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!colspan="6"|'''Aircraft Information'''
!colspan="6"|'''Aircraft Information'''
|T-34C Turbomentor || T-44A Pegasus || TC-12 Huron || T-39N Sabreliner
|T-6B Texan II || T-44A Pegasus || TC-12 Huron || TH-57 Sea Ranger
|T-45A Goshawk || T-1A Jayhawk || F/A-18 Hornet || C-130 Hercules  
|T-45C Goshawk ||T-6A Texan II  || F/A-18 Hornet || C-130 Hercules  
|T-6A Texan II || T-6B Texan II || TH-57 Sea Ranger ||

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General Information

The Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) headquartered at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas oversees the Naval Air Training Command (TRACOM) whose mission is to safely train the world's finest combat quality aviation professionals, delivering them at the right time, in the right numbers, and at the right cost to a Naval Force that is where it matters, when it matters.

Naval Aviator and Naval Flight Officer (NFO) training and production is conducted by 17 TRACOM squadrons aligned under five Training Air Wings located at five naval air stations in the southeastern United States. This training involves over 750 TRACOM aircraft flying over 350,000 annual flight hours with an annual budget in excess of $575 million. CNATRA’s aircraft inventory and annual flight hours make up just under a third of the Navy’s total aircraft and over a third of its annual flight hours. Over 1300 instructor pilots and NFOs – active duty and reserves – from the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force use these aircraft, flight hours and budget combined with simulators, classrooms, and other training media to produce and graduate more than 1,500 pilots and NFOs each year.

Command Radio Reference Resources Official Websites
The Blue Angels
Blue Angels Insignia.png
Naval Air Station Pensacola WIKI The Blue Angels
Naval Air Station Pensacola RRDB NAS Pensacola (CNIC)
Training Air Wing 1
Logo tw1 150x150.png
Naval Air Station Meridian WIKI Training Air Wing 1 (CNATRA)
Naval Air Station Meridian RRDB NAS Meridian (CNIC)
Training Air Wing 2
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Naval Air Station Kingsville WIKI Training Air Wing 2 (CNATRA)
Kleberg County, TX RRDB NAS Kingsville (CNIC)
Training Air Wing 4
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Naval Air Station Corpus Christi WIKI Training Air Wing 4 (CNATRA)
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi RRDB NAS Corpus Christi (CNIC)
Training Air Wing 5
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Naval Air Station Whiting Field North WIKI RRDB Training Air Wing 5 (CNATRA)
Naval Air Station Whiting Field South WIKI RRDB NAS Whiting Field (CNIC)
Training Air Wing 6
TW-6 logo.jpg
Naval Air Station Pensacola WIKI Training Air Wing 6 (CNATRA)
Naval Air Station Pensacola RRDB NAS Pensacola (CNIC)
Reserve Component N/A Reserve Component (CNATRA)
Aircraft Information
T-6B Texan II T-44A Pegasus TC-12 Huron TH-57 Sea Ranger
T-45C Goshawk T-6A Texan II F/A-18 Hornet C-130 Hercules

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