North Texas Interoperable Radio Network (NTIRN)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameNorth Texas Interoperable Radio Network (NTIRN)
OwnersArlington City, Bedford City, Euless City, Forth Worth City, Grand Prairie City, Irving City,, Midlothian City, Southlake City, Johnson County
Owner TypePublic
CountiesTarrant, Johnson, Denton, Dallas, Ellis
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase II
NAC440, 441, 443, 445, 447, 448

FCC Callsign(s)
WNDW499, WNFV258, WNXE704, WPFR225, WPJQ645, WPJR315, WPTZ776, WQKC303, WQPX822, WQQV529, WQSE492, WQYW906, WRFZ362, WRKY608, WRMA766, WRMF220

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns

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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
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On a 6/22/2021 city council agenda item, a new system name is mentioned. "The City of Fort Worth operates a public safety radio system called the North Texas Interoperable Radio Network (NTIRN)."

As of 10/1/2010 the cities of Colleyville, Keller, and Southlake are sharing dispatch operations. For the police, it's handy to know the unit numbers. They are dispatched by "NETCOM" on the NETCOM Patrol 1 talkgroup on the NE Tarrant/Site 3 of the Fort Worth Regional Radio System. Update 8/2/2018, several of the NETCOM police and fire talkgroups are now carried on Layer 1(Site1) in addition to NE Tarrant/Site 3.

Police Department Unit Numbers

1##s Colleyville

2##s Southlake

3##s Keller, which also patrols Westlake

It sounds like the 2nd digit will be the shift for most of the patrol units.

18# Colleyville School Patrol

7## Southlake School Patrol

This is important to know now, because they are all on NETCOM PATRL 1.

Similarly, the cities of Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, Haltom City, and Watauga share dispatching for police, fire, and animal control officers (ACO) on shared channels on Layer 2/Site 2 of the Fort Worth Regional Radio System. Dispatchers address each city's units with the city name and then the unit number. For example, "North Hills 304". The first digit of 3 digit unit numbers are probably the shift number(need to confirm this). These units use NRHW Patrol 1 for their primary patrol channel.

Mansfield and Kennedale also share dispatching for their police and fire departments and can be heard on the Mansfield/Site 5 as well as Layer 2/Site 2 on the Fort Worth Regional Radio system. Mansfield police units are typically 4##s and Kennedale police units are typically 3##s, both on Mansfield Patrol 1. The second digit is often a letter that might correspond to the shift or beat.

Fire Units

Fire Units you are likely to hear on this system.

110 Lake Worth(dispatched by Fort Worth FD)

113 River Oaks(dispatched by Fort Worth FD)

114, 214 Saginaw(dispatched by Fort Worth FD)

15# Bedford

18 White Settlement

19 Everman

20# Hurst

21,21# Eagle Mountain

22# North Richland Hills (dispatched by NHRW)

23 Forest Hills

24# Colleyville (dispatched by NETCOM)

25 Sansom Park

26 Rendon

228 Haslet (soon to be dispatched by Fort Worth FD)

29# Richland Hills (dispatched by NHRW)

31# Watauga(dispatched by NHRW)

35 Edgecliff Village

40# Southlake (dispatched by NETCOM)
42 Fort Worth Naval Air Station
43 Dalworthington Gardens
47# Haltom City (dispatched by NHRW)

48# Westlake (dispatched by NETCOM)

49 Pantego

52, 252, 352 Azle

53 Benbrook

54 Crowley

55# Euless

1-5 Grapevine

58 Keller (dispatched by NETCOM)

59 Kennedale (dispatched by Mansfield FD)

Battallion chiefs and specialized units only use the first 2 digits("Battalion 24", "Heavy Rescue 56", etc.). Most others will be 3 digits, with the 3rd digit being the apparatus's station assignment. Example, Truck 153 is Bedford's Truck at station 3, Engine 201 is Hurst's engine at station 1.

Fort Worth Fire Department 2020 Battalion Realignments

Battalion 1 (South, Spinks Airport) Stations 4, 10, [17], 21, 28, 29, 42

Battalion 2 (downtown/short S/SW/W) Stations 1, [2], 5, 6, 8, 18

Battalion 3 (N/NW of downtown, Stockyards, Meacham Airport) Stations 12, 13, 15, [25], 40, 44

Battalion 4 (East/SE) Stations 3, 7, 22, [24], 27, 33

Battalion 5 (West/SW) Stations 16, 23, 26, [30], 32, 36, 39

Battalion 6 (far north, Alliance Airport) Stations 11, 34, [35], 37, 38, 41

Battalion 7 (E/NE of downtown) Stations 9, 14, [19], 20, 31

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