GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanners FAQ

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Welcome to the GRE/Radio Shack Object Oriented Scanners FAQ. This document addresses common questions and answers, along with tips and explanations, that will help newcomers work with and comprehend the new generation of object oriented scanners. Specifically these models include;

Please feel free to add new questions (and hopefully answers) to this document. If a question or answer is specific to a scanner, be sure to specify this.

  • I am getting a Heap Error message. What is causing this?
    • You have some TGRP objects that are not associated with any TSYS. Delete these TGRP objects and reload.
  • Programming Software questions:
    For answers to these and other software topics, please see the Object Oriented Scanner Software article.
    • What Software works with these scanners?
    • What Software will allow me to control the scanner remotely?
    • What Software will allow me to record what I hear?
    • What Software will allow me to monitor the Control Channel of trunked systems?