Supreme Radio Communications (East Peoria)

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Private Trunked Radio System

NameSupreme Radio Communications (East Peoria)
OwnerSupreme Radio Communications, Inc.
Owner TypePrivate
CountiesTazewell, Woodford, Peoria
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type IIi Hybrid
Connect Tone128.57
P25 NACn/a

FCC Callsign(s)

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Welcome to the Supreme Radio Communications (East Peoria) collaboration article, a Multi-County Private Trunked Radio System located in Tazewell, Woodford, Peoria Counties, Illinois, United States.
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Supplemental Notes

Identified Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
272  011  taxi 272  taxi company 
528  021  trucking528  trucking company 
720  02d  trucking720  trucking company 
2064  081  ag 2064  agricultural plant ops 
4176  105  Peoria City  Peoria City - private use (possibly city manager) 
25664  644  trash 25664  garbage company 
27712  6c4  snow 27712  snow plows 
35025  88d  trash 35025  garbage company 
35040  88e  trash 35040  garbage company 
35104  892  trash 35104  garbage company 
35120  893  trash 35120  garbage company 
35168  896  trash 35168  garbage company 
35184  897  trash 35814  garbage company 
49424  c11  Am Peo/Pek 1  Ameren: Peoria/Pekin 
50064  c39  Am Peo/Pek 2  Ameren: Peoria/Pekin 
50096  c3b  Am Peo/Pek 3  Ameren: Peoria/Pekin 
57328  dff  AMT Peoria2  EMS: Peoria 2 

Unidentified Talkgroups (and notes)

  • 9999 ____ company

  • Ameren talkgroups and the City Of Peoria Manager talkgroup is no longer in use.

Radio ID's (RIDs/UIDs)

  • 49621 AMT unit on TG52800 (1/7/15)

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