Carver County (MN)

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Carver County, Minnesota
FIPS County Number 019
County Seat Chaska
MSP District 2510
MSP HQ City Golden Valley
MSP CVI District 4730
Mn/DOT District M
DNR Enforcement District 13
ARMER Zone 1
EMS Region Metro
FBI Division Minneapolis
FBI Resident Agency Minneapolis
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Pager Tones

The following is Fire Department pager tone-out information. Paged out on 154.100 Mhz

Agency Tone A Tone B Long Tone
Carver All Call 832.9 458.0
Carver Duty Crew
Carver Duty Officer
Chaska All Call 767.3 569.4
Chaska Station 767.3 539.0
Chaska Duty Crew 1433.4 832.5
Chaska Duty Officer
Chanhassen All Call 688.7 617.6
Chanhassen Station 688.7 746.8
Chanhassen Duty Crew 688.7 707.3
Cologne All Call 707.3 1035.0
Hamburg All Call 623.4 944
Mayer All Call 944 979.1
New Germany All Call 1513.5 1881.0
Norwood-Young America All Call 1092.5 562.3
Norwood-Young America Station 1 1092.5 496.8
Norwood-Young America Station 2 1092.5 1433.4
Norwood-Young America Duty Crew 1092.5 855.5
Victoria All Call 810.5 726.9
Victoria Station
Victoria Duty Crew
Victoria Duty Officer
Waconia All Call 510.5 584.8
Waconia Duty Crew 510.5 928.1
Waconia Duty Officer
Watertown All Call 788.2 1153.2
Watertown Station 832.9 458.0
Carver County All Call 1217.6
Carver County Hazmat 1321.0


CarverMNARMER.jpg Carver County has fully migrated to ARMER.

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