Madison Public Safety

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Madison Public Safety TRS
System Name Madison Public Safety
System Type Project 25 Phase I
Band 800
FCC License WNXW548, WQYU702
City Madison
County Dane
Network Access Code 680
TRBO Color Code
Ownership Public
Madison Public Safety System DB Entry
WQYU702 Madison Public Safety FCC Info
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The Madison Public Safety TRS is an 800MHz P25 Phase I simulcast radio system used by various government agencies in the Madison, WI area. The system replaced an 800MHz Motorola Type II analog system (Madison Area Public Safety) in late 2018. There are 24 frequencies in use, simulcast via seven repeater sites throughout the city. The system has ISSI links to WISCOM and DaneCom for interoperability with other county and state agencies.


The primary users of the system are Madison city government agencies, including:

  • Madison Police Department
  • Madison Fire Department
  • Metro Transit
  • Public Works (streets, sanitation, water utility, parks, engineering)

A number of other suburban, state and federal agencies make use of the system either in a primary or alternate role due to the system's comprehensive coverage of the Madison area. These users include:

  • Monona Police Department (ISSI link to DaneCom)
  • Wisconsin Capitol Police (also on WISCOM)
  • University of Wisconsin Police (also on WISCOM)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Police
  • Dane County Jail

Radio IDs

Radio ID assignments for City of Madison users do not follow the Wisconsin statewide P25 numbering plan established for WISCOM radios. External agencies with radios that are capable of operating on both WISCOM or DaneCom and the Madison P25 system will use the radio ID assigned under the statewide plan, however.

Radio ID Agency Radio Type
30xxx Dane County Communications Center Dispatch Console
100xxxx Madison Police Department Mobile
100xxxx Madison Police Department Mobile
101xxxx Madison Police Department Portable
120xxxx Madison Fire Department Mobile
121xxxx Madison Fire Department Portable
123xxxx CARES Units Mobile
1223xxx Madison Hospitals Base Station
183xxxx UW Health Security Portable
184xxxx UW Health Security Base Station
185xxxx Overture Center Portable