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|SysType  = [[Project 25]] Phase 1
|SysType  = [[Project 25]] Phase 1
|SysID    = 6FD  
|SysID    = 6FD  
|CTone    = ?
|WACN      = BEE00
|NAC      = ?
|CTone    =  
|NAC      =  
|Band      = 800  
|Band      = 800  
|Owner    = Tippecanoe County  
|Owner    = Tippecanoe County  

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Tippecanoe County Public Safety (Project 25) System TRS
System Name Tippecanoe County Public Safety (Project 25) System
System Type Project 25 Phase 1
System ID 6FD
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network BEE00
Network Access Code
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership Tippecanoe County
FCC License WPUS488
City Lafayette
County Tippecanoe
State Indiana

Tippecanoe County Public Safety (Project 25) System System DB Entry
Tippecanoe County Public Safety (Project 25) System FCC Info
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Welcome to the Tippecanoe County Public Safety (Project 25) System collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

This is the wiki for the new Tippecanoe County P25 Phase 1 system that is set to go live towards the end of November 2016. This page will be continually updated as more is learned about the new system.

What We Know So Far


  • Control Channel was found on 853.8375.
  • Unitrunker reveals a system ID of 6FD and WACN of BEE00.
  • The school corporation buses have been heard on TGs 2407-2425.
  • During the day on 11/29/2016, a system administrator was cycling through every talkgroup on the system for testing. This test revealed 85 talkgroups, all odd numbers, ranging from 1801 to 2679.
  • Talkgroup ID 5 is seeing large amounts of encrypted traffic from several user IDs in the 30xxx series.

Planned Switchover

Sources high-up have indicated that the changeover from the old Type II system will be taking place starting 11/30/2016. It appears the schoolbus system is already utilizing the new system.

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