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MED COMM - MEDical Control COMMunications Center

  • tx located at Sisters of Mercy Health System, Chesterfield; multiple associated call signs, mostly are hospitals in the Metroeast (IL) WQFS223

East-West Gateway Council of Governments (STARRS)

Barnes Central Roll Calls

  • On 452.6875 D662, "ACU Monthly Announce Test"
    • (Previously on 464.4750 D143; Monthly Test on 3rd Tue of month)
  • St Louis Childrens
  • Parkland Health Center
  • MO-Bap Sullivan
  • Northwest Health Center
  • Christian Hospital Northeast
  • Boone Hospital Center
  • Barnes-West County
  • Barnes-St Peters
  • Home Health

During a radio test on 155.3400 110.9 PL, the following hospitals were called

  • St. Lukes KYN886
  • SSM DePaul Hospital KXC427
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • St. Louis Childrens
  • St. Anthony's Medical Center (114.8 PL?)
  • St. Johns KYN910
  • SSM Childrens Hospital
  • WNQ203 St. Louis (University?)
  • WPVDP490? VA Medical Center
  • KOM535 Christian Hospital NorthEast
  • Forest Park Hospital SSM
  • St. Mary's Heatlh Center
  • St. Alexias Brothers Hospital
  • Broadway Northwest Health Care SSM
  • St. Joseph - Kirkwood Northwest Health Care
  • MO-BAP Medical Center KYN908
  • DePere Hospital Barnes-Jewish West County
  • St. Johns Mercy - Washington MO
  • Crossroads Regional Hospital
  • Lincoln County Medical Center - WPD??? SSM
  • St. Joseph's West Barnes-Jewish
  • St. Peters Jefferson Memorial Hospital SSM
  • St. Joseph's
  • St. Charles
  • St. Elizabeths - Belleville IL
  • 375th Medical Group - SAFB Mascoutah IL
  • Memorial Hospital - Belleville IL KWX792
  • Red Bud Regional Hospital - ? Co
  • IL Anderson Hospital - Maryville
  • IL Washington County Hospital - Nashville
  • IL Touchette Regional Hospital - Centreville
  • IL Sparta Community Hospital - Randolph Co
  • IL Alton Memorial Hospital
  • IL St. Anthony's Medical Center - Alton
  • IL St. Clares ..... - Alton
  • IL Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital - East St. Louis?
  • IL St. Josephs Hospital - Breese
  • IL KAA?673 ? St. Josephs Hospital - Highland
  • IL Greeneville Regional Hospital -
  • IL KNAD257 Gateway Regional Medical Center - Granite City
  • IL Memorial Hospital - Chester IL (Randolph Co)

BJC Hospitals / BJH HealthCare (under construction)

  • St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, one of the nation's largest nonprofit health care systems, includes 14 hospitals and multiple health service organizations serving primarily the greater St. Louis, southern Illinois and southeast Missouri regions. The health system had 2022 revenue of more than $6 billion, with nearly 32,000 employees, including nearly 31,000 in the St. Louis area.
  • (2023) BJC announced in May that it plans to merge with the Kansas City region’s largest health care system, Saint Luke’s Health System, in what the health systems estimate would be a $10 billion merger. The deal is expected to close by the end of this year, subject to regulatory review and customary approvals. (This system is not related to the two St Luke's hospitals in St Louis County) Merger was approved in November 2023
  • Following BJC HealthCare's merger in 2023 with Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City, St. Louis-based BJC Health System now operates as BJC HealthCare in its Eastern Region, serving the St. Louis region and southern Illinois, and Saint Luke's Health System in its Western Region, covering Kansas City, northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas. The merger creates a system with 28 hospitals and hundreds of clinics, with estimated combined revenue of about $10 billion

