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New name Old name Moto id Description TGID
10A1 F/E Main 801065 Fire Ems Dispatch 17040
10A2 TAC 1 201066 Ems Tac 17056
10A3 TAC 2 801067 Fire Tactical 17072
10A4 TAC 3 801068 Fire Tactical 17096
10A5 TAC 4 801069 Water Supply 17072
10A6 TAC 5 801070 M/A Fire Tac 17072

Charles County utilizes a Motorola Trunking Radio System for Fire, EMS, Sheriff's Office, Public Works, VanGO and other county services.

Fire/EMS Dispatch

Fire and EMS are dispatched using 155.085MHz WNCB949 . This dispatch channel is also simulcasted on the 800 MHz TRS using talkgroup 17040 10A1 Dispatch Main.

Fire/EMS Tactical Talkgroup Usage

Charles County utilizes 8 talkgroups for Fire and EMS. After being dispatched, units move to their assigned tactical channel for operations. County 911 monitors all tactical channels. Usually EMS calls share 10A2 while 10A3 formerly Tac 2 and 10A4 formerly Tac 3 are generally for fires, HAZMAT, rescue, and other larger incidents. 10A5 is used for Water Supply sometimes, 10A6 is used for Patched talkgroups weither via RIN's or 8 National Tac and Calling Channels.

10prefix NEW- Prior- User

  • 10A2 -Tac 1- EMS
  • 10A3 -Tac 2- Fire/Rescue
  • 10A4 -Tac 3- Fire/Rescue
  • 10A5 -Tac 4- Fire/Rescue
  • 10A6 -Tac 5- Fire/Rescue
  • 10A7 -Tac 6- Fire/Rescue
  • 10A8 -Tac 7- Fire/Rescue

Law Enforcement Talkgroup Usage

Sheriff's Office

The are two main dispatch talkgroups and 2 special talkgroups Laplata is 16464 (D1) and Waldorf is 16496(D3) . There are Tac talkgroups that are used sporadically as most of the traffic occurs on main.

Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police utilizes talkgroup 18592 as part of their communications system with Low-Band still inside the cars on their mobiles.

Fire/EMS Paging Frequency

The existing paging system frequency (155.0850) has been licensed for paging.


According to a "slow growth" request letter, Charles County is planning for a new Motorola P-25 Phase II TRS in the next 15 years. They've already had the talk.


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Scanner Band Plan Settings

Note that since this system has digital talkgroups, analog-only trunktrackers like the Pro-162 are not considered here. A digital trunktracker is required to copy the non-encrypted digital talkgroups.


Uniden Scanners
  • For the scanners that have pre-loaded databases (Home Patrol 1 and 2, x36HP series), insure that you have the latest version of the database and your favorites are up to date
  • For all others, see the Software Support for Uniden Rebanding article

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