Whistler Official Upgrade (WOU)

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The Whistler Official Upgrade (WOU) procedure is a Paid Upgrade where a user pays for shipment to Whistler - Whistler then applies an Update w new to the Bootloader and Firmware, then return-postage is paid by Whistler, back to sender. Once returned, continued forward support is possible via Whistler Repair & Support and Whistler's Software, with all the additional features of a WS1080. This is for the standard "legacy": GRE PSR-800 Radio Shack Pro-668 and Pro-18, of which all are GRE PSR-800 based scanners.

This upgrade adds the ability to enable DMR decode to the GRE PSR-800, Radio Shack Pro-668 & Pro-18, and brings their Firmware current, with the additional features and firmware fixes that were added and updated with the more current algorithms for the WS1080. In addition, for the Pro-18 the WOU adds Project 25's Phase II decoding. This process also provides generally an improvement in decode performance of all system types.

Once upgraded, continued programming and repair support will be by Whistler and will use the EZ-Scan WS1080/WS1088 Handheld Software.

The WOU cost at a minimum of: one way shipment to Whistler plus either $69.99 with the correct, model-specific, Firmware OR $99.99 for Unofficial versions, that are either "LOCKED" and/or contain a unofficial firmware. Additionally, if the scanner is using the unofficial firmware, there is potential that the scanner will have: the ability to decode DMR transmissions CANCELED, (if certain criteria are met,) as well as LOCK the Bootloader, CPU, and DSP at it's current state. There is as an added bonus with the $129.99 variant (without additional cost) - you can ask Whistler to replace or repair severely bad external parts, at their discretion, with the caveat as long as the scanner works and boots up; it is currently unknown what the cost would be to change the Pro-18's keypad/faceplate in the circumstance of it being broken, since it's unique to the Pro-18.

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