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Whistler WS1080 Handheld Scanner

The WS1080 was manufactured by The Whistler Group. It is operationally the same as the original GRE PSR-800 and Radio Shack Pro-668. It was replaced by the WS1088 which added a numeric keypad. Each of the aforementioned models have their own included software package which should only be used with the model it was supplied with. See the Whistler EZ Scan FAQ for an explanation of the software.

General Specifications

Bands Received

  • Spectrum Sweeper
    • 25-54 MHz VHF Low Band
    • 108-137 MHz VHF Aircraft Band
    • 137-174 MHz VHF High Band
    • 216-300 MHz 220 MHz Commercial/Amateur Band
    • 300-406 MHz UHF Military Air Band
    • 406-470 MHz UHF Band
    • 470-512 MHz UHF-T Band
    • 764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band
    • 894-1300 MHz 900 MHz Band, 23 cm Amateur Band
  • Public Safety
    • 33.4-46.5 MHz VHF Low Band
    • 151-170 MHz VHF Aircraft Band
    • 453-467 MHz VHF High Band
    • 764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
    • 806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band

RR System Compatibility

This scanner is compatible with the following Trunking System Types and System Voices used in the RadioReference Database, of course you must verify that the scanner will cover the appropriate frequency range:

  • System Types:
    • Motorola Type I
    • Motorola Type II
    • Motorola Type IIi Hybrid
    • Motorola Type II Smartnet
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink
    • EDACS Standard (Wide)
    • EDACS Standard Networked
    • EDACS Narrowband (Narrow)
    • EDACS Narrowband Networked
    • EDACS ESK (not ProVoice)
    • LTR Standard
    • Project 25 Phase I & II
    • Motorola X2 TDMA
    • DMR / MOTOTRBO with free upgrade
      • This scanner will decode the mode, show slot and TG information but can't trunk track it. Whistler never paid for the licensing rights for it
  • System Voices:
    • Analog
    • Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
    • APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
    • DMR

In the Box

  • WS1080 Radio
  • USB Cable
  • Flex Antenna
  • MicroSD Card

Third Party Applications

Technical Issues

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