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Public Trunked Radio System

NameState of Colorado DTRS
OwnersState Agencies
State of Colorado

Arapahoe, Boulder, Douglas, Eagle, Elbert, Grand, Jefferson, Morgan

Grand Junction, Longmont, Montrose

Holy Cross Electric Association Inc., Northern Colorado Radio Communications Network, Pikes Peak Regional Communications Network, Regional Transportation District
Owner TypePublic
Countiesstatewide / all
StateColorado, New Mexico (1 site), Utah (1 site)
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WPFH510, WPHK775, WPJL925, WPLW647, WPMI204, WPOY442, WPPU371, WPPU372, WPRR696, WPRR740, WPRR756, WPRV777, WPRV816, WPSG917, WPSH437, WPSH613, WPSK325, WPSK701, WPSM559, WPSM706, WPSQ525, WPTL723, WPTL725, WPTM601, WPTP867, WPTQ260, WPTW329, WPTZ761, WPUF980, WPUJ277, WPUJ668, WPUP350, WPUP354, WPUP356, WPUP357, WPUP362, WPUP364, WPUP366, WPUQ367, WPUS321, WPUU423, WPVU788, WPVU792, WPVW304, WPVW306, WPVW559, WPWK919, WPWK921, WPXA400, WPXA402, WPXA403, WPXA404, WPXA405, WPXC444, WPXC445, WPXH324, WPXY514, WPYI943, WPYN817, WPYS800, WPYT630, WPZR719, WPZR730, WPZS494, WPZU613, WQAD254, WQAM345, WQAW727, WQAW901, WQAX736, WQAY630, WQBM307, WQBM309, WQBM311, WQBM328, WQBM329, WQBM330, WQBM331, WQBM336, WQBM791, WQBM793, WQCT916, WQCU591, WQDA801, WQDF397, WQDJ818, WQDK721, WQDL740, WQDM887, WQDT629, WQDW783, WQDX507, WQDY458, WQDY462, WQDZ548, WQDZ774, WQEA390, WQEA391, WQED556, WQEE615, WQEE616, WQEE617, WQEE618, WQEE620, WQEE646, WQEF236, WQEF237, WQEF240, WQEF242, WQEF243, WQEF244, WQIP845, WQJG525, WQJG526, WQJQ986, WQJR654, WQJS361, WQJS746, WQJS865, WQJT295, WQJT303, WQJT316, WQJT318, WQJT320, WQJT322, WQJT323, WQJW324, WQJW326, WQKC776, WQKN571, WQKP734, WQKS365, WQKS582, WQLJ864, WQLK731, WQLK818, WQLL737, WQLW206, WQML810, WQMM804, WQMR482, WQNJ700, WQNW811, WQNW812, WQOA308, WQOC378, WQOF944, WQOX316, WQPD472, WQPE994, WQPF933, WQPJ378, WQPJ841, WQPM960, WQPS620, WQRY460, WQSG571, WQSL759, WQSZ270, WQTG634, WQUJ302, WQUX834, WQUX837, WQUX974, WQUY812, WQVH307, WQVJ501, WQVK965, WQWK426, WQXT408, WQXX670, WQYF532

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns
WPXC683, WPZR732, WQCD531, WQFG257, WQFT382, WQGK475, WQGK534, WQGL269, WQGL270, WQGL271, WQGL273, WQGL275, WQGL690, WQGM223, WQGM224, WQGM654, WQGM656, WQGN299, WQGN303, WQGN651, WQGP788, WQGP790, WQGP802, WQGQ314, WQGQ315, WQGQ316, WQGQ937, WQGR440, WQGR441, WQGT414, WQGU579, WQHI935, WQHK511, WQMN672

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Welcome to the State of Colorado DTRS collaboration article, a Statewide Public Trunked Radio System located in all Counties, Colorado, New Mexico (1 site), Utah (1 site), United States.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

System Notes

Recommended Mutual Aid Channel (MAC) Usage
Metro MAC 1 MAC 2 MAC 3 MAC 4
Northeast MAC 5 MAC 6 MAC 7 MAC 8
Southeast MAC 9 MAC 10 MAC 11 MAC 12
Southwest MAC 13 MAC 14 MAC 15 MAC 16
Northwest MAC 17 MAC 18 MAC 19 MAC 20

MAC 1-4 is used by: Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin and Jefferson Counties

