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Scanner frequency information for the PGA Tour

As a general rule: radios and cell phones are prohibited items during tournament days at the course. How this applies to scanners I'm not sure--but if you bring a scanner, you must be very discrete.

Tour Frequencies

For the most recent PGA radio information, see the 2011 US Open.

Listeners at the 2008 BWM Classic reported that the PGA brought in a special 4-channel LTR system for the event. More info can be found here. Other reports indicate heavy usage of the 451-453 MHz range during tournaments over the last few years.
Nationwide PGA frequencies


  • The PGA Tour uses Shotlink data collection system to obtain yardages and other pertinent information during tour events. Information about their radio frequency usage can be found here.

Event Frequencies

PGA Tour Schedule

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Event frequencies are listed on the state-specific sports pages: