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Dodge County, Wisconsin
County Seat Juneau
MABAS Division 129
WSP District DeForest
WISDOT District Southeast
DNR Enforcement District South Central
FBI Division Milwaukee
FBI Resident Agency
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County Map


County Police Codes

Dodge county uses the Expanded APCO 10 Codes, however you will occasionally hear a Code-xx announced, these are for specific actions that are being taken or that have happened.

Code Usage
1 Refueling
3 Open Garage Door
4 Close Garage Door
5 Stop Sticks or Spikes
7 Lunch Break
9 Out of Service
10 Drunk Driver
11 At Station
12 In Contact with _____
14 Warrant Service
20 Burglary
23 Car/Deer Accident
100 Narcotics

Unit Numbering

Law Enforcement

  1- 99  County Government Agencies
101-199  Sheriff Administration (101 Sheriff)
201-210  Sheriff Detectives
211-239  Sheriff Patrol Deputies
251-269  Sheriff Dispatchers
280-289  Sheriff Deputies
290-299  Medical Examiner
301-319  Mayville PD
321-339  Horicon PD
341-349  Lomira PD
361-369  Fox Lake PD
371-378  Juneau PD
379-399  Waupun PD
400-498  Village and Town PDs
500-599  Beaver Dam PD
600-699  Sheriff Transport Officers & Explorers
700-799  Sheriff Jailers
900-999  Dodge County Emergency Response Team

Fire and EMS

11xx Ashippun FD
12xx Beaver Dam FD
13xx Allenton FD
14xx Brownsville FD
15xx Burnett FD
16xx Hartford FD
17xx CLR Fire-Rescue (was Clyman FD)
18xx Fox Lake
19xx Horicon FD
21xx Hustisford FD
22xx Iron Ridge FD
23xx Juneau FD
24xx Kekoskee FD
25xx Knowles FD
26xx Lebanon FD
27xx Lomira FD
28xx CLR Fire-Rescue (was Lowell FD)
29xx Mayville FD
30xx Lifestar EMS
31xx Neosho FD
32xx Randolph FD
33xx CLR Fire-Rescue (was Reeseville FD)
34xx Theresa FD
35xx was Waupun FD
36xx Western Lakes FD
37xx Columbus FD
39xx Waterloo FD
41xx Dodge County HazMat Team

xx01       Fire Chief
xx02       Assistant Fire Chief
xx03-xx44  Fire Dept Personnel
xx45-xx49  Emergency Management
xx50-xx59  Ambulances/First Responders and Personnel
xx60-xx69  Engines
xx71       Ladder Truck
xx72-xx79  Misc. Vehicles
xx81       Grass Truck
xx82-xx89  Utility Trucks
xx90-xx99  Tenders

Public Works

5101-5109	Town of Ashippun
5111-5119	Town of Burnett
5121-5129	Town of Calamus
5131-5139	Town of Chester
5141-5149	Town of Emmet
5151-5159	Town of Fox Lake
5161-5169	Town of Hubbard
5171-5179	Town of Lebanon
5181-5189	Town of Leroy
5191-5199	Town of Lomira
5211-5209	Town of Lowell
5221-5229	Town of Rubicon
5231-5239	Town of Theresa
5241-5249	Town of Trenton
5251-5259	Town of Beaver Dam
5301-5319	Village of Hustisford
5321-5339	Village of Iron Ridge
5341-5359	Village of Lomira
5361-5379	Village of Randolph
5401-5499	City of Beaver Dam
5501-5599	City of Fox Lake
5601-5699	City of Horicon
5701-5799	City of Juneau
5801-5899	City of Mayville
5901-5999	City of Waupun

Pager Tones

Dodge County does not have IFERN paging capability on their dispatch consoles. They have recently added a MABAS All-Call page to the pagers, which is paged out on the normal paging channel.

Fire & EMS Paging on 154.445MHz
Department Tone A Tone B Department Tone A Tone B
MABAS All Call 1087 704 Ashippun Fire 1094 1128
Beaver Dam EMS 879.1 616.6 Beaver Dam Fire 619 619
Beaver Dam Off-Duty 584 619 Brownsville Fire 976 1257
Burnett Fire Clyman Fire
Fox Lake EMS 1878 1783 Fox Lake Fire
Horicon EMS 958 1830 Horicon Fire
Hustisford Fire 927 927 Iron Ridge Fire 656 681
Juneau EMS 583 1603 Juneau Fire
Kekoskee Fire 897 1060 Lomira EMS 1396 1281
Lomira Fire 1396 1257 Lebanon EMS 958 976
Lebanon Fire Lowell Fire 1149 1396
Mayville EMS 1396 1357 Mayville Fire 1359 1359
Neosho Fire 583 1008 Randolph EMS 1646 1518
Randolph Fire Reseseville Fire 1150 1220
Theresa Fire 977 584

Here is the link to the Dodge County Fire Association webpage, the local MABAS box cards are listed here. Dodge County Fire Association

P25 Radio IDs

1430000 Dodge County PSAP
67530XX's Lifestar EMS
81001XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81011XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81101XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81111XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81201XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81211XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
82XXXXX's Wisconsin DNR
8721XXX's Waupun Correctional Institution (K21)
8724XXX's Fox Lake Correctional Institution (K24)
8728XXX's Dodge Correctional Institution (K28)
8783XXX's John C. Burke Correctional Center (K83)
878399X's John C. Burke Correctional Center (K83) bases
9901XXX's National Weather Service
9901100 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
9901101 National Weather Service-Sullivan Weather Forecasting Office
???????'s Agnesian Health-Waupun
???????'s Beaver Dam Community Hospital
???????'s Beaver Dam (City) PD
???????'s Beaver Dam (Town) PD
???????'s Brownsville PD
???????'s Clyman PD
???????'s Dodge County Sheriff's Office
???????'s Emmet PD
???????'s Fox Lake (City) PD
???????'s Fox Lake (Town) PD
???????'s Horicon PD
???????'s Hustisford PD
???????'s Iron Ridge PD
???????'s Juneau PD
???????'s Lomira PD
???????'s Lowell PD
???????'s Mayville PD
???????'s Neosho-Ashippun-Rubicon PD
???????'s Reeseville PD
???????'s Theresa PD
???????'s US Fish & Wildlife Service (possibly 95XXXXX's?)
???????'s Watertown PD
???????'s Watertown DPW
???????'s Watertown Regional Medical Center
???????'s Waupun PD

Trunked Radio Systems

Suggested Scanning


Frequency Tone Usage
155.745 141.9 PL Countywide Police Disp.
154.785 69.3 PL Sheriff Dispatch
154.445 107.2 PL Fire/EMS Paging
154.325 79.7 PL Fire Dispatch

Watertown (city)