KSICS - Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameKSICS - Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System
OwnerKansas State
Owner TypePublic
Countiesstatewide / all
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WQDS582, WQDT450, WQDT453, WQDV635, WQDX457, WQDY321, WQEM915, WQEM916, WQEM918, WQEN880, WQEN886, WQFH766, WQFI495, WQKI756, WQKV979, WQKV980, WQKV981, WQKW246, WQKW247, WQKW248, WQKW250, WQKW251, WQKW252, WQKW312, WQKW313, WQKW324, WQKW589, WQKW590, WQKW591, WQKW593, WQKW726, WQKW727, WQKW728, WQKW729, WQKW730, WQKW808, WQLB239, WQLC530, WQLJ449, WQLL803, WQLY760, WQMN582, WQMN583, WQNM421, WQNM439, WQNM440, WQNM484, WQNM668, WQNN333, WQOB901, WQOC288, WQOC388, WQOC389, WQOD389, WQOD391, WQOD916, WQON886, WQON917, WQON918, WQON924, WQON929, WQON935, WQON943, WQPH408, WQPM454, WQPM455, WQPM478, WQPM479, WQPM482, WQPM691, WQPY294, WQQA987, WQQB268, WQQB271, WQQB531, WQQB621, WQQB782, WQQB787, WQQB790, WQQB793, WQQD333, WQSA645, WQWG862, WQWI469

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System Information

In Kansas, Public Safety Agencies use mobile work units that rely on electronic technologies for communication in their daily operations.


The need has been identified for separate agencies throughout the state to talk with each other effectively, working in cooperation, for the safety, health, and welfare of Kansans. This interagency communication, coordinating activity, requires an interoperable communication system, that is the routing of voice between the consoles and the various radio sites in the system. A system designed with interoperability channels for better communication and coordination among all public safety entities will improve efficiency, safety and service throughout the state.

The Kansas Department of Transportation is responsible for implementing state communication systems. The state has migrated from VHF-Low Band systems to 800 MHz systems over that past 15 years. The first phase of this migration included the construction of 77 tower sites across the state, each hosting 3 800 MHz analog repeaters (one for Highway Patrol, one for Department of Transportation and the final set aside for the Board of Emergency Medical Services).

Over the past few years, Kansas has begun the process of updating each of these tower sites to host portions of a new Motorola P-25 digital wide-area trunking system. The state has two trunking contollers- a north controller located in Salina and a south controller located in Wichita. Each site has a 6 channel P-25 system installed. In addition, several counties (most recently, Leavenworth and Butler) have chosen to piggyback onto the system, adding additional channels to the system and multicasting tower sites around their counties.

The system also includes a Motobridge interoperability system that allows responders with differing bands of radios systems to communicate across the state. Each tower site has 8 additional channels installed covering the 800 MHz, UHF, VHF-High and VHF-Low band mutual aid calling and tactical channels. The Motobridge system is controlled by the Kansas Highway Patrol Central Communication facility in Salina.

KS Highway Patrol KSICS Zone Map

KDOT Tower Sites

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