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Baldwin County

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency

  • 155.280 WZJ574 BM North Baldwin Search and Rescue Deprecated 5/23/24

North Baldwin Sheriff's Search and Rescue

  • Possibly using MURS radios/frequencies

Municipalities and Districts

Pine Grove

  • Volunteer Fire is exclusively on Alabama Interoperable Radio System (AIRS)
  • 460.05 BM CSQ PGVFD Sta 71 Fire Station 71 FMN Fire-Tac (Deprecated 11/23) WQNS228 Licensed for paging for Bay Minette

General Information

Baldwin County is the largest county in Alabama and is roughly the size of Rhode Island. It has a diverse geography extending from the beach on the Gulf of Mexico to coastal plain and farmland to timber country in the north. Much of the area is rural - serviced by volunteer fire departments, the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, and small police departments. Notable exceptions are the popular vacation destinations of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Foley whose communities support well-funded, staffed, and equipped police and fire departments. The Eastern Shore cities of Spanish Fort, Daphne, and Fairhope also support robust police and fire departments. And, the county seat of Bay Minette has full-time police and fire departments. Emergency Medical Services are privately contracted through MedStar with the exception of Orange Beach which operates their own fire department EMS units.

Public Safety departments in Baldwin County operate on one or more of the following three radio systems:

  • Alabama Interoperable Radio System (AIRS)
  • Bay Minette, Daphne, Foley, Robertsdale (NXDN)
  • Baldwin County (conventional VHF radios)

The Radio Reference Database serves as the most up-to-date source of radio systems and frequency usage in Baldwin County and should be consulted regularly to ensure accuracy. The purpose of this page is to assist readers with a better understanding of what is being heard on their scanner.

All fire department and medical calls in Baldwin County are dispatched from the 911 Center in Robertsdale regardless of their radio system and there is a great deal of multicasting so it is common to hear calls across all three systems. Depending on the department and the nature of the call, dispatching may be heard on a single talkgroup, multiple talkgroups, or one or more of the five geographic VHF channels (North, East, South, West, or Central). Calls may include fire departments, emergency medical services, and lifeguards as well as coordination with medical helicopters.

A dispatched call will include the following:

  • Station (fire department or MedStar unit)
  • District (subsection of the fire department area if applicable)
  • Zone (fire department station where the response is needed)
  • Nature of the call
  • Address
  • Response level

The list below provides the fire department station identifiers.

Fire Department Station Identifiers

Station Department
20 Gulf Shores
21 Orange Beach
22 Oyster Bay
24 Bon Secour
28 Fort Morgan
30 Foley
31 Elberta
33 Josephine
34 Magnolia Springs
35 Perdido Beach
37 Lillian
38 Barnwell
40 Summerdale
44 Fish River / Marlow
50 Robertsdale
52 Silverhill
53 Elsanor
57 Seminole
58 Fairhope
60 Loxley
63 Ronsinton
64 Belforest
65 Styx River
66 Daphne
67 Gateswood
68 Spanish Fort
70 Bay Minette
71 Pine Grove
72 Stapleton
74 Whitehouse Forks
78 Crossroads
80 Rabun
85 Perdido
88 Stockton
90 Tensaw
91 Lottie
97 Little River

Codes and Signals

In keeping with the national trend away from radio codes and signals (see National Incident Management System), fire department and medical dispatching has largely migrated to plain language with the exception of the designation of the response level.

Response Level

  • Alpha -- Non-life threatening // Non-emergency response
  • Bravo -- Possibly life threatening // Emergency response
  • Charlie -- Life threatening // Emergency response
  • Delta -- Serious life threat // Emergency response
  • Echo -- Life status questionable // Emergency response
  • Omega -- Public assist // Non-emergency response

Similarly, law enforcement agencies have also adopted more plain language in their radio communications and this is especially prevalent in multi-department operations such as vehicle pursuits or manhunts. Within individual departments, however, radio codes may still be utilized and most follow the 10 Codes used by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency 10 Codes