Communications Department

  • Manages and responds to public safety radio system(s), telephone, EVERBIDGE Notifications (which includes infant abductions, missing patients, catastrophic events on campus and in the surrounding area), parking intercom, emergency alert systems, HUGS alarm (The infant abduction system which allows the team to manage the movement of infants), fire alarms, Stanley personal staff duress alarms, stationary panic/duress alarms shuttle monitoring, Tech Electronic support, support of BJC West County officers, PCDC support, Barnes Jewish Psychiatric Stabilization Center (PSC), and Evelyn's House and other outside BJC/BJH partners and maintaining outside vendor(s) work and permits.
  • Performs crisis intervention over the telephone.
  • Utilizes the computer-aided dispatch system to conduct in-depth interviews with callers, gather and process all the pertinent information to dispatch public safety officers in a clear, succinct, and expert manner and maintaining records of all reported campus incidents in the Public Safety Global Dispatch system.
  • Manages and comprehends emergency procedures related to situations needing the involvement of the public safety department and ensuring the activation of other entities. (Fire department, code team, DPS officers, police, animal control, EMS, private ambulance service, corrections officers, process servers, etc.)
  • Ensures the safety of the medical campus through familiarization of Public Safety operations and knowing the location and layout of streets, buildings, parks and other areas and businesses on and around the medical campus. Increasing dispatch accuracy and efficiency.
  • 157.4500 WPKF868 [Expired 10/07] BJC Base/Pagers

BJC West County officers, PCDC support, , and Evelyn's House

In addition to operating 12 hospitals in Missouri and Illinois, BJC HealthCare operates BJC Home Care Services, which offers hospice, home infusion and medical equipment services; BJC Corporate Health Services, including BarnesCare, an occupational health organization; BJC Behavioral Health (BJC BH), offering behavioral health services to children and adults; and BJC Medical Group

AMH - Alton Memorial Hospital. One Memorial Drive, Alton IL BJH - Barnes-Jewish Hospital. One Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza, St Louis, MO (Center for Advanced Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center facility) BJSPH - Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, 10 Hospital Dr, St Peters, MO (Siteman Cancer Center satellite facility) BJWCH - Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, 12634 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, MO (Siteman Cancer Center satellite facility) CHNE - Christian Hospital (Northeast), 11133 Dunn Rd. St Louis MO CNW - (Christian) Northwest HealthCare, 1225 Graham Rd, Florissant, MO (Siteman Cancer Center satellite facility) MHB - Memorial Hospital Belleville, 4500 Memorial Dr, Belleville, IL MHS - Memorial Hospital Shiloh, 1404 Cross St, Shiloh, IL (Siteman Cancer Center satellite facility) MoBAP - Missouri Baptist Medical Center, 3015 N Ballas Rd, St Louis MO MoBAPS - Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, 75 Sappington Bridge Rd, Sullivan, MO PHC - Parkland Health Center - 1101 W Liberty St, Farmington MO PHCBT - Parkland Health Center - Bonne Terre, 7245 Raider Rd, Bonne Terre MO PWH - Progress West Hospital - 2 Progress Point Parkway, O'Fallon MO SLCH - St Louis Children's Hospital - One Childrens Place - St Louis MO TRISL - The Rehab Institute of St. Louis (affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine)

  • PSC - Barnes Jewish Psychiatric Stabilization Center
  • PCDC - Psychiatric Care at Delmar Center (joint effort to Washington University)
  • EH - Evelyn's House ( )

Barnes-Jewish Hospital - South Campus

  • Has an Emergency Room/Department (ER/ED)
  • 4553 Clayton Ave - IT Department
  • 452.8125, 457.8125, 452.7125, 457.7125 Mobiles WQML728
  • 462.5000 WQIX667 BP BJ Paging UHF 1 Paging FN
  • 154.6000 WPKQ562 M BJ ExtendedCare Maintenance/Security (Walkie Talkies) FM
  • 461.2250 WQFI335 RM BJC Sec/M/Admn1 Security/Maintenance/Admin (may be part of new TRS) FM
  • 462.1000 WQFI335 RM Security/Maintenance/Admin (may be part of new TRS) FM
  • 463.3750 WQFI335 RM Security/Maintenance/Admin (may be part of new TRS) FM
  • 464.6750 WQFI335 RM 141.3 PL ? currently broadcasting R13 (0-13-051) FM
  • 464.6750 WQFI335 RM 123.0 PL ? heard "blue team at skilled nursing, Heart Hospital FM
  • 464.9750 WQFI335 Security/Maintenance/Admin (may be part of new TRS) FM
  • 155.2200 KYN916 B 155.2200 ?? West County Hospital (Creve Coeur) - unknown use FM
  • 463.0000 KYN916 B MED-1 West County Hospital (Creve Coeur) - All MED Channels FM
  • 452.6375 WQGQ673 M BJHWC Maint2 B-J West County Hospital: Maintenance/Security FM
  • 457.6375 WQGQ673 M BJCW Mnt West County Hospital: Maintenance/Security FM
  • 451.5375 WQGQ673 M BJHWC Maint1 West County Hospital: Maintenance/Security FM
  • 464.4250 WPSI766 BM BJCWC Emerg West County Hospital: Emergency Broadcasts FM
  • 467.1250 WPSI766 M BJCWC Emerg2 West County Hospital: Emergency Broadcasts FM

