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Whistler WS1098 Scanner

The Whistler WS1098 is a desktop/mobile multi-system adaptive Digital tracking trunking scanner with DMR/TRBO (with a free upgrade), Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA and Phase II capabilities. All USA/Canada services and frequencies are pre-programmed onto the included SD card making it ready to use out of the box; it can even be programmed by entering your ZIP code. This model features a removable front control panel with cable and mounting plate, an easy to use navigation with a multifunction numeric keypad, a PC program for easy customization and includes USB cable and PC software called EZ-Scan. See the Whistler EZ Scan FAQ for an explanation of the software.

The WS1098 essentially replaced the WS1095 by adding a numeric keypad.

General Specifications

Bands Received

  • Spectrum Sweeper
    • 25-54 MHz VHF Low Band
    • 108-137 MHz VHF Aircraft Band
    • 137-174 MHz VHF High Band
    • 216-300 MHz 220 MHz Commercial/Amateur Band
    • 300-406 MHz UHF Military Air Band
    • 406-470 MHz UHF Band
    • 470-512 MHz UHF-T Band
    • 764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band
    • 894-1300 MHz 900 MHz Band, 23 cm Amateur Band
  • Public Safety
    • 33.4-46.5 MHz VHF Low Band
    • 151-170 MHz VHF High Band
    • 453-467 MHz UHF Band
    • 764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band

Modes Supported
  • AM Conventional
  • FM Conventional
  • NFM Conventional

Supported Trunking Types
  • EDACS Narrow / Wide (analog only - No ProVoice)
  • LTR (with automatic LCN sorting optional)
  • Motorola Analog Trunked (including legacy systems)
  • Motorola Mixed Mode Trunked (including legacy systems)
  • Motorola P16 Trunked
  • Motorola P25 Phase I, X-2 TDMA, and Phase II Trunked
  • DMR MOTOTRBO with free upgrade
    • This scanner will decode the mode, show slot and TG information but can't trunk track it. Whistler never paid for the licensing rights for it
Other features
  • DCS Decode
  • CTCSS Decode
  • NAC Decode

In the Box

  • Antenna
  • Mobile Mounting Bracket w/Knobs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SD Card (4 GB)
  • USB Cable
  • Wall Power Adapter
  • WS1098 Radio

Third Party Applications

Technical Issues

Programming Tips and Tricks

Message Boards/forums

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