Emergency Medical Services (MN)

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This article is designed to address larger Emergency medical Services in Minnesota of the following Types

  • EMS's that operate their own Secondary PSAP
  • EMS's the operate in Multiple counties
  • EMS's that are larger in operational size

Minnesota Has 4 Secondary PSAP's which by definition, are secure centers that are capable of recieving 911 calls. Secondary PSAPs are:

  • Mayo Clinic Medical Transport
  • North Memorial Ambulance Service
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Allina Medical Transportation

Medical Resource Control Centers

The Twin Cities breaks EMS up into 2 major groups - East and West Metro, each spearheaded by their own Control Center. Medical Resource Control Centers operate as the hub of patient information and the coordination points for their side of the river.

Allina Health Emergency Medical Services


Allina Health Emergency Medical Services is one of the region's largest ambulance and medical transport services.

We serve more than 100 Minnesota communities, where about one million people live. We employ nearly 570 paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), dispatchers, special transportation drivers, maintenance and administration and support personnel.

Field Operations

We annually respond to more than 100,000 emergency calls. Allina Health Emergency Medical Services crews respond exclusively to medical emergencies at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Allina EMS provides coverage through a number of Bases

  • North Metro (Mounds View)
  • South Metro (Savage (Eagle Valley))
  • Cambridge
  • Wright County
  • A.L.F. (Apple Valley, Lakeville and Farmington)
  • New Ulm
  • Hutchinson
  • Glencoe
  • Saint Peter

Unit Numbering

Unit ID Group ID Notes
100-199 Special Transportation & Greater MN Program
1800-1810 Rivers Edge Ambulance - St. Peter Dispatch Contract - 1810 Supervisor
202-208 Isanti County ALS 201 Manager
2771-2775 Hutchinson Ambulance 2710 Manager
300-310 Northfield Ambulance Dispatch Contract - 310 Supervisor / Manager
371-372 Glencoe Ambulance 3710 Supervisor
401-408 Dispatch Management
501-506 Clinical Services
511-536 South Metro ALS 550 Manager
5601-5602 Elk River Ambulance Elk River FD
5603-5604 Elk River Medic Chase Vehicles Allina Medics
5702-5706 CentraCare EMS Dispatch Contract - 5701 Manager - 5710 Duty Supervisor
587 South Metro Critical Care Truck
592-597 ALF Ambulance 590 Manager
600 Allina Communications Center Dispatch Call Sign
610 On Duty Paramedic Supervisor/Manager
620-685 North Metro ALS 660 Manager
686-689 North Metro Critical Care
691-699 Wright County ALS 690 Manager
671-676 Bike Team
800-806 Lakeview EMS Ambulance Dispatch Contract
905-915 New Ulm Ambulance 910 Manager
931-932 Community Paramedic
950-953 Interfacility Manager/Supervisors
983-999 Metro Area BLS units
UPDATED 05/2016


In 2015, Allina Health was recognized for its work to improve public health care and maximum efficiency of the 911 system. The Allina Health Emergency Medical Services Communications Center was awarded the Accredited Center of Excellence from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

In addition to Dispatching Allina EMS Site, Allina Communications also provide dispatch services for:

  • CentraCare EMS (Formerly New River Medical Center EMS)
  • Northfield Hospital EMS
  • Lakeview Hospital EMS
  • Lakes Regions EMS (1SEP2016)

Allina Communications has 13 Dispatch Positions and conducts all of its operations on ARMER. Allina uses TriTech's visiCAD.

  • Allina Communications uses Motorola Gold Elite Consoles, as such, every talkgroup at each dispatch console has a unique radio ID which can be found here.

Allina Health EMS dispatcher have 5 different jobs roles. 4 dispatch boards and call takers. The 4 boards are split up as such:

  • North (North Metro, Cambridge, Critical Care)
  • South (South Metro, ALF, Northfield EMS)
  • Outstate (Lakeview EMS, Elk River/Wright County, CentraCare EMS, Hutchinson/Glencoe, New Ulm
  • Interfacility (GM, Active Ride, BLS, Community Paramedic)
  • Call Taker (Phones)


F-M Ambulance (Fargo-Moorhead)

HealthEast Medical Transportation

  • HealthEast Medical Transportation operates ALS and BLS ambulances. They have 911 PSA in Dakota County.
  • All operations are on ARMER

Hennepin County Medical Center EMS

  • HCMC EMS is solely a 911 ALS Service within Hennepin County.
  • All Ambulances are staffed with 2 paramedics.
  • Maximum Staffing is 19 ALS Ambulances, minimum staffing is 6 ALS Ambulances
  • 911 PSA is:
    • Minneapolis (85%)
    • St. Anthony Village
    • Richfield
    • St. Louis Park
    • Hopkins
    • Minnetonka
    • Eden Prairie
    • Golden Valley (Tyrol Hills Neighborhood)
    • Excelsior
    • Greenwood
    • Woodland
    • Deephaven
  • All operations are on ARMER

LifeLink III

Air Operations

Rotor Wing bases in

All operations are on Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER), except Rice Lake, which uses a UHF LTR system that is not in the database.

Mayo Clinic Medical Transport

Ground based operations in:

  • Rochester
  • Austin
  • Owatonna
  • Mankato
  • Fairmont
  • Litchfield
  • Little Falls
  • St. Cloud
  • Eau Claire
  • Duluth/Superior

Operates 4 Helicopters in:

  • Mayo One - Rochester
  • Mayo Two - Eau Claire, WI
  • Mayo Three - Mankato
  • Mayo Four - Red Wing (Part Time)
  • Fixed Wing Operations with 2 Airframe based out of the Rochester Airport
  • Critical Care Staffing of 2 Pilots, 1 Nurse and 1 Paramedic

North Memorial Ambulance Service

  • 700 operates from North Memorial Ambulance Services Headquarters in Brooklyn Center
  • Dispatches and provides Pre-arrival Instructions

Ground Operations Sites in:

Ridgeview Medical Center EMS