Montana Statewide Interoperable Public Safety Radio System

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameMontana Statewide Interoperable Public Safety Radio System
OwnersState Agencies
Montana Highway Patrol

Beaverhead, Cascade, Deer Lodge, Flathead, Gallatin, Hill, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Lincoln, Missoula, Phillips, Pondera, Sanders, Toole, Valley

Anaconda, Lewistown
Owner TypePublic
Countiesstatewide / all
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WQDL357, WQDS863, WQDV426, WQDZ358, WQEC235, WQEM819, WQFB536, WQFV948, WQGI391, WQGK736, WQGP514, WQGX641, WQGX779, WQGZ792, WQGZ793, WQHE228, WQHJ818, WQHP993, WQHQ944, WQHR894, WQHS388, WQHS742, WQHX496, WQIF356, WQIL681, WQIN854, WQIQ395, WQIU357, WQJK491, WQJN981, WQJT946, WQJU950, WQJX292, WQKA476, WQKA955, WQKB844, WQKC204, WQMK540, WQSR663

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns
WQBK450, WQBK855, WQDU602, WQDW623, WQFS502, WQGY929, WQHA213, WQHA652, WQIX822, WQJJ766, WQJN982, WQRL916

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System Notes

This system is currently going on line in Lewis and Clark County as a Test Bed for what will eventually be the Montana Statewide APCO 25 Trunked System. Most local, county, and state law enforcement agencies will be operating on this system. The Lewis and Clark County system will include Lewis and Clark County Sheriff, Helena Police Department, East Helena Police Department, and various Montana Highway Patrol units. It will eventually be expanded to cover the entire state.
The Lewis and Clark County System consists of 5 tower sites with 3 or more VHF channels in use at each.

Site 6 may not currently be in the trunked system but is scheduled to be.

Stonewall will have a 1 channel P-25 Analog/Conventional Repeater. It will be taled to from the Belmont site that will have a remote base on this channel connected to it's 3 channel trunk system.
Sunset will be a 3 channel trunked P-25

Augusta will be a 1 channel P-25 analog/conventional repeater. It will be talked to from a remote base located on Sunset and tied into the sunset trunked system/microwave.

Hedges will also be a stand alone repeater with a remote base from Hogback talking to it.

System Users

Toole County

  • Toole County Sheriffs Office

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