MAC 5-8 is used by: Cheyenne, Kit Carson, Larimer, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washing, Weld and Yuma Counties

MAC 9-12 is used by: Baca, Bent, Chaffee, Crowley, Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Huerfano, Kiowa, Lake, Las Animas, Otero, Park, Powers, Pueblo and Teller Counties

MAC 13-16 is used by: Alamosa, Archuleta, Conejos, Costilla, Delores, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, La Plata, Mineral, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, Rio Grande, Saguache, San Juan and San Miguel Counties

MAC 17-20 is used by: Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt and Summit Counties

EMS Interoperability assignments - These follow the RETAC zones

EMS MH - Mile High Area: Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Elbert Counties

EMS NE - Northeast: Jackson, Larimer, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties

EMS PP - Pikes Peak: Cheyenne, El Paso, Kit Carson, Lincoln and Teller Counties

EMS SE - Southeast: Baca, Bent, Crowley, Kiowa, Otero and Prowers Counties

EMS S - South: Custer, Fremont, Huerfano, Las Animas and Pueblo Counties

EMS FH - Foot Hills Area: Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand and Jefferson Counties

EMS CM - Central Moutains: Chaffee, Eagle, Lake, Park, Pitkin and Summit Counties

EMS NW - Northwest: Garfield, Mesa, Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt Counties

EMS San Luis - San Luis Valley: Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grand and Saguache Counties

EMS SW - Southwest: Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma and San Juan Counties

EMS W - West: Delta, Hinsdale, Gunnison, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel Counties

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CSV IMPORT file to plot all sites in My Google Maps

Copy this into a text editor and save as a CSV file. Then you can import this into Google Maps (my Maps) and plot all of the DTRS Sites. Updated Dec 2022. WKT is the location that will be used when importing

