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Here you will find links to the popular Easier to Read guides, mailing lists, printed guides and other information you may find useful in learning about Uniden's DMA Two Tier scanners. Feel free to add to this list.

Easier to Read Guides

Analog Trunkers Digital Trunkers
SC230/USC230 1 BCD396T/UBCD396T 1,2
BC246 BCD996T/UBCD996T 1,2
BR330T BCD396XT2
BCT15 BCD996P2/XT3,2
BC346XT BCD325P2 3
UBC3500XLT 1

  1. Model numbers prefixed with 'U' are European/Asian models
  2. Digital trunktrackers can also trunk analog systems. However, these scanners cannot handle the new Phase 2 systems due to hardware limitations. This capability cannot be added with a firmware update. These systems are identified by Project 25 Phase II in the System Type in the database.
  3. The scanners with 'P2' in the model number can trunktrack Phase 2 systems. As of firmware 1.07.06, these radios can also decode DMR. MOTOTRBO and EDACS Provoice trunked systems. NXDN trunking and conventional is possible on the P2 scanners with a later firmware update.

Mailing Lists

Includes Facebook and Twitter where known. Many are on the domain
Analog Trunkers Digital Trunkers
SC230 Unknown BDC396T Mailing Lists
BC246T Mailing Lists BCD996T Mailing Lists
BR330T Mailing Lists BCD396XT Mailing Lists
BCT15 Mailing Lists BCD996XT Mailing Lists
BC346T Mailing Lists BCD325P2 Mailing Lists
BCT15X Mailing Lists BCD996P2 Mailing Lists

Other References

Scanner Master Guides

Printed Manual for BCD325P2

Printed Manual for all XT models and BCD996P2

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