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The Hotter'N Hell Hundred (commonly referred to as HHH or HH100) is an annual bicycle race/ride/event held in Wichita Falls, Texas each year in late August. It attracts more than 10,000 cyclists from across the country and around the world. There are several ride and race routes of various lengths which are located in Wichita County and Clay County.

The following were used in 2013 - 2016. It is assumed they will probably be used in the future.

Wichita County Amateur Radio Repeaters
Frequency Input License Type Tone Description Mode
146.9400 146.3400 W5US RM CSQ (192.8 PL input) HHH Route Net FM
147.1400 147.7400 N5WF RM 192.8 PL HHH Rest Stop Net FM
444.0000 449.0000 N5WF RM 192.8 PL HHH Medical Net FM
444.8000 449.8000 W5GPO RM 192.8 PL HHH Supply Net FM

Temporary Event Repeaters
Frequency Input License Type Tone Description Mode
454.6000 459.6000 RM 632 DPL Ch 1 HHH Sag Wagons FMN
454.4250 459.4250 RM 632 DPL Ch 2 (not used since 2017) FMN
  • These appear to be licensed to either Mobile Phone of Texas (Wichita Falls) KKO341, KNKI320, or James Hopper (Megahertz Technology, Dallas - Part 22 paging market licenses) WPVE442, WPVE445.
  • No activity is heard on these the rest of the year.

Wichita County OEM

Cache radios

Frequency Input License Type Tone Description Mode
460.5000 465.5000 WPNR313 RM 192.8 PL HHH Dirt Net FMN

Nortex Regional Repeater System

Regional public safety interoprability

Frequency Input License Type Tone Description Mode
155.3175 153.8375 WQHT434 RM 632 DPL Rgn 1 Wichita Co. (patched to WF P25 TRS) FMN

Wichita Falls P25 trunked system talkgroups
  • 10810 (FD unknown), 11047 (PD unknown) and 11091 (Public Safety 4?) patched together and patched to Nortex Regional Repeater System
  • 10813 (Fireground 3) patched to VCALL10
  • 11054 (PD unknown)
  • 11061 (PD unknown)
  • 11062 (PD unknown)

Sheppard Air Force Base trunked system talkgroups
  • put talkgroups here

Other frequencies can have event related traffic. See the following pages.

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