Barnes-Jewish Hospital - Parkview Towers/North Campus

  • No Emergency Room, located adjacent to Barnes South

Barnes Psychiatric Support System (PSC)

  • new name 2023?

Barnes Old Maternity Building (BOMB)

  • Original hospital tower on the south end of campus
  • Organ Donation

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital (Creve Couer)

  • Maintenance/Security  - 464.425 Base/Mobiles; Mobiles only on 467.125, 461.8375, 466.8375, 466.4875 (NFM) WQNJ428
  • Maintenance/Security - 451.5375, 452.6375, 457.6375 (NFM Portables) WQGQ673
  • 155.22, 155.34 Base/Mobiles for HEAR Patient Reports WSAN329 Issued 1/24

BJC Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery Center (Chesterfield)

  • 14532 S Outer 40
  • 72.2400 MP Wireless Clock System WQHC796

Christian Hospital NorthEast (BJC)

  • 463.4 Repeater (NXDN/DMR/NFM) for Security WQYB650
  • 464.8250 167.9 Maintenance/Janitorial Units: 19, 72, 150, 153, 154, 158 FM
  • 464.8250 192.8 CHNE EMS Units: 8439 FM
  • 462.5125, 467.5125, 467.4625 Mobiles Department of Emergency Medicine NFM WQKN441
  • 452.68750 WQCF353 BM CHNE Sec Security/Safety FM
  • 457.11250 WQCF353 M CHNE Sec Security/Safety FM
  • 155.34000 WPMH360 BM HEAR340 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 155.22000 WPMH360 BM 155.22 ?? Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 155.40000 WPMH360 B 155.4 ?? Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 458.02500 WPMH360 M All MED Data Channels All MED Data Channels FM
  • 463.00000 WPMH360 BM MED-1 All MED Channels FM
  • 461.0875, 461.2375, 462.0625, 463.2125, 463.9125, 464.8875, 466.0875, 466.2375, 467.0625, 468.2125, 469.8875, 469.9125 Mobiles WPHG229 NFM
  • 464.67500 M Operations FM WPEJ730
  • 462.80000 BMP Paging Telm WPEJ730
  • 462.90000 BP Paging Telm WPEJ730
  • 464.67500 BP CSQ CHNENW PG NE/NW Paging (St. Louis) (*heard Radiation Therapy) WPEJ730

Missouri Baptist Medical Center - MOBAP (Frontenac)

  • 4/23 new license replacing expired - 461.4375 Repeater; 30-4wt portables on 462.4875/467.4875, 452.8625/457.8625, 461.9625, 462.4375/467.4375, 463.6625/468.6625 WRXF314
  • modification , 464.05 R (current), add 463.2125 R (NFM) WPYV325
  • add Mobiles 461.9625, 462.4375, 467.4375 WPWP220
    • 12/13 add 25-4wt portables on 463.6625, 468.6625 (NFM/DMR) WPWP220
  • Repeaters on 463.2125, 464.05 (NFM) WQNF810
Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
151.8050 KVS531 Base/Mobile FM
157.7400 KVS531 Base/pagers FM
462.48750 467.48750 WPWP220 M*M MOBAP 24875 Operations/Safety/Security FM
452.86250 457.86250 WPWP220 M*M MOBAP 28625 Operations/Safety/Security FM
155.22000 KYN908 B 155.22 ?? Missouri Baptist Medical Center (64@270) FM
463.00000 KYN908 B All MED Channels (64@270) F FM

Northwest Healthcare (Florissant)