POINT (-105.0136 39.6194),Arapahoe Admin (1-001),"(1-001) Arapahoe Admin Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-105.3532 39.5181),Conifer Mountain (1-002),"(1-002) Conifer Mountain Jefferson, CO"
POINT (-105.4189 39.8933),Thorodin (1-005),"(1-005) Thorodin Gilpin, CO"
POINT (-105.4961 39.6811),Mestaa’?hehe (1-006),"(1-006) Mestaa’?hehe Clear Creek, CO"
POINT (-104.718 39.6028),Smoky Hill (1-007),"(1-007) Smoky Hill Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-105.2372 39.7292),Lookout Mountain (1-008),"(1-008) Lookout Mountain Jefferson, CO"
POINT (-104.8636 39.7672),DRDC CF (1-009),"(1-009) DRDC CF Denver, CO"
POINT (-104.6794 39.37),Franktown (1-010),"(1-010) Franktown Douglas, CO"
POINT (-104.6794 39.37),Mines Peak (1-011),"(1-011) Mines Peak Grand, CO"
POINT (-105.0558 40.24),Mead (1-012),"(1-012) Mead Boulder, CO"
POINT (-104.9488 39.1825),Douglas Co South Simulcast (1-014),"(1-014) Douglas Co South Simulcast Douglas, CO"
POINT (-105.7744 39.8762),Winter Park (1-015),"(1-015) Winter Park Grand, CO"
POINT (-105.485 39.8017),Black Hawk (1-019),"(1-019) Black Hawk Gilpin, CO"
POINT (-104.9364 39.6919),Denver Tx (1-020),"(1-020) Denver Tx Denver, CO"
POINT (-105.8993 39.6802),Loveland Ski (1-021),"(1-021) Loveland Ski Clear Creek, CO"
POINT (-103.2378 39.0958),Boyero (1-022),"(1-022) Boyero Lincoln, CO"
POINT (-104.09 39.2267),Simla (1-023),"(1-023) Simla Elbert, CO"
POINT (-105.5506 39.8697),Dakota Hill (1-024),"(1-024) Dakota Hill Gilpin, CO"
POINT (-105.4817 39.839),Dory Hill (1-026),"(1-026) Dory Hill Gilpin, CO"
POINT (-103.1006 39.3225),Flagler (1-027),"(1-027) Flagler Kit Carson, CO"
POINT (-102.3989 39.2722),Bethune (1-030),"(1-030) Bethune Kit Carson, CO"
POINT (-102.5497 38.7917),Firstview (1-033),"(1-033) Firstview Cheyenne, CO"
POINT (-103.99 39.5947),Deer Trail (1-037),"(1-037) Deer Trail Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-103.6916 39.2111),Limon Correctional (1-038),"(1-038) Limon Correctional Lincoln, CO"
POINT (-103.7019 38.8511),Punkin Center (1-040),"(1-040) Punkin Center Lincoln, CO"
POINT (-104.5688 39.5391),Rattlesnake (1-043),"(1-043) Rattlesnake Elbert, CO"
POINT (-105.5139 39.0503),Badger Mountain (1-045),"(1-045) Badger Mountain Park, CO"
POINT (-106.0869 39.2164),Sacramento Mountain (1-046),"(1-046) Sacramento Mountain Park, CO"
POINT (-104.4894 39.6889),Zap (1-047),"(1-047) Zap Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-104.9104 39.473),Douglas Co North Simulcast (1-052),"(1-052) Douglas Co North Simulcast Douglas, CO"
POINT (-105.4597 39.4153),Bailey (1-054),"(1-054) Bailey Park, CO"
POINT (-103.4738 39.1319),Hugo (1-063),"(1-063) Hugo Lincoln, CO"
POINT (-104.8897 39.5997),Chevron Plaza Tower (1-064),"(1-064) Chevron Plaza Tower Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-105.5447 39.7664),Bellevue Mountain (1-065),"(1-065) Bellevue Mountain Clear Creek, CO"
POINT (-105.6723 39.7231),Saxon Mountain (1-066),"(1-066) Saxon Mountain Clear Creek, CO"
POINT (-104.6746 39.8519),DIA Airport Office Building (RTD) (1-068),"(1-068) DIA Airport Office Building (RTD) Denver, CO"
POINT (-104.9371 39.8295),Commerce City (RTD) (1-069),"(1-069) Commerce City (RTD) Adams, CO"
POINT (-105.0059 39.7435),Auraria Campus (1-070),"(1-070) Auraria Campus Denver, CO"
POINT (-104.985 39.7405),State Capitol (1-071),"(1-071) State Capitol Denver, CO"
POINT (-104.4793 39.3497),Kiowa (1-072),"(1-072) Kiowa Elbert, CO"
