Dirt Track Racing Frequencies

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Dirt Track Racing - Scanner Frequencies Used at Individual Tracks

General Information

  • Note that when track ownership changes, the frequency(s) used at the track often change as well.

Some dirt track frequencies are listed at the following links:

Below are some series frequencies that have been posted a few times on, but for some reason the posts keep getting deleted so I'm reposting the freqs here for everyone's benefit:

469.5000 WDRL
467.4375 battle of the Bluegrass series


  • Raceceiver is used at some tracks and by some series to inform the drivers about track conditions, wrecks, what order to line-up in, etc. This a good frequency to put in whenever you go to a race track in case they are using Raceceiver. You can hear what the drivers are hearing!. The Raceceiver frequency is often 454.000, but it could be any frequency between 450-470 MHz.
  • Here is a list of tracks and series known to be using Raceceiver
  • If you know the Raceceiver channel code used at a track and need to know the corresponding frequency to program into your scanner, see this webpage

FM PA Broadcasts

  • Some tracks broadcast the track PA audio over an FM radio frequency. A discussion of those frequencies can be found at

State Specific Information has been migrated to the following pages:

Touring Series Scanner Frequencies

Scanner frequencies for Dirt Late Model National Touring Series can be found at the following links:

Scanner frequencies for Dirt Late Model Regional Touring Series can be found at the following links: