Kiehin IPT Manufacturing

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Keihin IPT Manufacturing TRS
System Name Keihin IPT Manufacturing
System Type LTR Standard
System ID N/A
Connect Tone N/A
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code N/A
TRBO Color Code
Band UHF
Ownership Private
FCC License WPTQ597
City Greenfield
County Hancock
State Indiana

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Welcome to the Keihin IPT Manufacturing collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Hancock County, Indiana.
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System Informations

The Greenfield plant makes fuel injection parts.

The radio system is licensed to Keihin IPT through Emergency Radio Systems.

System Frequencies

Frequencies Used and LCN (Confirmed)Site 1 Fixed Antenna on top of the plant 451.7750 03 451.9500 07 452.0000 11 452.1750 15 464.4375 19

Frequencies used for Site 2 which are mobile/portable units 451.7750 451.9500 452.0000 452.1750 452.2000 452.2250 456.7750 456.9500 457.0000 457.1750 457.2000 457.2250 464.4375 469.4375

Backup simplex channel 452.200 452.225

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