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Public Trunked Radio System

NameSTARCOM21 Statewide Illinois
OwnersState Agencies
Illinois State, Illinois Cooperative dba Clear Talk

Du Page, Effingham, Grundy, Lake, Lee, McHenry, McLean, Madison

Decatur, DeKalb, Effingham, Freeport, Joliet, Springfield

Ameren Services Company, Pace Suburban Bus Service of the RTA

Owner TypePublic
StatesIllinois, Iowa
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase II

FCC Callsign(s)
KNNK867, KUO985, WNFQ712, WNKZ536, WNSS257, WPFF638, WPFF639, WPHN431, WPHS867, WPKW428, WPLR422, WPMV426, WPPA939, WPTZ798, WPUE331, WQAH919, WQAH920, WQAJ442, WQAZ296, WQAZ297, WQAZ301, WQBA363, WQBA367, WQBU915, WQBU917, WQBU918, WQBV381, WQBV728, WQBV729, WQBV730, WQBV731, WQBV759, WQBW852, WQBY294, WQBY332, WQBY659, WQCE613, WQCE614, WQCE615, WQCE616, WQCE617, WQCE618, WQCE619, WQCE887, WQCE888, WQCE890, WQCE891, WQCE893, WQCF257, WQCF611, WQCF927, WQCH641, WQCK437, WQCK458, WQCK467, WQCK827, WQCK972, WQCL731, WQCQ871, WQCQ941, WQCR916, WQCS280, WQCS843, WQCT407, WQCT761, WQCT945, WQCV211, WQCW207, WQCW249, WQCX280, WQCX387, WQCX408, WQCX725, WQCZ741, WQCZ742, WQDB543, WQDB972, WQDB973, WQDB974, WQDB975, WQDB977, WQDB980, WQDB983, WQDB984, WQDB985, WQDB986, WQDB987, WQDB989, WQDB990, WQDB991, WQDB992, WQDB993, WQDB997, WQDB999, WQDC200, WQDC201, WQDC202, WQDC310, WQDC312, WQDC313, WQDC314, WQDC315, WQDC318, WQDC319, WQDC325, WQDC327, WQDC331, WQDC332, WQDC334, WQDC335, WQDC336, WQDC337, WQDC344, WQDC346, WQDC347, WQDC350, WQDC351, WQDC353, WQDC356, WQDC357, WQDC358, WQDC374, WQDC375, WQDC377, WQDC378, WQDC380, WQDC439, WQDE395, WQDE396, WQDE401, WQDE405, WQDE408, WQDE410, WQDE612, WQDE615, WQDF391, WQDF425, WQDF951, WQDF965, WQDF966, WQDF986, WQDF987, WQDF990, WQDF991, WQDF994, WQDF995, WQDF996, WQDG570, WQDG572, WQDG893, WQDH526, WQDK722, WQDM709, WQDY915, WQDY935, WQDY951, WQDY953, WQFB931, WQFB935, WQFC654, WQFC655, WQFC658, WQFG434, WQFG436, WQFG438, WQFG453, WQFG455, WQFG460, WQFH217, WQFH218, WQFH219, WQFH220, WQFH221, WQFH222, WQFJ266, WQFL430, WQFL431, WQFL741, WQFM341, WQFM342, WQFM538, WQFM539, WQFM541, WQFM542, WQFM567, WQFM636, WQFQ592, WQIU451, WQIU452, WQIU453, WQIU454, WQIU455, WQIU879, WQIV595, WQIV687, WQIV785, WQIV786, WQIV788, WQIX547, WQJC405, WQJE480, WQJR536, WQJZ345, WQKQ642, WQKS907, WQKW733, WQLC406, WQLC959, WQLD338, WQLD649, WQLD666, WQLD702, WQLD705, WQLF813, WQLR414, WQMF378, WQMI818, WQMI957, WQMM933, WQMM934, WQMN292, WQMN293, WQMN771, WQMN772, WQMY464, WQNW595, WQNW633, WQOF258, WQOF260, WQPJ963, WQPQ473, WQPZ370, WQPZ371, WQQD814, WQQE904, WQRC400, WQRC405, WQRD266, WQRP739, WQRP740, WQRP741, WQRU310, WQTS478, WQTT802, WQWG813, WQWX320, WQWX459, WQWY303, WQXD460

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns
KNBG980, KNJU694, WPDR768, WPKY604, WPUJ269, WPXC480, WPYD278, WQBK382, WQCQ550, WQFU332, WQFU337, WQFU338, WQFZ353, WQGI692, WQGI694, WQGI699, WQGI814, WQGI815, WQGI819, WQGZ352, WQGZ353, WQIM662, WQIZ942, WQJS829, WQJZ890, WQKA379, WQKA569, WQKB984, WQKF518, WQPH298, WQPH299, WQTD218, WRQV326,

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Welcome to the STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois collaboration article, a Multi-State Public Trunked Radio System located in Illinois, Iowa, United States.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

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Starcom21 is the Statewide Motorola Project 25 TRS in Illinois for public safety radio communications. The purpose of this page is to provide supplemental information to the Starcom21 page.

Radio IDs (RIDs) / User IDs (UIDs)

Feel free to add any RIDs to the lists below, using the current format.