POINT (-104.2183 39.7064),Byers (1-073),"(1-073) Byers Arapahoe, CO"
POINT (-104.2183 39.7064),Silo (1-074),"(1-074) Silo Elbert, CO"
POINT (-103.8013 39.3703),Cedar Point (1-075),"(1-075) Cedar Point Elbert, CO"
POINT (-108.2204 39.0839),Grand Mesa (2-001),"(2-001) Grand Mesa Mesa, CO"
POINT (-106.83 39.3723),Ruedi (2-002),"(2-002) Ruedi Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.6764 40.5375),Buffalo Pass (2-003),"(2-003) Buffalo Pass Routt, CO"
POINT (-108.4464 40.1635),Stadtman Mesa (2-004),"(2-004) Stadtman Mesa Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-106.2827 40.7364),Walden Air (Aircraft Only) (2-005),"(2-005) Walden Air (Aircraft Only) Jackson, CO"
POINT (-108.6248 39.9186),Cathedral Bluff (2-006),"(2-006) Cathedral Bluff Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-106.1531 39.475),Copper Mountain (2-007),"(2-007) Copper Mountain Summit, CO"
POINT (-107.3797 39.4256),Sunlight Peak (2-011),"(2-011) Sunlight Peak Garfield, CO"
POINT (-108.5006 38.8916),Whitewater (2-012),"(2-012) Whitewater Mesa, CO"
POINT (-108.05 39.4593),Parachute (2-013),"(2-013) Parachute Garfield, CO"
POINT (-106.2874 40.7368),Walden (2-015),"(2-015) Walden Jackson, CO"
POINT (-106.2874 40.7368),Vermillion Bluffs (2-016),"(2-016) Vermillion Bluffs Moffat, CO"
POINT (-108.1305 39.4325),Callahan (2-017),"(2-017) Callahan Garfield, CO"
POINT (-107.61 40.5661),Cedar Mountain (2-021),"(2-021) Cedar Mountain Moffat, CO"
POINT (-108.7481 39.0656),Black Ridge (2-022),"(2-022) Black Ridge Mesa, CO"
POINT (-108.03 40.4494),Juniper Hill (2-025),"(2-025) Juniper Hill Moffat, CO"
POINT (-107.3 39.5428),Lookout (Glenwood Springs) (2-026),"(2-026) Lookout (Glenwood Springs) Garfield, CO"
POINT (-106.1739 40.135),Grouse Mountain (2-030),"(2-030) Grouse Mountain Grand, CO"
POINT (-106.8068 40.0204),King Mountain (2-031),"(2-031) King Mountain Routt, CO"
POINT (-106.4752 39.2624),Hagerman Pass (2-032),"(2-032) Hagerman Pass Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-106.2678 39.0858),Granite (2-033),"(2-033) Granite Lake, CO"
POINT (-106.5086 39.5642),Beaver Creek (2-035),"(2-035) Beaver Creek Eagle, CO"
POINT (-107.9158 39.7194),Monument (2-036),"(2-036) Monument Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-106.6992 40.3544),Walton Peak (2-037),"(2-037) Walton Peak Routt, CO"
POINT (-107.5346 40.3514),Harper Hill (2-039),"(2-039) Harper Hill Moffat, CO"
POINT (-106.8737 39.1424),Loge Lift (2-040),"(2-040) Loge Lift Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-107.4694 40.9243),Bakers Peak (2-041),"(2-041) Bakers Peak Moffat, CO"
POINT (-109.0098 38.6447),Lees Point (2-043),"(2-043) Lees Point Mesa, CO"
POINT (-106.8528 39.7756),Castle Peak (2-047),"(2-047) Castle Peak Eagle, CO"
POINT (-107.9333 40.1958),Teepee Park (2-049),"(2-049) Teepee Park Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-106.4475 39.6162),Lower Dowd Junction (2-050),"(2-050) Lower Dowd Junction Eagle, CO"
POINT (-108.072 38.74),Delta (2-051),"(2-051) Delta Delta, CO"
POINT (-106.8124 39.2012),Aspen - Hunter Creek Water Plant (2-052),"(2-052) Aspen - Hunter Creek Water Plant Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-106.8981 39.4402),Red Table Mountain (2-053),"(2-053) Red Table Mountain Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.8287 39.6553),East Beacon (2-054),"(2-054) East Beacon Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.6725 39.7225),Wolcott (2-055),"(2-055) Wolcott Eagle, CO"
