Horry County Public Safety

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameHorry County Public Safety
OwnerHorry County
Owner TypePublic
CityMyrtle Beach
StateSouth Carolina
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II Smartnet
Connect Tone83.72
P25 NACn/a

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Welcome to the Horry County Public Safety collaboration article, a Public Trunked Radio System located in Horry County, South Carolina, United States.
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System Information

This article is about the Horry County Public Safety Trunked Radio System. For information about other systems active in Horry County, please see the Horry County (SC) wiki article.

The Horry County system is an six-site simulcast, analog, county-wide, 800 MHz trunked radio system. Primary users of the system are Horry County Fire/Rescue, Horry County Police Department, as well as other cities' fire and police departments within the county. Use of this system by the SC Highway Patrol is common during special events. Police and fire departments in adjacent counties also use the system during mutual aid and emergencies inside Horry County.

The Horry County system has five simulcast towers located along the coastal regions for improved building penetration in more urban areas. However, on the western half of the county, there is only one tower located outside of Loris. This results in some areas, especially wooded areas along the Little Pee Dee having poorer portable reception. Extremely rural areas may have no indoor reception. If you are in rural Horry County and experience issues receiving indoors, it's suggested to try an outdoor 800mhz antenna.

The county is committed to maintaining and upgrading the radio system. The budget has been approved for upgrades to the system beginning in 2011, lasting several years, including making the change to Project 25 (APCO "P-25") digital. Most police departments already have mobile and portable radios which are capable of using P25 digital. It is not expected that the transition to digital is imminent, but it will surely be taking place slowly over the course of the next few years. Therefore, please take the transition to digital into consideration when planning your next long-term scanner purchase(s).

Until then, the county's system will remain exclusively analog.

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