  • Part of Christian Hospital Website
  • 462.1625 WQPD449 Repeater FM
  • 463.7375 468.7375 WQPD449 Mobiles (11K) FM
  • 155.22, 155.34 Base/Mobiles for HEAR Patient Reports WSAN326

Washington University Medical Center

SSM Health

  • System Website WikiPedia
  • Catholic, not-for-profit with 11,000 providers,39,000 employees in MO, IL, OK, WI
  • Based in St. Louis, MO and owns hospitals, pediatric medical centers, outpatient centers, clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physician offices, emergency centers, rehabilitation facilities, urgent care centers, home care, and hospice.
  • Has care delivery sites in the St. Louis area, mid-Missouri, southern Illinois, Oklahoma and south central Wisconsin. SSM operations include 23 hospitals, over 290 physician offices and other outpatient and virtual care services, 12 post-acute facilities, home care and hospice services, a pharmacy benefit company, a health insurance company and an accountable care organization
  • Maintenance Security - add 461.4625, 466.4625, 461.7625, 466.7625 (NFM) KQK664
  • 100W bases on 155.34, 155.22 with 20 100W mobiles (NFM) WRYD621
  • ACW Alliance WQVK874 Construction contractor at 1 Childrens Place - 463.7, 464.0 Repeaters along with multiple UHF portables (NFM/DMR) [New 3/15]

Radio System by Motorola, Case Study

  • With 23 hospitals, 300 delivery sites, nearly 11,000 clinical employees and more than 2 million outpatients seen every year across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, SSM Health’s Greater Midwest Region is comprised of 11 hospitals situated in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area, Mid-Missouri and Southern Illinois. In the process of deploying the Safe Hospitals unified ecosystem from Motorola Solutions to safeguard its employees, property and the patients it serves while replacing the outdated legacy technology that could no longer meet the hospital’s security and communication needs. It will rely on a robust, integrated ecosystem of video and analytics, access control, command center software and critical communications networks and devices to proactively meet its complex security and communication needs and allow them to better detect, analyze, communicate and respond to unfolding incidents and disruptions

SAFE HOSPITALS TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM • Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Video Management Software • Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) System • Avigilon Cameras with Video Analytics • MOTOTRBO Radios • Radio Alert • Ally Security Incident Management Software

After SSM Health Leadership began to evaluate and reassess its security technology, the team concluded that its legacy video system, access control and radio communications needed to be replaced with a modern technology solution. They evaluated a range of new systems, ultimately standardizing on the Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitals integrated technology ecosystem, the first and only end-to-end security ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on one single platform. During the evaluation process, SSM Health was struck by the image quality provided by the Avigilon video security cameras, which then led to an exploration of the broader Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitals ecosystem. Ultimately, SSM Health felt that the larger ecosystem of integrated solutions was a game-changing new approach to security and communications as it allowed them to proactively address situations, making security more efficient and effective. The suite of technology began with Avigilon cameras, video analytics, Avigilon Control Center™ video management software and Access Control Manager™. With the results seen at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, the decision was made to convert their entire radio platform region-wide to MOTOTRBO reliable and rugged two-way digital radios and they are going through the transition currently. With advanced analytics and automatic alerting capabilities directly integrated on their radios, SSM Health received a new level of visibility and insight into its campus. Today, SSM Health is implementing the Safe Hospitals ecosystem in all Missouri and Illinois regional hospitals.

Challenges As a Level I trauma center, SSM Health’s Saint Louis University Hospital treats victims of violence, especially in its Emergency Department (ED). The sheer size of the campus, plus the possible presence of drugs or weapons and the high level of emotional stress in these situations all raise the safety risk for patients and staff. Like other medical systems, SSM Health is regularly challenged with patients, visitors and staff entering and exiting the premises at all hours of the day, seven days a week. Plus, valuable and sensitive equipment and potentially dangerous medical equipment and pharmaceuticals must always be secured and monitored. Every day, as part of their normal after-hours routine, SSM Health security staff were physically patrolling close to a million square feet of closed office space. Outcomes

  • SSM has shifted its security approach to be much more proactive, with more efficient, effective use of security staff and resources. Now, instead of deploying officers to patrol the entire campus on foot or by car, the team is aided by advanced analytics, AI-assisted access control and tight radio integration to focus efforts where they are needed most by receiving analytics based alerts directly on their radios. All underpinned by a foundation of seamless, shared data. SSM Health’s video security deters threats and enhances overall situational awareness across

all campus facilities with specialized cameras that provide crystal-clear video coverage for every location. License Plate Recognition systems monitor parking lots surrounding the facilities and automatically alert security when threat-designated vehicles enter the campus.