POINT (-108.6397 39.0616),Redlands (2-056),"(2-056) Redlands Mesa, CO"
POINT (-106.0675 39.6139),Lake Hill (2-057),"(2-057) Lake Hill Summit, CO"
POINT (-105.9607 39.5901),Keystone Resort (2-058),"(2-058) Keystone Resort Summit, CO"
POINT (-107.0365 39.6823),Blowout Mountain (2-059),"(2-059) Blowout Mountain Eagle, CO"
POINT (-108.225 38.8778),Mesa Point (2-060),"(2-060) Mesa Point Mesa, CO"
POINT (-108.7965 39.5994),Douglas Pass (2-064),"(2-064) Douglas Pass Garfield, CO"
POINT (-106.8209 39.1531),Aspen Mountain (2-066),"(2-066) Aspen Mountain Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-107.2821 40.5243),Hayden (2-067),"(2-067) Hayden Routt, CO"
POINT (-106.9485 39.3105),Williams Hill (2-068),"(2-068) Williams Hill Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-106.9474 39.2114),Snowmass Village (2-069),"(2-069) Snowmass Village Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-106.8514 40.8237),Farwell Mountain (2-073),"(2-073) Farwell Mountain Routt, CO"
POINT (-106.3811 39.6458),Vail (2-076),"(2-076) Vail Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.0462 39.4985),Tyrolean (2-077),"(2-077) Tyrolean Summit, CO"
POINT (-106.2839 39.6214),East Vail (2-078),"(2-078) East Vail Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.8417 40.5284),Emerald Mountain (2-081),"(2-081) Emerald Mountain Routt, CO"
POINT (-107.9381 40.0424),Lobo (2-082),"(2-082) Lobo Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-107.7767 39.5275),Rifle (2-083),"(2-083) Rifle Garfield, CO"
POINT (-107.525 39.5844),New Castle (2-084),"(2-084) New Castle Garfield, CO"
POINT (-108.7724 38.3549),Uravan (2-085),"(2-085) Uravan Montrose, CO"
POINT (-107.0931 39.3528),Crown Mountain (2-086),"(2-086) Crown Mountain Pitkin, CO"
POINT (-108.9498 40.158),Mellen Hill (2-087),"(2-087) Mellen Hill Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-107.5058 40.0447),Marvine Hill (2-088),"(2-088) Marvine Hill Rio Blanco, CO"
POINT (-108.5614 39.0378),Grand Junction Water Plant (2-089),"(2-089) Grand Junction Water Plant Mesa, CO"
POINT (-107.5578 40.5058),Craig (2-091),"(2-091) Craig Moffat, CO"
POINT (-107.5578 40.5058),Oak Creek (2-092),"(2-092) Oak Creek Routt, CO"
POINT (-108.9717 39.2163),Rabbit Valley (2-094),"(2-094) Rabbit Valley Mesa, CO"
POINT (-106.5095 39.598),Lower Beaver Creek (2-095),"(2-095) Lower Beaver Creek Eagle, CO"
POINT (-106.8011 39.7397),Beacon Hill (2-096),"(2-096) Beacon Hill Eagle, CO"
POINT (-107.2575 39.099),Marble (2-097),"(2-097) Marble Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-107.9784 39.2366),Collbran (2-098),"(2-098) Collbran Mesa, CO"
POINT (-107.1861 39.5889),Cinnamon Creek (Glenwood Canyon) (2-102),"(2-102) Cinnamon Creek (Glenwood Canyon) Garfield, CO"
POINT (-105.3278 40.6167),Buckhorn Mountain (3-013),"(3-013) Buckhorn Mountain Larimer, CO"
POINT (-104.7024 40.4317),North Greeley (3-014),"(3-014) North Greeley Weld, CO"
POINT (-104.3497 40.4856),Point of Rocks (3-015),"(3-015) Point of Rocks Weld, CO"
POINT (-103.8978 40.2444),Fort Morgan (3-016),"(3-016) Fort Morgan Morgan, CO"
POINT (-103.2644 40.1636),Akron (3-017),"(3-017) Akron Washington, CO"
POINT (-103.0325 40.6008),Reiradon Hill (3-018),"(3-018) Reiradon Hill Logan, CO"
POINT (-103.2539 39.705),Anton (3-019),"(3-019) Anton Washington, CO"
POINT (-102.6331 40.8378),Wildhorse (3-021),"(3-021) Wildhorse Sedgwick, CO"
POINT (-105.9254 40.9473),Bull Mountain (3-023),"(3-023) Bull Mountain Larimer, CO"
