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Frequencies for the World of Outlwaws (WoO) Late Models national touring series:

WoO LMS Series Official Website

WoO frequencies:

{all WoO drivers are required to monitor 454.000 while on the track during hot-laps, qualifying, and racing. The WoO officials tell the drivers when there is a caution, where to go to avoid an accident, the order to line-up after a caution, etc. WoO does not allow the drivers to have radio communications with their pit team or team spotters.}

  • 451.925 (731 DPL) "Race Control" (WoO Officials)
  • 452.625 (331 DPL) Audio/Video
    • Note: Don't forget to monitor your local track's frequencies when the Outlaws are in town.

Unconfirmed WoO frequencies

The World of Outlaws Sprints website used to list the following frequencies:

  • 452.0250
  • 452.4000
  • 452.8000
  • 451.8750
  • 452.3000
  • 451.9000

Track Frequencies

WoO LMS Schedule

Track related frequencies are listed on the state-specific sports pages:

Unconfirmed Track Frequencies for various dirt tracks

If you don't already know the track frequency, Using CloseCall/Signal Stalker or scanning the itinerant frequencies will generally yield the frequency. If not, search between 151-160 MHz and 451-470 MHz.

Some tracks have FCC licensed frequencies so check the local county FCC listings and the Radioreference database to see if the track's frequencies are listed.

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