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Diga-Talk (NID-14) TRS
System Name Diga-Talk (NID-14)
System ID 14
Connect Tone ?
Network Access Code ?
DMR Color Code {{{CCode}}}
Band UHF 400 Mhz
State IL, IN, WI
Ownership Public Utility

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Diga-Talk (NID-14) Site Map from the RRDB

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Diga-talk has been built out by A-Beep of Joliet and has partnered with other dealers to expand their coverage. The system is made up of three systems at this time; Northern IL/IN sites, Central/Southern IL sites and WI sites. This is due to NXDN Type-C trunking Gen 1 systems being limited to 30 sites each. If you are monitoring the system with DSD you may see RID-60000, this is the bridge between the Northern IL/IN and WI systems.

News Items


Chicago NXDN-Based SMR Offers 3 Months Airtime for New Users (1/14/13) Diga-Talk announced a free airtime offer for users activating new subscriber units starting Jan. 15 through Feb. 28. The users will receive unlimited free airtime on the NXDN-based digital SMR network.

Each new activated unit during this period will receive three months of unlimited airtime. Some restrictions may apply.

Diga-Talk, which began commercial service in November 2009, provides push-to-talk (PTT) service throughout the greater Chicagoland region.

An area of growth for the operator has been with companies that operate commercial motor vehicles. The Federal Department of Transportation enacted strict rules banning cellular phone use in commercial motor vehicles in January 2012. These new laws have heavy fines not only for the driver of a commercial motor vehicle but also for the company owner. The state of Illinois also enacted similar laws that ban cellular phone use in commercial motor vehicles and in all vehicles in construction and school zones. The Diga-Talk unit is exempt from the laws because it is classified as a two-way radio, the company said in a statement.


Diga-Talk Launches Commercial NXDN Service in Chicago (11/6/09) A Beep launched Diga-Talk, an all-digital two-way communications network for business users. The Diga-Talk unit provides instant communications only to other properly programmed Diga-Talk units. It can be programmed for group calls to talk to all of the Diga-Talk units in the company at the same time, or it is able to make private one-to-one direct calls.

The unit is completely automatic as it roams throughout the coverage area. It can be equipped with AVL that uses GPS technology. The GPS is able to report the Diga-Talk location and other events that occur such as a door opening and closing on a vehicle. Diga-Talk can be vehicle mounted, set up as a dedicated office base station and available in a handheld two-way radio style unit.

The Diga-Talk subscriber unit uses NEXEDGE NXDN digital technology and equipment from Kenwood. The Diga-Talk system in the Chicago metropolitan area is the largest system of its kind in the world, the company said in a statement.


WPLU257 moved frequencies from Joliet/Will to 311 S Wacker Chicago (472.325, 472.35, 472.55, 472.575 FB8) (deleted 471.325, 474,325)

Misc System Information

New application 6/5/08 --- Emissions - 4K00F1D, 4K00F1E, 4K00F2D, 4K00F7W

Reported Users: Veolia Environmental Services

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