POINT (-103.8314 40.6075),New Raymer (3-025),"(3-025) New Raymer Weld, CO"
POINT (-103.2297 40.8919),Peetz (3-028),"(3-028) Peetz Logan, CO"
POINT (-103.6967 40.2039),Pawnee (3-029),"(3-029) Pawnee Morgan, CO"
POINT (-102.4828 39.7306),Idalia (3-031),"(3-031) Idalia Yuma, CO"
POINT (-105.335 40.0117),Betasso (3-032),"(3-032) Betasso Boulder, CO"
POINT (-105.696 40.8769),Bear Gulch (3-033),"(3-033) Bear Gulch Larimer, CO"
POINT (-102.8147 40.1431),Yuma (3-034),"(3-034) Yuma Washington, CO"
POINT (-102.2289 40.9378),Julesburg (3-035),"(3-035) Julesburg Sedgwick, CO"
POINT (-105.716 40.7704),Killpecker (3-038),"(3-038) Killpecker Larimer, CO"
POINT (-103.5894 39.7142),Last Chance (3-039),"(3-039) Last Chance Washington, CO"
POINT (-105.9984 40.0601),North Cottonwood (3-040),"(3-040) North Cottonwood Grand, CO"
POINT (-106.4401 40.004),San Toy Mountain (3-042),"(3-042) San Toy Mountain Grand, CO"
POINT (-105.9044 40.1633),Table Mountain (3-043),"(3-043) Table Mountain Grand, CO"
POINT (-102.2261 40.0542),Wray (3-044),"(3-044) Wray Yuma, CO"
POINT (-106.27 39.9281),Lake Ridge (3-046),"(3-046) Lake Ridge Grand, CO"
POINT (-105.2657 40.0096),Blue Ridge (3-048),"(3-048) Blue Ridge Grand, CO"
POINT (-105.2657 40.0096),Folsom Field (3-050),"(3-050) Folsom Field Boulder, CO"
POINT (-103.9386 40.0337),South Morgan (3-051),"(3-051) South Morgan Morgan, CO"
POINT (-105.5219 40.3594),Prospect Mountain (3-052),"(3-052) Prospect Mountain Larimer, CO"
POINT (-102.3597 40.5103),Phillips (3-053),"(3-053) Phillips Phillips, CO"
POINT (-105.1556 40.0653),Gunbarrel (3-054),"(3-054) Gunbarrel Boulder, CO"
POINT (-105.6096 39.9419),Eldora (3-055),"(3-055) Eldora Boulder, CO"
POINT (-105.1222 40.1703),Longmont (3-056),"(3-056) Longmont Boulder, CO"
POINT (-103.1781 40.6242),Sterling Correctional (3-057),"(3-057) Sterling Correctional Logan, CO"
POINT (-102.8147 40.1431),Yuma Air (Aircraft Only) (3-058),"(3-058) Yuma Air (Aircraft Only) Washington, CO"
POINT (-105.3403 40.4306),Drake (3-059),"(3-059) Drake Larimer, CO"
POINT (-105.0564 40.5717),Fort Collins (3-060),"(3-060) Fort Collins Larimer, CO"
POINT (-105.2636 40.3558),Bald North (3-061),"(3-061) Bald North Larimer, CO"
POINT (-105.1983 40.5469),Horsetooth Mountain (3-062),"(3-062) Horsetooth Mountain Larimer, CO"
POINT (-105.0709 40.3964),Loveland (3-063),"(3-063) Loveland Larimer, CO"
POINT (-104.7039 38.6408),Fountain Valley (4-011),"(4-011) Fountain Valley El Paso, CO"
POINT (-104.3233 38.9901),Calhan (4-014),"(4-014) Calhan El Paso, CO"
POINT (-105.0692 38.9864),Woodland Park (4-015),"(4-015) Woodland Park Teller, CO"
POINT (-104.9355 38.6128),Mount Pittsburg (4-018),"(4-018) Mount Pittsburg El Paso, CO"
POINT (-104.1819 38.739),Truckton (4-019),"(4-019) Truckton El Paso, CO"
POINT (-104.9267 39.1362),Swank (4-025),"(4-025) Swank Douglas, CO"
POINT (-104.8222 38.8729),Colorado Springs Simulcast (4-028),"(4-028) Colorado Springs Simulcast El Paso, CO"
POINT (-108.5741 37.3556),Cortez (5-001),"(5-001) Cortez Montezuma, CO"
POINT (-109.4622 37.8394),"Abajo Peak, UT (5-002)","(5-002) Abajo Peak, UT San Juan, UT"
POINT (-106.8616 37.0433),Chromo Mt (5-003),"(5-003) Chromo Mt Archuleta, CO"
POINT (-107.8822 38.4631),Sunset Mesa (5-005),"(5-005) Sunset Mesa Montrose, CO"
POINT (-108.5108 37.4828),Dolores (5-008),"(5-008) Dolores Montezuma, CO"
POINT (-108.2133 37.2981),La Monte Peak (5-009),"(5-009) La Monte Peak La Plata, CO"
