Charter Buses

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Charter Bus Frequencies

  • Charter buses are a great source of information for travel conditions (ex. weather, traffic delays, etc). If you're taking a bus trip and want to listen in...

Confirmed Frequencies

Burlington Trailways (Headquarters: West Burlington, IA)

Frequency Tone Callsign Notes
463.5500 DCS134 KNDX831 (simplex: nationwide; repeater: heard in West Burlington, IA)

Peoria Charter Coach (Headquarters: Peoria, IL)

Frequency Tone Callsign Notes
464.0750 DCS654 WNGG615 (simplex: used throughout the U.S. for bus-to-bus communications)
456.8125 173.8 PL

Lamers Bus Lines (Headquarters: Green Bay, WI)

Frequency Tone Callsign Notes
151.6250 PL 210.7 WPBR374 (simplex: Nationwide, bus-to-bus communications)

Van Galder Bus Company - Coach USA (Headquarters: Janesville, WI)

  • 451.6375(D023) used for simplex bus-to-bus communications

FCC Licenses:

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