Connection Issues Under Win 10.x Using the WS-1080 / 1095

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So far this thread has only discussed using these instructions on the WS1080 and WS1095 scanners.

It's possible these instructions will also apply to the RS Pro-668, Whistler WS1088, WS1098, TRX-1 and TRX-2 scanners.

For the GRE PSR-800, please see the Windows 10 installation of GRE PSR-800 Software and Driver article

This is only for USB driver installation if you have problems "connecting to your
scanner" while using the USB cable. 

You can test if this is needed by trying to update the time on the scanner by
selecting "Set Real Time Clock to Computer Time" under the "Scanner/SD Card" tab,
in the EZScan software. If that does not work, this should fix that problem:

This has been tested in the Windows 10 Public Release of July 29/2015.

1. Go to Start Menu
2. Hold down Shift key and press Restart under Power menu item. 
3. Under Choose an Option .. select 'Troubleshoot'
4. Select 'Advanced Options'
5. Select 'Startup Settings'
Press Restart
Press F7 for Unsigned Drivers. 

Once restarted .. login as normal. 

6. Go To Device Manager in Control Panel
7. Select Ports (Com + LPT)
8. You should see .. "USB Serial Device (ComX)" when your Whistler scanner
   is connected. 

You can now install the USB driver. 

9. Right click on the USB Serial Device (ComX) item above and select 'Update 
   Driver Software'. 
10. Select Browse My Computer for Driver Software. 

At the bottom, select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
11. Highlight Whistler WS-1080 or WS-1095 Serial Device as applicable. 
12. Click Next
13. You will see "Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software'
14. Select "Install this driver software anyways"
15. Click Close

The driver will now be installed as "Whistler WS-1080 or WS-1095 Serial Device
(ComX) as applicable"

Note that if you have any hidden ports, you should make them visible before proceeding with these instructions