Working with Playlists

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Please put any tips regarding working with Playlists as found in the PSR-700, PSR-800, Pro-107, or Pro-18 here. If a tip is specific to a particular scanner, please make sure to state this.

Delete Playlist/Object

  • In order to delete more than one object at a time, you must use the included PC software. With the radio attached to the PC via the supplied USB cable, run the PC software, and select the "Copy Configuration from microSD Card" item on the "microSD Card" menu. (You'll be prompted to select the "removable disk" that corresponds to the microSD Card). You should now see the data programmed on the microSD Card.
  • At this point, the data on the microSD Card has not been changed; it has been copied to the PC. After performing any edits described below, you'll need to copy the data back to the microSD Card via the "microSD Card" menu. The PC software only manipulates its local copy of the data, which should be in \My Documents\iScan.
  • Deleting all objects in a playlist is done on the "Playlists" tab at the bottom of the window. You first select the target playlist via the drop-down at the top, then select some/all of the objects by clicking on the row headers (the 4-digit numbers under "POS"). Normal Windows "multi-select" options work: CTRL+leftClick, SHIFT+leftClick, CTRL-A.
  • Do you want to actually delete the objects, or do you want to merely remove them from a playlist (in case they're in more than one)? If the former, click the Delete Channel button. If the latter, click the Remove Channel button.
  • Note that if you use the "remove" option and the objects are only in one playlist, the objects will still exist - you just won't ever be able to see them on the scanner; you'll have to return to the PC software to put them in at least one playlist.
  • If the objects you want to delete are talkgroups, and you want to delete the entire trunked system, you can (and probably should) do that via the "Trunked Radio Systems" tab, which will be available if you set the "Simple Display" item on the "General Settings" tab to OFF.

Moving Playlists

  • If you want to move contents of playlists around (e.g. everything in playlist X to playlist Y, everything in playlist Y to playlist Z, etc.)...
  • The only easy way is within the included PC software, and it's only easy if you have a playlist that is currently empty. You'd use the "Playlists" tab, selecting everything in one playlist and moving it to another, repeating as necessary.
  • For example, if you had objects in playlists 1, 2, and 3, playlist 10 was empty, and you wanted to move:
  • current playlist 3 --> playlist 2
  • current playlist 2 --> playlist 1
  • current playlist 1 --> playlist 3
  • you could do this within the Playlists tab:
    • 1. select everything in playlist 1 and move it to playlist 10
    • 2. select everything in playlist 2 and move it to playlist 1
    • 3. select everything in playlist 3 and move it to playlist 2
    • 4. select everything in playlist 10 and move it to playlist 3

("move it to playlist X" means "while those items are selected, click on one of the items' "Playlists" cells, un-check the box for the current playlist, and check the box for playlist X")

  • On the Playlists tab:
    • 1. select the "from" playlist from the drop-down box at the top-left of the display
    • 2. click on one of the "POS" cells in the displayed objects list
    • 3. press CTRL-A (select all)
    • 4. click on one of the "Playlist" cells in the displayed objects list
    • 5. in the "Select Playlists" window that pops up, un-check the current playlist (the one you selected in #1 above), and check the target playlist (the one you want to "move to")
    • 6. repeat steps 1-5 for every playlist whose contents you want to "move"
  • Note: Clicking on the "header" cell for the Playlists column will jumble your information, just left-clicking on the playlist column works fine.

Skywarn Frequencies

  • Can freq, be added to Skywarn without software?

If you're referring to directly entering a specific frequency, no.

However, there are other ways:

  • If the frequency is in the RR DB, you can import it and assign it to the Skywarn playlist
  • You could set up a limit search where the "Lo" and/or "Hi" frequencies are the one you want to enter, turn the Sq knob fully counterclockwise, then, when the scanner "stops on" the target frequency, press MENU and select "Store Channel".