Anoka County (MN)

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Anoka County, Minnesota
FIPS County Number 003
County Seat Anoka
MSP District 2540 and 4560
MSP HQ City Golden Valley
MSP CVI District 4730
Mn/DOT District M
DNR Enforcement District 14
ARMER Zone 1
EMS Region Metro
FBI Division Minneapolis
FBI Resident Agency Minneapolis
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Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Unit ID's

First Digit:

1 = Day Shift and permanent command officers (Chief, Captains, Lieutenants, etc.) 2 = Second Shift 3 = Third Shift 4 = Swing Shift/Special Detail 5 = Non Sworn Officers (CSO's, Reserves, Park Rangers, Explorers, etc.) 6 = Investigators, Detectives, Crime Lab 7 = SWAT, Entry Teams, Parade Details, Disasters, Off Duty Employment 8 = Off Duty radio use 9 = Transport and Court Security

Second Digit:

Callsign Agency Primary Dispatch TG
Adam Andover (Sheriff Contract Cars) North
Bravo Anoka Police North
Charlie Bethel
David Blaine Police South
Edward Burns Twsp.
Frank Centerville
George Centennial Lakes Police South
Heights Columbia Heights Police South
Ida Special Detail Units Varies
John Columbus Twsp. No PD
King Coon Rapids Police North
Lincoln East Bethel No PD
Mary Fridley Police South
Nora Ham Lake (Sheriff Contract Cars) North
Ocean County Park Rangers Varies
Paul Hilltop No PD
Queen Lexington No PD
Robert Lino Lakes Police South
Sam Linwood Twsp. No PD
Tom Oak Grove No PD
Union Ramsey Police North
Victor St. Francis Police North
William Spring Lake Park Police South
X-Ray Anoka County Emergency Management METEM
Yellow Mounds View Fire Fire Main
Zebra Anoka Co Sheriff North (Patrol Units)
  • North and South dispatch TGs are patched from 0300 to 1100. TGs are "split" to North and South at 1100. The North TG is referred to as "Channel 7" and the South TG is referred to as "Channel 1".
  • Anoka County Sheriff's Office is contracted as the primary law enforcement agency for the cities of Andover, Bethel, Columbus, East Bethel, Ham Lake, Linwood, Nowthen, and Oak Grove.

Third Digit:

0 = Supervisor

Others are usually (not always) the same as first digit.

Fourth Digit:

Area of Patrol

9 = Canine Unit


The Chief of each agency uses an ID of 1__01.


Codes used by Anoka Co. Units:

10-4 = Acknowledgement

10-7 = Off Duty

10-8 = On Duty

10-9 = Repeat Transmission

10-10 = On Break

10-12 = Subject Present

10-88 = Officer Needs Help

ATL = Attempt to Locate

DK = Intoxicated Party

DOA = Dead on Arrival

GOA = Gone on Arrival

UTL = Unable to Locate

Fire Departments


Fire Tones

  • Tones follow "Motorola Quick Call 2 One plus One" format.
Department/Paging Group Tone A Tone B
Alert Tones 1000.0
Station 1 368.7 457.7
Station 2 510.5 539.0
Station 3
All Call
Duty Officer
Station 1 321.7 422.1
Station 2
All Call
Duty Officer
Station 1 539.0 410.8
Duty Officer
SBM Fire
Station 1
Station 2
Station 3
Station 4
Station 5
All Call
Duty Officer
Columbia Heights
Duty Crew 483.5 457.9
Company Alarm
All Call
Coon Rapids
Station 1 368.5 410.8
Station 2 368.5 433.7
Station 3 368.5 457.9
All Call
East Bethel
Station 1
Station 2 349.0 539.0
Station 3
Duty Officer
Station 1 389.0 368.5
Station 2
General Alarm 389.0 433.7
Ham Lake
Station 1
Duty Officer
Station 1
Station 2
All Call
Duty Officer
Station 1
Station 2 1226.3 1464.8
Station 3
All Call
Duty Officer 433.7 433.7
Station 1
Station 2
All Call 539 510.5
Duty Officer
Oak Grove
Station 1
Station 2
All Call
Duty Officer
Station 1 510.5 389.0
Station 2
All Call
Duty Officer
St. Francis
Station 1 330.5 410.8
Duty Officer 330.5 330.5

Emergency Medical Services


ARMER Migration


  • Status - On ARMER

Anoka County Central Communications Radio Console

Trunked Radio Systems


Suggested Scanning


Frequency Tone Usage
154.2800 131.8 PL Anoka Co Fire Main



TGID Usage
810 Anoka Co LE North
802 Anoka Co LE South
906 Anoka Co Fire Main
2100 Allina EMS North ALS Disp
2044 North EMS Forest Lake Disp
54 MSP West Main

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