Rock River that is owned by the City of Rockford and is maintained by the Rockford Park District, operated by Centre Events

Rockford Police Department

  • Looking to upgrade to using Starcom21 radios News Article
  • 8/10/09 - Rockford PD will be switching to Starcom21 digital radios this week More Info

Metro Enforcement Website

  • They contract with Rockford Police and have full Police powers of arrest at City housing projects, events, malls and various property management contracts. They are carry firearms. Fleet of marked and unmarked Ford CVPIs.

Their PRIMARY DISPATCH/Freqs in Rockford are as follows:

  • 461.6750 (466.6750 Input) WQJA499 DPL464 NFM Metro Enforcement Dispatch F1(Portables)
  • 461.6750 (Simplex) WQJA499 DPL464 NFM Metro Enforcement T/A F2 (Portables)
  • 153.2075 (158.4375 Input) WQUE226 PL179.9 NFM Metro Enforcement VHF F1 (Car 2 Car - Mobiles)

Radios are Vertex Standard VX-829 UHF Portables.

Interestingly enough, the callsign, WQJA499, only licenses this freq for Chicago (they run a 662DPL on the same pair in Chicago) - however they use it out here in Rockford, too - just with a different PL. Interesting ????

This information has been confirmed as of 6/30/15.

Old Frequencies

151.17500  155.85000  KNBG360  RM 156.7 PL  Rkfd PoliceE  Police: East - Old     
155.56500  156.04500  WQJ478   RM 210.7 PL  Rkfd PD Old   Police: East Old 
                                                          (Control 4)
155.73000  158.91000  KNBG361  RM 156.7 PL  Rkfd PD CW    Police: Citywide/Traffic 
                                                          (Control 5) - Ol 
155.85000             KNBG360   M 156.7 PL  Rkfd PD C2C   Police: Car-to-Car 
                                                          (Control 8) - Old  
156.15000             WQJ478   RM 156.7 PL  Rkfd PD S/T   Police: Surveillance/Tactical 
                                                          (Control 7) - Old  

154.57000 	   	WNXZ599 M 85.4 PL Rockford Public Library: Operations [Expired 12/11] 	 
453.05000 458.05000  	KNEU786 RM	Rockford HsAuth	Housing Authority [Expired 2/14] 
453.22500 	   	KNAR517 M       Rockford Metro Centre Authority [Expired 1/12] 
453.52500 	   	KNAR517 BM 203.5 PL Rockford Metro Centre Authority [Expired 1/12] 
458.52500 	   	KNAR517 M	Rockford Metro Centre Authority [Expired 1/12]   

Rockford Fire Department


  • WQPK658 - Police: 159.1725 Repeater with 156.09 (DMR)

Rockton Fire Protection District


South Beloit

  • Fire may use 154.31 118.8 PL to communicate with Rock County Fire (Wisconsin)

West Suburban Fire Protection District

  • Serves an unicorporated area around Rockford

Win-Bur-Sew Fire Protection District

  • Serves Winnebago, Burritt and Seward Townships

School and Colleges

  • 151.925 WPKL437 Luther Academy at Gloria Dei [Cancelled 3/02] FMN
  • Sunrise Inc - Transportation of Special Needs Children: 461.75 Repeater (Rockford) WQB761

Harlem Board of Education

  • WQES894 462.175, 462.200, 463.200 mobiles - Harlem/Machesney Park/Loves Park (NFM)
  • WPKW736 460.8500 repeater - Machesney Park (NFM)

Lena Winslow CUSD 202

Pecatonica School District 321

  • Website
  • WQQP278 - 451.6 Repeater (NFM)
  • WPPZ423 - 451.35 Pecatonica CUD [Cancelled 8/11]

Rockford Schools

Rockford Board of Education

  • 154.515 Repeater with 160.125 input, 159.81 Mobiles (11K at Eisenhower Middle School)

Rockford Area Board of Catholic Education

  • for several schools for Security/Maintenance - WQVE232 - 467.875 65-2wt mobiles (NFM)

Rock Valley College (Rockford)

Legacy Academy (Rockford Private School)

  • 151.745 Mobiles (MOTOTRBO at Winnebago) WQNC392


Rock Valley College (Rockford)

461.78750 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
461.93750 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
462.16250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.26250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.33750 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.56250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.66250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.76250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.91250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
463.96250 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
465.77500 	   	WNPG938 	M	Maintenance / Repair / Construction Ops 	FMN 	Schools 


Chicago/Rockford International Airport [RFD]

  • The former Greater Rockford Airport is officially is the CHICAGO/ROCKFORD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Airport officials approved the name change in an effort to market the facility as an alternative to O'Hare International Airport and Midway Airport in Chicago. After several months with no commercial air service, the Rockford airport was able to attract commuter connections from United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. It also is the second name change in as many years. The airport for a time was known as The Northwest Chicagoland Regional Airport at Rockford. (Greater Rockford Airport Authority)
  • Airport Website -
  • CPIS Security Website -

Codes and Unit Lists

Fire Paging Tones

  • Loves Park FD, 154.430; TONE A 568.7, TONE B 788.2
  • Harlem-Roscoe FD, 155.4375; TONE A 524.1, TONE B 787.5
  • South Beloit FD; TONE A 1512.5, TONE B 1471.5 (DB: Winnebago County)
  • Cherry Valley FD; TONE A 1554.5, TONE B 1513.0 (DB: Winnebago County)
  • Rockford Fire Back up; TONE A 426.2, TONE B 317.0

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