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Frequencies for the World of Outlwaws (WoO) Late Models national touring series:

WoO LMS Series Official Website

WoO frequencies:

{all WoO drivers are required to monitor 454.000 while on the track during hot-laps, qualifying, and racing. The WoO officials tell the drivers when there is a caution, where to go to avoid an accident, the order to line-up after a caution, etc. WoO does not allow the drivers to have radio communications with their pit team or team spotters.}

  • 451.925 "Race Control" (WoO Officials) as of 2019 (source)
    • Note: Don't forget to monitor your local track's frequencies when the Outlaws are in town. Outlaws official were frequently talking with track staff on the track's frequency at the September 2011 Tri City Speedway race.

Unconfirmed WoO frequencies

The World of Outlaws Sprints website used to list the following frequencies:

  • 451.9250
  • 452.0250
  • 452.4000
  • 452.8000
  • 451.8750
  • 452.6250
  • 452.3000
  • 451.9000

Track Frequencies

WoO LMS Schedule

Track related frequencies are listed on the state-specific sports pages:

Unconfirmed Track Frequencies for various dirt tracks

If you don't already know the track frequency, Using CloseCall/Signal Stalker or scanning the itinerant frequencies will generally yield the frequency. If not, search between 151-160 MHz and 451-470 MHz.

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