  • With a rules-based access control system, SSM Health can manage staff and public access to buildings or restricted areas with instant detection of pre-listed individuals at access points and instant camera-based verifications. Plus, SSM Health receives real-time video and access control alerts for everything from unauthorized activity in sensitive areas to loitering and positive license plate matches. Alerts are sent directly to their two-way radio via text message and text-to-voice alerts. And when an incident is resolved, SSM Health is now also able to easily document and securely store the details of that incident with all relevant data using Ally Incident Management software

DePaul Hospital - St Louis

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

  • 10/23 - Announced SSM will build a new children's hospital at Chouteau Avenue and Grand Boulevard, to replace SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, a 195-bed facility at 1465 S. Grand Blvd.
  • The new Cardinal Glennon will offer expanded and enhanced services including NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), ICU (intensive care unit), cancer, cardiology and dialysis care, according to a release. Completed by 2027 Information

St Mary's - St Louis (Richmond Heights)

St. Clare Hospital (Fenton)

  • former St Joseph Kirkwood
  • 155.22, 155.34 Base;/Mobile (NFM) WQPX900
  • 461.4125, 461.6125, 461.91250 RM Security/Admin/Maintenance FMN
  • 462.1875, 462.4625, 467.1875, 467.4625 (may be low power R) Security/Admin/Maintenance WQJX596
  • 151.86500 WNXX865 BM SJK Sec/Main Security/Maintenance FM
  • 463.30000 WNDP668 M SJK Mnt/Hsk2 Maintenance?/Housekeeping? FM
  • 155.22000 KYN888 B HEAR220 Ambulance Operations (Kirkwood) FM
  • 155.40000 KYN888 B HEAR400 Ambulance Operations (Kirkwood) FM
  • 155.34000 KYN888 B HEAR340 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms (Kirkwood) -Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 463.00000 KYN888 B MED All All MED Channels (Kirkwood) FM

St Louis University Hospital (SLUH)

  • 462.27500 Repeater 141.3 PL (See Note) FMN
  • 155.22000 KVI559 BMP 155.22 ?? Operations FM
  • 458.02500 KVI559 M All MED Data Channels FM
  • 463.00000 468.00000 KVI559 RM All MED Channels FM
  • Note: 462.275 - Very active repeater with maintenance, security and admin operations. Units: Desk Control, Control, Bravo units Terms: Level C, 14, Desloge Tower Site, Call lights in room, cardiac cath lab, J&K Elevators, Cafeteria, Gift Shop, Lobby, Echolab, Stressleb


St. Joseph Hospital - Wentzville

St. Joseph Hospital - St. Charles

St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint Louis


SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Jefferson City

Emergency Room at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - St. Charles with Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics

Emergency Room at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint Louis with Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics


Emergency Room at Anderson Hospital with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics (Maryville IL)

Emergency Room at HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics (Ofallon IL)

SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Centralia

SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon

Other Facilities

  • St Vincent's DePaul Behavioral Hospital
  • SSM Rehab - DePaul
  • SSM Rehab - St Mary's
  • SSM Rehab - Lake St Louis

St Lukes

St. Lukes Hospital

  • 461.47500 466.47500 KNDQ548 RMF Operations FM
  • 462.40000 467.40000 WNSI279 RM 146.2 PL Operations (Security? FM
  • 463.2375, 467.4, 468.2375, 468.7375, 468.8125, 468.9125, 468.9875 Mobiles Operations FM WNSI279
  • 461.48750 466.48750 WQKP423 RM Patient Nutrion Services FM
  • 150.775, 150.79, 155.22, 155.295 Mobiles Ambulance Ops FM KT2472

SSM St. Luke's Hospital (Des Peres)

