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Horry County

Horry County's primary communications system is the Horry County Public Safety Trunked Radio System. Most, if not all, public safety agencies inside Horry County operate off of this system.

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  • - North Myrtle Beach Public Safety's official website. Contains information on NMB's police and fire/rescue department. The fire/rescue station also has a list of stations, with pictures.
  • - Myrtle Beach Fire Department's official website. Has some general information about their fire department, and the locations of each station.
  • - Myrtle Beach Police's official website.
  • - Official information, directly from the county, regarding Horry Co's trunked radio system, and other communications.
  • - Also has some good information about the Horry Co system. - Link broken. This website has either been taken down, or moved to another address. If the author of this website wishes to contribute their wonderful information to this article, it is welcome!

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  • Conway City (SC) - The Conway PD and Conway FD both operate primarily on the HCTRS system. See the Horry County Data article for more information about the consolidation of Conway PD's dispatch into Horry County PD's dispatch.
  • Myrtle Beach Communications - Myrtle Beach Communications is a privately-owned company based in Myrtle Beach that provides radio service to many public safety agencies in the area, as well as local businesses and schools.