St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) St. Louis County (MO)

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St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL)
City: St. Louis
County: St. Louis
State: Missouri
ARTCC: Kansas City

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Welcome to the St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) aviation article, the airport located in St. Louis County, Missouri.
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  • Oct 2023 - Lambert's airlines have agreed to help fund airport projects totaling an estimated $331.6 million. The agreed-upon projects are the result of Lambert's master plan, an updated version of which the FAA approved In May. The plan, which runs through 2040, includes a reported $3 billion project to reconfigure the facility with a new, single terminal. Lambert officials said in May that they had begun negotiating with the airlines, which would figure prominently in financing the single-terminal project through landing and rental fees.
  • The $331 million in projects approved by the airlines, and their timelines if provided, include:
    • Design and construction of a new central utility plant, with design slated to start in mid-2024. The new plant will give Lambert updated mechanical and electrical systems, as much of the airport's existing utility plant dates to the original construction of Terminal 1, which opened in 1956, officials said. A central utility plant houses systems include power distribution, water, air conditioning, chillers, boilers, main pumps, air compressors and other systems.
    • Relocation of airfield maintenance campus, for which design has begun. The current airfield maintenance campus, which dates to construction that began in the 1960s, is located in a flood-prone area and can't accommodate maintenance or storage of modern airfield maintenance equipment, officials said.
    • Design and construction of a new west deicing pad, with design to start in mid-2024. Moving the airfield maintenance campus will allow Lambert to develop a west deicing pad that officials said is essential to meeting the need to more safely and efficiently deice aircraft in the winter.
    • Demolition of the vacant Missouri Air National Guard complex, with planning for the project to begin in mid-2024. Removing the abandoned complex, located on Lambert's airfield side, will allow the airport to cut the costs needed to maintain "an unoccupied and aging facility," officials said.
    • Acquiring executive program management services and program management services that will enhance staff for the agreed-upon projects. The "augmented" employees will be located in Lambert's Planning and Development Department to support the airport’s team in organizing and implementing the projects over the next several years, officials said.

Airport Authority

Unconfirmed Frequencies

  • Runway Data (Digital):
  • F 173.20375 173.3625 173.39675 WGT318
  • F 173.2375 173.2625 173.2875 173.3175 173.3375 WFS749
  • 811.9625 airport authority unknown use (licensed for 20 3 watt mobiles) WPEU462

Airport Shuttles

SP Plus Corporation

  • Manages parking and operates shuttle buses under contract with Lambert. 37 Shuttles run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Formerly known as Standard Parking Corp.
  • 10/23 - Lambert is purchasing EV (Electric) buses and charging stations for delivery in late 2023. Lightning eMotors is the vendor. LINK
  • Mar 2021 - SP+ takes over the 9001 parking spaces LINK
  • FCC FRN 0023360191


  • Passenger count is noted below.

Southwest Airlines

  • 4.13 million in 2022, based in Dallas TX

DMR Usage

  • 460.66250 CC 7 TG 1 SL 1 RIDs 110, 138.140,142,165,191,511 (DSD+ showed DMR(MOT)
  • 451.58750 CC 7 TG 10 SL 1 RIDs 2000s (4/18)
  • 451.58750 CC 7 TG 20 SL 2 RIDs 117, 5000s (4/18)
  • 452.28750 CC 7 TG 70 SL 2 RIDs 3009, 30115 (4/18)

American Airlines

  • 1.1 million in 2022, based in Fort Worth TX

Delta Airlines

  • 660,829 in 2022, based in Atlanta GA

United Airlines

  • 364,146 in 2022, based in Chicago IL

Frontier Airlines

  • 277,456 in 2022, based in Denver CO

Spirit Airlines

  • 145,804 in 2022, based in Miramar FL; began serving Lambert in May 2021

Alaska Airlines

  • 79,612 in 2022, based in Seattle WA

Lufthansa Airlines

  • 20,417 in 2022, based in Uniondale NY

Jazz Air

  • 17,595 in 2022, based in Enfield NS Canada

Cape Air

  • 15,259 in 2022, based in Hyannis MA

Viva Aerobus

  • 6,117 in 2022, based in Mexico

Iaero Airways

  • 2,044 in 2022, based in Greensboro NC (previously called Swift Air, rebranded in 2019)

Sun Country

  • 1383 in 2022, based in Eagan MN

Southern Airways Express

  • 614 in 2022, based in Palm Beach FL

Related Businesses

Airport Terminal Services

  • 464.4250 Repeater Aviation Terminal/Gate Ops WPXL918


Servisair - Aviation Ground Services

  • 451.3 Repeater, mobiles on 451.4625, 452.3125, 452.6625, 457.6625 (NFM) WQPP659

Parking / Transit / Valet / Rental Cars

Best Transportation

  • Parking Lot Shuttles (St Ann) - 452.275 Base, 457.275 Mobiles; mobiles on 451.625, 456.625 (NFM) WQRQ611

EZ Park

  • 461.5 CC9 RAS TG1000 with RIDS x, xx (2/17)

The Parking Spot

  • 464.15000 CC 1 TG 1 SL 1
  • 452.67500 CC 11 TG 1 SL 1
  • 461.35000 CC 1 TG 1 SL 1 Shuttle (also gives LRRP data location/speed) (4/18)

Avis Budget

  • 461.9125 CC8 TG20 SL1 RIDs 2000s (4/18)
  • 452.4875 CC9 TG30 SL1 RIDs 1000s, 3000s (4/18)

Unidentified Frequencies

  • Heard 370 at 70: 125.5, 127.225, 128.1, 129.5, 132.775 (9/06)
  • 130.5000 you have F15
  • 462.5625/467.5625 FRS/GRMS RM 94.8 PL unidentified airline operations (Gate, Ramp Ticket Counter *7/08)

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