Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NamePeoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)
OwnerPeoria County
Owner TypePublic
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WQQI605, WQRH858, WQRK752

Possible Other Callsigns Not Listed in DB
WQRL559, WQRK752

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Welcome to the Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25) collaboration article, a Multi-County Public Trunked Radio System located in Peoria Counties, Illinois, United States.
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System Information

The Peoria County Emergency Telephone System Board Harris P25ip Trunked Radio System is being converted to STARCOM21 Site 49 on January 9, 2019. There are twelve 800 MHz RF channels at the same eleven sites used by the Harris P25ip Simulcast system. The ETSB microwave system connects the eleven sites and two PSAPs. The Harris system will be turned off after all users are moved to STARCOM21. Scanner users will find that all talkgroup numbers have been changed to fit into STARCOM21, starting at 6501 (decimal format). All Peoria County talkgroups are Phase 1; however, the system will handle Phase 1 or Phase 2 transmissions.

Fire Department and EMS alerting will remain on their existing VHF frequencies.

Scanner Settings


The following were submitted as suggested Pro96 settings for monitoring the system.
BASE Freq: 851.0000
Spacing: 12.5 KHz
3600bps: Normal
9600bps: Table

Information from the TRS Page

Site 1: 3615 North Grandview Drive - Peoria -- Grandview Park
Site 2: 922 North Glenwood - Peoria -- Bradley University
Site 3: 301 North Maxwell Road - Peoria -- Jail
Site 4: 19121 North Perry Street - Monica
Site 5: 1828 West Cloverdale Road - Chillicothe
Site 6: 6035 North Knoxville Avenue - Peoria
Site 7: 7903 S HURST DR - Orchard Mines
Site 8: 8826 WEST ROUTE 24 - Mapleton Caterpillar
Site 9: 10321 CIVIL DEFENSE RD - Kickapoo -- Peoria County EMA HQ
Site 11: 10628 N GALENA RD - MOSSVILLE -- Medina Twp. Hwy. Dept.

2/25/14 - 853.2375 is control channel NAC 00A WACN: 92792 site 10-010

1/22/14 - 853.2375 tone carrier (for testing?) NAC D6C then NAC 293
- Control channel was on 851.7125 then after 7pm on 853.5
- Site showing as 010-010 (not 001-010)

12/17/13 - pro96com run on site from Morton area.
851.125 control channel with all other channels showing as alternates.

NAC has been identified as 00A, same as the system ID. WACN 92793
No Talkgroup traffic was heard.

852.2 was transmitting at one point, just a carrier, P25 N00A, WACN 92793
Shown as C4FM Phase 1. No neighboring sites

Group Affiliation/Data/Voice - "Available"
Individual Data/Voice - "Available"
Unit Registration - "Available"

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