  • former Deaconess Medical Center, Des Peres Hospital
  • 2345 Dougherty Ferry Rd, 12/23 add 464.9625 50W Repeater with 60-4W portables (DMR only) WNSI279
  • 155.34 KUJ696 BM HEAR340 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 463.0 KUJ696 BM All MED Channels FM
  • 155.22 KUJ696 BM unknown use FM
  • 157.45 KIK334 BP DeacMC PG Hospital Paging FM

SSM St. Luke's Hospital (Chesterfield)

  • 232 S Woods Mill Rd, Chesterfield
  • 462.4, 463.2375 25W Repeaters (NFM), 60-4W mobiles on 468.2375, 468.7375, 468.8125, 468.9125, 468.9875 (all NFM) WNSI279
  • 461.475 Repeater, Mobiles on 461.9375, 466.9375 Mobiles FM KNDQ548

Hospitals (NOT SORTED)

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
72.24 F 72.12 M WQFG481 Wireless Clock System
452.12500 KQK664 RM 88.5 ??, 97.4 ??, 110.9 or 118.8 ?? CGCH Ops2 Hospital Ops FM
462.92500 WQEE984 BP CGCH PG Hospital Paging (Digital)
  • 464.725R 156.7 PL Security (used with ARCH) [Terminated] FMN (removed from DB 8/10/22) WNZP332

De Paul Health Center (SSM)

  • 151.6550 151.9550 WZF396 SSM DePaul Health Center (Bridgeton) Base/Mobile for biomedical engineering FM
  • 464.43750 WQHS546 RM DePaul HC Ops 2 Operations FM
  • 452.0375, 452.1375, 452.5125, 457.0375, 461.875, 451.425, 451.575, 456.5625, 456.4875, 451.4875, 466.325, 466.4 WPOB520 M DePaul HC Ops 14 Operations FM
  • 155.22000 KXZ427 M HEAR-220 Operations FM
  • 155.34000 KXZ427 B HEAR-340 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM
  • 163.25000 KXZ427 BP DePaul HS Paging Paging FM
  • 461.46250 WQHS546 RM DePaul HC ELub-1 Engineered Lubricants 11K FM
  • 464.43750 WQHS546 RM DePaul HC ELub-2 Engineered Lubricants 11K FM
  • 452.0375, 452.1375, 452.5125, 457.0375, 461.4625, 461.46250 WQHS546 M DePaul HC ELub-8 Engineered Lubricants 11K FM

De Paul Medical Group - Florissant (SSM)

  • 462.7625, 462.7875, 462.8125, 462.8375 Portables FM WPRG891

Mercy Hospital - St. Louis

  • Former St Johns Mercy
  • Both DPLs used on 453.0, not sure if same hospital or not. Maybe different wings?
  • Units: "Shuttle"; Security Units: 40, 55, 57
  • 155.22000 KYN910 B 155.22 ?? unknown use FM
  • 463.00000 KYN910 B All MED Channels FM
  • 462.12500 467.12500 WPXL203 RM SJM ERT Emergency Response Team (multiple tones in IL) FM
  • 152.00750 KYN910 BP SJM PG-VHF Paging FM
  • 462.85000 KAV425 BP SJM PG-UHF Paging Operations FM
  • 461.76250 466.75250 WQIF820 RM Armrk SJMMC1 Aramark: Operations 1 FM
  • 463.86250 468.86250 WQIF820 RM Armrk SJMMC2 Aramark: Operations 2 FM

Mercy Hospital South (??)

  • formerly St. Anthony's Medical Center
  • 463.06250 468.06250 WNVR407 Expired M Operations FM
  • WQNR445 Security Maintenance- 461.4625 Repeater; 451.8375, 456.8375, 463.7375 Mobiles, 464.875 Repeater (NFM)

St. Joseph - Wentzville (SSM)

St. Joseph - West (SSM)

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
456.23750 WPUX652 M CSQ StJos W Data Data / Paging Telm
  • WQMY432 461.6375 R, 461.7375 R; 461/456.4875, 462/467.0125 mobiles

8 WQDN803, 155.22, 155.34 Bases

  • See St Charles County

St. Louis Childrens Hospital [BJC]

