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|State=[[Ohio (US)|Ohio]]
|State=[[Ohio (US)|Ohio]]
|ARTCC=[[Cleveland (ZOB) Air Route Traffic Control Center|Cleveland]]
|ARTCC=[[Cleveland (ZOB) Air Route Traffic Control Center|Cleveland]]

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OH ANG 112th Fighter Squadron/180th Fighter Wing
City: Toledo
County: Lucas
State: Ohio
TRACON: Toledo
ARTCC: Cleveland

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Welcome to the OH ANG 112th Fighter Squadron/180th Fighter Wing aviation article, the ANG base located in Lucas County, Ohio.
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180th Fighter Wing (180 FW)

  • Aircraft - F-16C/D Fighting Falcon
  • Callsigns - STING, BUZZ, BUCKI, LOMA (travel), MUDDY (CAP training)
  • Tail Code - OH

The 180th Fighter Wing (180 FW) is a unit of the Ohio Air National Guard, stationed at Toledo Air National Guard Base, Ohio. If activated to federal service, the Wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Combat Command.

112th Fighter Squadron (112 FS)

The 112 FS can usually be heard throughout the week in the Steelhead MOA between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM ET.

In its 2005 BRAC Recommendations, DoD recommended to realign Des Moines Air National Guard Base, Iowa. The F-16 aircraft currently assigned to the 132d Fighter Wing at Des Moines would be redistributed to the 180th Fighter Wing (nine aircraft). Des Moines' F-16s would be distributed to Toledo to support the Homeland Defense Air Sovereignty Alert (ADS) mission and to consolidate the precision-guided weapon employment capability that exists in the Air National Guard.

In August 2008 the 112th FS took over the alert role for the region from the Detroit-based Michigan 107th Fighter Squadron which was converting to the A-10 Thunderbolt II in the next year. The 112th FS officially took over on 2 October 2008.

Radio Communications

Comm Card

Local Frequencies / Channels (as of ??)
Preset UHF Agency VHF Agency Mode Notes
01 338.150 MADDOG OPS 141.650 AM
02 348.600 KTOL GROUND 121.900 AM
03 285.400 KTOL TOWER 118.100 AM
04 317.550 TOL A/D 134.350 AM
05 307.000 TOL A/D 126.100 AM
06 379.200 ZOB 139.625 AIR TAC AM
07 255.400 FSS 139.975 AIR TAC AM
08 141.600 AIR TAC AM
09 290.500 ZID 138.425 AIR TAC AM
10 269.500? ZOB AM
11 360.700? ZOB AM
12 234.900? BLACK TALON AM
13 225.300? ACM AM
14 290.425 ZOB/Cleveland Center AM
15 266.600? GRAYLING RANGE 139.300? AM
16 240.350 BLUE ASH AM
17 316.125? ZID AM
Manual Frequencies
M 123.100 GUARD (CAP training) AM
M 364.200 AICC Primary AM

Other Frequencies

May be outdated

  • 138.050
  • 138.100
  • 138.425
  • 139.750
  • 141.875
  • 143.850 "BEEHIVE OPS"
  • 251.125 Cleveland Center Toledo Sector
  • 307.000 Toledo Approach East Radar
  • 317.550 Toledo Approach West Radar
  • 338.900 "BEEHIVE OPS"
  • 343.800
  • 360.700 Cleveland Center Litchfield Sector
  • 379.200 Cleveland Center Pandora Sector

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