York County (PA) 911 Pager Codes (POCSAG)

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The York County 911 System is now using a digital alphanumeric paging system for all fire, rescue, EMS, and HAZMAT services within York County. The pager system is an 18-site simulcast transmission system using the frequency of 453.000mhz NFM, and a 1200bps POCSAG alphanumeric pager format.


Generally speaking, the pager riccodes (better know as cap-codes) are assigned in a standard format based on the station number assigned to the service. There are some exceptions listed below the general format examples.

Example 1 (fire station)

Fire Station #25 would have the following cap-codes assigned: 025000 for fire dispatches 025016 for duty officer pages 025024 for fire police dispatches 025992 for in-station alerting system activations (optional per department, may be used for station bells or house siren)

Example 2 (EMS agency)

EMS agencies' capcodes are assigned similarly as fire stations, with a leading 2. For example, EMS station 19's capcode is 219000.

EMS agencies not using standard format

250000 Station 250 White Rose EMS

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