  • Security/Admin Staff (possibly low power repeaters) WQNJ799
  • 462/467.4375 462/467.2375 11K Mobiles
  • 461/467.44375 462/467.33125 4K Mobiles (NXDN)
  • 152.0075 WQHA653 BP CH PG Childrens Hospital: Paging FM
  • 155.34, 155.22 Base/Mobiles WSAQ228 Issued 2/24

SSM St Mary's Richmond Heights

  • Former St. Mary's Health Center - MHA (Richmond Heights)
  • 464.875 Repeater RM Maintenance/Paging FM WNKP706
  • 151.775 BM Maintenance/Paging FM WNKP706
  • 452.125 Repeater Maintenance/Admin FM WQIP359
  • 452.7125, 457.7125, 452.8125, 457.81250 M Maintenance/Admin FM WQIP359
  • 464.775 469.77500 RM SMHC Maint6 Maintenance/Admin FM WQIP359
  • 155.34 WPJZ716 B HEAR340 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms FM

Other Hospitals

Homer G. Phillips

  • Listed under St louis City

John Cochran VA Medical Center (St Louis City)

Shriner's Hospital for Children (St. Louis)

  • 30-4W mobiles on 462.0, 462.2125, 462.2625, 467.35, 467.5 WQWH619
  • 155.340 WQGQ247 BM HEAR340 Patient Reports FM

Shriner's Hospitals for Children (Frontenac)

Former/Closed Hospitals

South City Hospital

  • Closed 8/3/23, bankruptcy
  • Former St. Alexius Hospital (Downtown St. Louis)
  • Tenet/Missouri Hospital Association/St. Alexius Hospital Corporation #1 Hospital
Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
464.47500 469.47500 WPUC337 RM StAH Securit Security ? FM
155.40000 KSZ442 BM 155.4 ?? Operations FM
151.80500 KOH382 BM StAH VHF Operations FM

Forest Park Hospital/ Deaconess

  • FPD was sold to Tenet Healthcare Corp. of Dallas in 1997. Proceeds from the 1997 sale to Tenet Healthcare Corp. were used to establish the Deaconess Foundation, which grants to children's causes in the St. Louis metropolitan area. In 2004, Forest Park Hospital was purchased by Argilla Healthcare Inc., which merged with Doctors Community Healthcare Corp. of Scottsdale, Arizona, becoming Envision Hospital Corp. It was acquired by Success Healthcare LLC in 2008. From 2007 to 2010, reduced state revenue and reduced patient demand saw 75% of its employees laid off. Its emergency room closed in 2011 following years of financial struggle and low use. In 2012, the hospital closed and its property was purchased by the nearby St. Louis Zoo as part of a 20-year expansion project. The building was demolished in 2014. Deaconess WikiPedia
  • Owned by Doctors Community Healthcare Corp. of Scottsdale, Ariz.; formerly Forest Park Hospital)

St Louis ConnectCare

  • CLOSED. Full Service Hospital located at 5535 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis
Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
452.6625 WQEQ374 SLCC Sec/Maint 1 Security/Maintenance 11K FM
457.6625 WQEQ374 SLCC Sec/Maint 2 Security/Maintenance 11K FM
[1] FM Hospital


  • Other rehab, skilled nursing facilities, etc.

Jewish Center for the Aged (Chesterfield)

  • Hospital, Clinic, Medical Association home for aged.
  • 451.35 Repeater Aged Operations FM WPMX215

Other Hospital Businesses

St. Louis Healthcare Support Services

  • SSM Health and BJC HealthCare have formed a joint venture, that will build and operate a regional laundry facility, aiming to open by mid-2025
  • Location - Soulard Commerce Center, 161 S. Trudeau St, The Trudeau Street warehouse (100,000 sq.ft.) News Link

Aramark Corporation

  • Located at Dr Charles F Knight Center (Clayton)
  • 463.375 Repeater, 458.015, 469.3625 mobiles Operations 11K FM WPSB708

Ronald McDonald House (St Louis)

  • Website
  • 3 houses in St Louis with a 4th being built (2024)

3450 Park Ave (Main office?) 4321 Chouteau Ave 300 Ronald McDonald House Ln 4381 W Pine Blvd

  • NO FCC Frequencies for St Louis Locations

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