POINT (-107.6389 38.3381),Storm King (5-010),"(5-010) Storm King Montrose, CO"
POINT (-107.7831 37.3639),Missionary (5-014),"(5-014) Missionary La Plata, CO"
POINT (-108.4031 37.9108),North Mountain (5-018),"(5-018) North Mountain San Miguel, CO"
POINT (-107.1036 37.1922),Oak Brush (5-019),"(5-019) Oak Brush Archuleta, CO"
POINT (-108.1475 37.365),Caviness (5-020),"(5-020) Caviness La Plata, CO"
POINT (-108.1475 37.365),Youngs Peak (5-021),"(5-021) Youngs Peak Delta, CO"
POINT (-107.8913 37.2626),Smelter Mountain (5-023),"(5-023) Smelter Mountain La Plata, CO"
POINT (-108.0683 38.0029),Specie Mesa (5-024),"(5-024) Specie Mesa San Miguel, CO"
POINT (-107.3991 38.438),Little Blue Creek (5-025),"(5-025) Little Blue Creek Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-106.8012 37.493),Wolf Creek Pass (5-027),"(5-027) Wolf Creek Pass Mineral, CO"
POINT (-107.7789 37.6979),Coal Bank Pass (5-028),"(5-028) Coal Bank Pass San Juan, CO"
POINT (-108.1968 38.3144),Raspberry Ridge (5-029),"(5-029) Raspberry Ridge Montrose, CO"
POINT (-107.6014 38.9278),TV Hill (5-034),"(5-034) TV Hill Delta, CO"
POINT (-107.7827 38.3309),Log Hill (5-038),"(5-038) Log Hill Ouray, CO"
POINT (-106.5889 37.7297),Pool Table Mountain (5-042),"(5-042) Pool Table Mountain Rio Grande, CO"
POINT (-106.9068 38.5248),W Mountain (5-044),"(5-044) W Mountain Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-106.8118 38.7128),Comstock (5-045),"(5-045) Comstock Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-108.6886 38.2553),Gobbler's Knob (5-046),"(5-046) Gobbler's Knob Montrose, CO"
POINT (-108.0333 37.6933),Rico (5-048),"(5-048) Rico Dolores, CO"
POINT (-107.5831 38.4592),Sheeps Knob (5-058),"(5-058) Sheeps Knob Montrose, CO"
POINT (-106.1493 37.5811),Monte Vista (5-061),"(5-061) Monte Vista Rio Grande, CO"
POINT (-107.3003 37.1009),Sandoval Mesa (5-062),"(5-062) Sandoval Mesa Archuleta, CO"
POINT (-107.2636 38.2866),Round Mountain (5-063),"(5-063) Round Mountain Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-106.9736 38.9011),Crested Butte (5-065),"(5-065) Crested Butte Gunnison, CO"
POINT (-106.9381 37.8555),Creede (5-067),"(5-067) Creede Mineral, CO"
POINT (-107.6739 37.8064),Silverton (5-070),"(5-070) Silverton San Juan, CO"
POINT (-107.5533 37.3587),Grassy Mountain (5-071),"(5-071) Grassy Mountain La Plata, CO"
POINT (-107.8337 37.9331),Coonskin Ridge (5-072),"(5-072) Coonskin Ridge San Miguel, CO"
POINT (-108.8073 37.2202),Sleeping Ute Mountain (5-074),"(5-074) Sleeping Ute Mountain Montezuma, CO"
POINT (-107.6744 38.3875),Waterdog (5-075),"(5-075) Waterdog Montrose, CO"
POINT (-108.909 37.9417),Mount Egnar (5-079),"(5-079) Mount Egnar San Miguel, CO"
POINT (-107.2683 37.9375),Hill 71 (5-080),"(5-080) Hill 71 Hinsdale, CO"
POINT (-107.6361 37.1277),Ignacio (5-090),"(5-090) Ignacio La Plata, CO"
POINT (-107.975 38.7902),Tank Hill (5-093),"(5-093) Tank Hill Delta, CO"
POINT (-104.6514 38.2769),Pueblo Simulcast (6-001),"(6-001) Pueblo Simulcast Pueblo, CO"
POINT (-106.12 38.8236),Buena Vista Correctional (6-004),"(6-004) Buena Vista Correctional Chaffee, CO"
POINT (-106.2186 38.7992),Bald Mountain South (6-015),"(6-015) Bald Mountain South Chaffee, CO"
POINT (-105.6108 38.1911),Verdemont (6-016),"(6-016) Verdemont Custer, CO"
POINT (-105.1553 38.7611),Tenderfoot II (6-017),"(6-017) Tenderfoot II Teller, CO"
POINT (-102.6188 38.0731),Lamar (6-018),"(6-018) Lamar Prowers, CO"
POINT (-106.3203 38.4972),Monarch Pass (6-020),"(6-020) Monarch Pass Chaffee, CO"