  • 10-00--Given as "double zero". Officer needs all possible assistance.
  • 10-0--Use caution. Details not known.
  • 10-1--Unable to copy-change location.
  • 10-2--Signal good
  • 10-3--Stop transmitting
  • 10-4--Acknowledgement (OK)
  • 10-5--Relay (J1-Personal; J2-Property; J3-Prisoner; J-4-Papers)
  • 10-6--Busy-Unless urgent
  • 10-7--Out of service. Not subject to call.
  • 10-8--In service
  • 10-9--Repeat
  • 10-10--Out of service. Subject to call.
  • 10-11--Remain in service
  • 10-12--Stand by (Stop). Remain alert for further details.
  • 10-13--Weather & road conditions.
  • 10-14--Correct time
  • 10-15--Have in possession (J1-Personal; J2-Property; J3-Prisoner; J4-Papers)
  • 10-16--Pick up (J1-Personal; J2-Property; J3-Prisoner; J4-Papers)
  • 10-17--Urgent-Rush present detail.
  • 10-18--Any traffic for this unit or station?
  • 10-19--No traffic for your unit or station.
  • 10-20--Location?
  • 10-21--Call . . . . by telephone.
  • 10-22--Report in person to . . . .
  • 10-23--Arrived at scene
  • 10-24--Assignment completed
  • 10-25--Disregard last info or assignment.
  • 10-26--Detaining person or vehicle. (Expedite)
  • 10-27--Drivers license information
  • 10-28--Vehicle registration information
  • 10-29--Check for wanted
  • 10-30--Illegal use of radio
  • 10-31--Hit & Run (J1-Personal; J2-Property)
  • 10-32--Man with gun
  • 10-33--EMERGENCY-Maximum priority (All units & stations not involved maintain radio silence.)
  • 10-34--Tower lights
  • 10-35--Major crime alert
  • 10-36--Urgent-Use light & siren
  • 10-37--Urgent-Silent run
  • 10-38--Investigate suspicious vehicle. (J1-Occupied; J2-Unoccupied)
  • 10-39--Stopping suspicious vehicle
  • 10-40--Stolen vehicle
  • 10-41--Beginning tour of duty
  • 10-42--Ending tour of duty
  • 10-43--Complete present assignment quickly
  • 10-44--Permission to leave patrol area
  • 10-45--Off day
  • 10-46--Assist motorist
  • 10-47--Emergency road repairs needed
  • 10-48--Need assistance. (NOT 00 or 10-33)
  • 10-49--Traffic light out
  • 10-50--Accident. (F-Fatal; PI-Personal Injury; PD-Property Damage; S-State Vehicle)
  • 10-51--Wrecker needed
  • 10-52--Ambulance needed
  • 10-53--Road blocked
  • 10-54--Livestock on highway. (J1-Live stock; J2-Carcass)
  • 10-55--Intoxicated driver
  • 10-56--Intoxicated pedestrian
  • 10-57--Crime in progress
  • 10-58--Direct traffic
  • 10-59--Convoy or escort
  • 10-60--Attempt to contact
  • 10-61--Return to . . . . .
  • 10-62--Reply to message
  • 10-63--Prepare to make written copy
  • 10-64--Message for local delivery
  • 10-65--Radio log number
  • 10-66--Message, dispatch, or assignment cancellation
  • 10-67--Prepare to submit activity report
  • 10-68--Dispatch information
  • 10-69--Car to car clearance
  • 10-70--Fire alarm. (F-Forest; H-house; V-Vehicle)
  • 10-71--Report progress on fire
  • 10-72--Meet complainant
  • 10-73--Supervisor needed
  • 10-74--Intoximeter operator needed
  • 10-75--Photographer needed
  • 10-76--Investigator needed
  • 10-77--Narcotics agent needed
  • 10-78--Notify coroner
  • 10-79--In contact with . . . . .
  • 10-80--D.C.G. (Disaster Control Group)
  • 10-81--Squad in vicinity
  • 10-82--Reserve lodging
  • 10-83--Cancel reservations
  • 10-84--En route
  • 10-85--Will be late
  • 10-86--Missing person
  • 10-87--E.T.A. (Estimated Time of Arrival)
  • 10-88--Present telephone number of . . . . .
  • 10-89--Dead person
  • 10-90--Alarm
  • 10-91--Unnecessary use of radio
  • 10-92--Murder
  • 10-93--Blockade (Road block)
  • 10-94--Drag racing
  • 10-95--Reckless driving
  • 10-96--Mental person
  • 10-97--Civil disturbance (A-Racial; B-Teenagers; C-Crowd Gathering; D-Fighting)
  • 10-98--Prison or jail break
  • 10-99--Records indicate wanted or stolen (A-Felony; B-Misdemeanor)
  • 10-100--Hot pusuit
  • 10-100A--Attempting to outrun patrol car

Radio Systems in Baldwin County

Public Safety

Listening to AIRS in Baldwin County

Listening to the Bay Minette, Daphne, Foley, Robertsdale System

Business / Utility / Private

Gulf State Park (Gulf Shores)

For more info, see Alabama Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

  • 159.360 155.3175 WQRK595 RM CC 1 TG 1 SL 2 Gulf St Park D (Former) Operations DMR Deprecated (Former Use/Testing)
  • 159.360 155.3175 WQRK595 RM 431 DPL Gulf St Park Campground Security/Operations FMN Public Works (still in use 2024)

Federal / Military

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