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Spirit of St. Louis Airport (SUS)
City: St. Louis
County: St. Louis
State: Missouri
ARTCC: Kansas City

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Welcome to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport (SUS) aviation article, the airport located in St. Louis County, Missouri.
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Unidentified Frequencies

  • 467.7625 unidentified FBO

Related Businesses

  • Million Air St Louis
    • KNFL293 - 151.955 Base/Mobile (Chesterfield)
  • Anheusher Busch
    • WNNQ427 - 151.895 Mobiles
    • WPYS354 - Corporate Aircraft - Mobiles on 452.8875, 451.4625, 456.4625
  • Thunder Air Charter
    • WPRK497 - 463.85 Repeater, mobiles on 460.7375, 465.7375, 461.8625, 462.1875

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