POINT (-103.3575 37.3236),Kim (6-025),"(6-025) Kim Las Animas, CO"
POINT (-102.2906 38.4837),Sheridan Lake (6-026),"(6-026) Sheridan Lake Kiowa, CO"
POINT (-102.3796 37.0749),Mt Carmel (6-027),"(6-027) Mt Carmel Baca, CO"
POINT (-102.8919 37.6753),Toonerville (6-028),"(6-028) Toonerville Bent, CO"
POINT (-102.4367 38.0347),Carlton (6-029),"(6-029) Carlton Prowers, CO"
POINT (-104.518 37.2397),Trinidad (6-031),"(6-031) Trinidad Las Animas, CO"
POINT (-105.1711 37.5119),La Veta Mountain (6-032),"(6-032) La Veta Mountain Huerfano, CO"
POINT (-104.0225 38.1803),Fowler (6-034),"(6-034) Fowler Crowley, CO"
POINT (-104.7936 37.9033),Greenhorn Hill (6-035),"(6-035) Greenhorn Hill Pueblo, CO"
POINT (-102.9808 38.3817),Haswell (6-036),"(6-036) Haswell Kiowa, CO"
POINT (-105.1678 38.709),Victor (6-037),"(6-037) Victor Teller, CO"
POINT (-104.7996 38.7886),Quail Loop (6-039),"(6-039) Quail Loop El Paso, CO"
POINT (-105.4281 37.2046),San Luis (6-040),"(6-040) San Luis Costilla, CO"
POINT (-102.649 37.3644),Springfield (6-041),"(6-041) Springfield Baca, CO"
POINT (-103.4371 37.9075),Valley (6-042),"(6-042) Valley Otero, CO"
POINT (-104.7736 37.6414),Walsenburg (6-043),"(6-043) Walsenburg Huerfano, CO"
POINT (-102.1133 37.9855),Holly (6-044),"(6-044) Holly Prowers, CO"
POINT (-106.0183 36.8594),"San Antonio Peak, NM (6-045)","(6-045) San Antonio Peak, NM Taos, NM"
POINT (-104.8653 38.7425),Cheyenne Mountain (6-048),"(6-048) Cheyenne Mountain El Paso, CO"
POINT (-105.3078 38.5156),Twin Mountain (6-049),"(6-049) Twin Mountain Fremont, CO"
POINT (-106.0108 38.4467),Methodist Mountain (6-050),"(6-050) Methodist Mountain Chaffee, CO"
POINT (-105.1853 38.0414),Deer Peak (6-051),"(6-051) Deer Peak Custer, CO"
POINT (-105.8767 37.4594),Alamosa (6-052),"(6-052) Alamosa Alamosa, CO"
POINT (-105.1964 37.6967),Sheep Mountain (6-053),"(6-053) Sheep Mountain Huerfano, CO"
POINT (-106.1325 38.1633),Saguache Peak (6-054),"(6-054) Saguache Peak Saguache, CO"
POINT (-103.1331 38.0725),Fort Lyon Correctional (6-055),"(6-055) Fort Lyon Correctional Bent, CO"
POINT (-104.2843 37.3068),Trinidad Correctional (6-056),"(6-056) Trinidad Correctional Las Animas, CO"
POINT (-104.483 37.0009),Raton Pass (6-057),"(6-057) Raton Pass Las Animas, CO"
POINT (-105.1575 38.4311),East Canyon Correctional (6-058),"(6-058) East Canyon Correctional Fremont, CO"
POINT (-105.0244 37.3406),Cordova Pass (6-059),"(6-059) Cordova Pass Las Animas, CO"
POINT (-104.9974 38.0164),12 Mile (6-060),"(6-060) 12 Mile Pueblo, CO"
POINT (-104.3442 38.2727),Pueblo Chemical Depot (6-062),"(6-062) Pueblo Chemical Depot Pueblo, CO"
POINT (-105.8203 38.3639),Coaldale (6-064),"(6-064) Coaldale Fremont, CO"
POINT (-103.5811 37.9767),La Junta (6-068),"(6-068) La Junta Otero, CO"
POINT (-103.8416 38.19),Arkansas Valley Correctional (6-069),"(6-069) Arkansas Valley Correctional Crowley, CO"
POINT (-106.0824 38.5056),Poncha Springs (6-070),"(6-070) Poncha Springs Chaffee, CO"
POINT (-104.6091 38.2544),Pueblo Air (Aircraft Only) (6-072),"(6-072) Pueblo Air (Aircraft Only) Pueblo, CO"
POINT (-104.7736 37.6414),Walsenburg Air (Aircraft Only) (6-073),"(6-073) Walsenburg Air (Aircraft Only) Huerfano, CO"
POINT (-102.8919 37.6753),Toonerville Air (Aircraft Only) (6-074),"(6-074) Toonerville Air (Aircraft Only) Bent, CO"
POINT (-105.4529 39.0649),Site on Wheels (9-999),"(9-999) Site on Wheels Statewide, CO"

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