Hennepin County (MN)

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Radio ID's

Radio ID Agency Dispatch Provider
1100 Sheriffs Administration HCSO
1200 Sheriff Patrol HCSO
1300 Sheriff Narcotics HCSO
1400 Sheriffs Warrants HCSO
1500 Sheriffs Detectives HCSO
1550 Sheriffs Crime Lab HCSO North
1600 Sheriffs Emergency Squad HCSO North
1700 Sheriffs Water Patrol HCSO South
1800 Sheriffs Civil HCSO
1900 Sheriffs Transport HCSO
1920 Medical Examiner HCSO South
2500 Richfield Police Richfield PSAP
4800 Bloomington Police Bloomington PSAP
3200 Brooklyn Center Police HCSO East
3300 Crystal Police HCSO East
3400 Edina Police Edina PSAP
3500 Golden Valley Police St. Louis Park PSAP
3600 Hopkins Police Hopkins PSAP
3800 Robbinsdale Police HCSO East
3900 St. Louis Park Police St. Louis Park PSAP
4100 New Hope Police HCSO East
4200 MSP Airport Police MAC PSAP
4400 Eden Prairie Police Eden Prairie PSAP
5100 Brooklyn Park Police HCSO East
5200 Champlin Police HCSO North
5300 Corcoran Police HCSO North
5400 Deephaven Police HCSO South
5600 South Lake Minnetonka Police HCSO South
5700 West Hennepin Public Safety HCSO South
5800 Maple Grove Police HCSO North
5900 Medina Police HCSO North
6200 Minnetonka Minnetonka PSAP
6400 Mound Police HCSO South
6500 Orono Police HCSO South
6600 Osseo Police HCSO North
6700 Plymouth Police HCSO South
6800 Rogers Police HCSO North
6900 St. Anthony Police HCSO North
7200 Wayzata Police HCSO South
7300 Three Rivers Park District Police HCSO South
7400 Hamel Fire Department HCSO Fire Main
7700 Dayton Police HCSO North
8100 Minnetrista Public Safety HCSO South
8500 Community Corrections, Probation & Parole HCSO South
8600 Fugitive Apprehension HCSO South

Minneapolis Police Units


Unit ID User
S01 Police Chief
S02 Deputy Chief
S09 Watch Commander
S21 Bureau of Investigation
Txx Training Squads
04x Organized Crime Unit
05x Organized Crime Unit
09x Watch Supervisors
1xx 1st Precinct Squads
2xx 2nd Precinct Squads
3xx 3rd Precinct Squads
4xx 4th Precinct Squads
5xx 5th Precinct Squads
6xx Community Services
8xx Park Police
9xx Traffic / SWAT / K9 Squads
10xx Police Reserve Squads
11xx Detectives
12xx Emergency Response Units
15xx Park Police School Liaisons
16xx Housing Police
18xx U of MN Police
2xxx Metro Transit Police
21xx U of MN Police
61xx 1st Precinct Off Duty
6100 Target Field Off-Duty Assignment
62xx 2nd Precinct Off Duty
63xx 3rd Precinct Off Duty
64xx 4th Precinct Off Duty
65xx 5th Precinct Off Duty
81xx 1st Precinct Beat Patrols
82xx 2nd Precinct Beat Patrols
83xx 3rd Precinct Beat Patrols
84xx 4th Precinct Beat Patrols
85xx 5th Precinct Beat Patrols
92xx Parking Enforcement

Bloomington Police District Map Bloomingtonpolice.gif St. Louis Park Police District Map SLPPDdistrict.gif

Fire Departments


Minneapolis Fire Apparatus

Station Map Mplsfire.jpg

District Station Engine Ladder Rescue Chief Boat Other
1 Sta 1 E1 Deputy B1 Mobile Command
4 Sta 2 E2 BC4 Mobile Lab
1 Sta 4 E4 L4
3 Sta 5 E5 Salvage
1 Sta 6 E6 L11 R1 BC1 Collapse Rescue
3 Sta 7 E7 L3 BC3 SP E7
2 Sta 8 E8
4 Sta 11 E11 R9 Hazmat
3 Sta 12 E12 SP L12
4 Sta 14 E14 L10 Collapse Rescue
4 Sta 15 E15 L7 @ Sta 15 During Camden Bridge Construction
1 Sta 16 E16 SP E16
2 Sta 17 E17 BC2
3 Sta 19 E19 Decon Trailer
4 Sta 20 E20 SP E20
3 Sta 21 E21 L2 SP L21
2 Sta 22 E22 B22
2 Sta 27 E27 L5 SP E27 MCI Bus
2 Sta 28 E28

Minneapolis Fire Radio ID's

Unit ID User
10-61 Chief of Training
10-62 Asst. Chief of Training
10-65 Deputy Chief of EMS
10-66 EMS Staff Captain

Emergency Medical Services

HennepinMNEMS.jpg HCEMSALS.jpg

Bloomington Fire Station and District Map BloomingtonFire.gif

Emergency Medical Services Radio ID's

Unit ID User
Medic 1-3 Edina Fire Department EMS Ambulances
400 Hennepin EMS Dispatch
401 Hennepin EMS Manager
402 Hennepin EMS Operations Manager
403 Hennepin EMS Communications Manager
407-9 Hennepin EMS Medical Director
410 Hennepin EMS Duty Supervisor
41x Hennepin EMS Ambulances
420 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
42x Hennepin EMS Ambulances
430 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
440 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
450 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
460 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
470 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
480 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
48x Hennepin EMS Ambulances
490 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
495 Hennepin EMS Supervisor
499 Hennepin EMS Stock Van
50x Allina EMS South Metro
51x Allina EMS South Metro
52x Allina EMS South Metro
53x Allina EMS South Metro
59x Allina EMS Apple Valley, Lakeville Farmington
6xx Allina EMS North
610 Allina EMS Supervisor
700 North Memorial EMS Dispatch
70x North Memorial EMS BLS Ambulances
71x North Memorial EMS ALS Ambulances
750 North Memorial EMS Duty Supervisor
72x North Memorial EMS ALS and Critical Care Ambulances
730 North Memorial Medical Director
73x North Memorial EMS ALS and Critical Care Ambulances
747 North Memorial Assistant Medical Director
8xx Ridgeview EMS
1886 University of Minnesota EMS Ambulance
1887 University of Minnesota EMS Ambulance


Law Enforcement Radio ID's


1102 Chief Deputy

1103-06 Inspector

1123 Watch Commander

1197 Sheriff’s IT Staff


1107 Capt

1137 Sgt

1190-95 Special Detail


1109 Capt

1140 Henn Co Court Divisions

1144 Lt

1142-46 Sgt

1148-49 K9

1157-62 Sgt


1110 Capt

1116 Lt

1141 Lt

1138 Sgt

1150 Intermittent Background Inv

1151 Dep

1152 Sgt

1153 Sgt

1154 Sgt

1155 Dep

1156 Sgt

1159 Dep

1160 Sgt

1164 Dep

1165 Sgt

1166 Dep

1169 Dep


1145 Det

1147 Det


1134 Capt

1126 Lt

1170-77 Sgt

1178 CAD Admin

1179 Tech Supv

118x Communications Response Team


1108 Capt

1128 Lt

1135 Lt

1201-09 Sgt’s

1210-42 Patrol

1246 Dep - School Resource

1249 Dep - D.A.R.E.

1250-52 Ft Snel./Co.Home Sch

1262-68 K9’s

1270-71 CVI

1276-79 Traffic Enforcement

1280-82 Patrol – Special Detail

1298-99 Mounted Patrol


9900-50 Emergency Preparedness

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