Unidentified/Unconfirmed Talk Group IDs (TGIDS)

Site/Tower Google Map

This may prove I have too much time on my hands, but I have taken all of the information from the CARMA profile and plotted all the transmit sites for StarCom using the "my maps" feature of Google Maps. Anyone wanting to check it out can go here: Link

A few things about the map:

  • After plugging in the coordinates for each site on the map I tried to locate the exact tower or structure used by a combination of satellite view, street view, and in some cases switching to Microsoft's Bing Maps for their Birds Eye view. If it still wasn't exactly clear I made a guess usually just putting the mark where the lat/lon coordinates landed me.
  • Pushpins are used for single site locations, blue for the north zone, green for central, and purple for south.
  • The "balloon" type pins are used on all simulcast sites, with different colors for each site.
  • At this time I included the county owned sites that use the same technology as StarCom including McHenry County (all of these being co-located with StarCom sites), Champaign's MDICE, and the St. Clair County system. My only regret doing this is that with all these sites included Google shows two separate pages for the sites, so not all of them are visible at one time on the map. I'm debating whether to take these sites out and make the map strictly StarCom so all the sites show up at once.

Google allows anyone with a Google account to make changes to the map, however I have it set up to only allow those that I invite to make the changes. If anyone is interested in helping to maintain the map or make corrections or additions to it, send me your e-mail address and I will add your name to the list. If you notice any errors either in locations of towers or the control channels listed and don't have a Google account or don't want to mess with the map, e-mail me and I will be glad to make the corrections.

Comments, praise, and even criticisms are welcome. -Mike McGowan - K9JPM

New StarCom21 tower map (Click here) - The above map has become outdated; I've attempted to reach the map owner to offer help to update the map, have not gotten a response. I have created a map that display updated and current tower locations for 8 digital systems within the state. Last update to the map for each system is in the description of the map. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please feel free to contact me. Enjoy! - Isaiah (LtgInrage)

For a printable map of tower sites, click the image below:
Starcom21 Site Numbers Map in Decimal Format - Click image to view in full

Old Sites

Site Name County Freqs                                                                        
3 (3) 905 (389) Belleville [OFF AIR - was 3-005] St. Clair 851.33750 851.86250c 852.38750a 852.91250a
3 (3) 925 (39D) Edwardsville/SIUE [OFF AIR - was 3-025] Madison 851.25000 851.83750 852.11250c 852.77500a 853.66250a 853.98750 854.01250
858.33750 860.33750
3 (3) 953 (3B9) Caseyville [OFF AIR - was 3-053] St. Clair 774.05625 774.28125c 774.59375a 774.81875a
3 (3) 955 (3BB) Godfrey/Alton [OFF AIR - was 3-055] Madison 851.35000a 851.87500c 852.40000a 852.66250 853.08750 858.21250
3 (3) 999 (3E7) Mascoutah [OFF AIR - was 3-001] St. Clair 774.78125 775.34375c 775.55625a 775.80625a 855.16250 859.33750
3 (3) 999 (3E7) East St. Louis [OFF AIR 11/12 - was 3-023] St. Clair 851.83750 852.36250c 852.88750a 853.98750a 858.33750

Who is currently using Starcom21 (Needs finished updating) <- Subscriber List State Entities

  • Illinois State Police
  • Secretary of State
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Corrections
  • Illinois Toll Highway Authority (ITHA)
  • Department of Military Affairs
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF)
    • Provided 2,500 radios to governmental agencies - State, County, Municipal, Fire, Police, Public Health, First Responder task forces, and groups
  • Department Natural Resources
  • Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Office of the Inspector Genral
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agencie (IEMA)
  • State Fire Marshall
  • Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
  • Department of Public Health
  • Illinois Attorney Genral

State Universities

  • Northern Illinois
  • Illinois State
  • Southern Illinois
  • University of Illinois
  • Eastern Illinois

Municipal Users

Adams County

  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Health Department
  • Sheriffs Department
  • Quincy PD

Boone County

  • Boone County Sheriff's Department
  • Belvidere Police

Cook County

  • Cook County Sheriff
  • numerous municipal police departments within the county
  • Advocate Christ Medical Center

DuPage County

  • DuPage County
  • DuPage County Sheriff
  • virtually every municipal police and fire department within the county

Fulton County

  • Fulton County Sheriff
  • Canton Police Department
  • Dunfermline Police Department
  • Farmington Police Department
  • Lewistown Police Department
  • Fairview Police Department
  • Avon Police Department
  • Canton Park District Police
  • Fulton County ESDA
  • Fulton County Highway Department
  • Fulton County EMA (currently patched)
  • Canton Fire Department (patch)

Henry County

  • Henry County Sheriff (rural PD's still use VHF)

Knox County

  • Abingdon Police

Lee County

  • Lee County Sheriff (however mostly uses 154.785)

Livingston County

  • LivComm 911
  • Sheriffs Department
  • Health Department
  • Livingston PD
  • Probatation

Logan County

  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Health Department
  • Logan-Trivoli FPD

Macon County

  • Macon County Sheriff's Department
  • Decatur Police Department
  • Long Creek Fire

Madison County

  • Madison County Sheriff's Department & Jail
  • Madison County Coroner's Office
  • Glen Carbon Police Department
  • Hamel Police Department
  • Madison Police Department
  • Maryville Police Department
  • Troy Police Department
  • Granite City Police Department

McHenry County

  • Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Department
  • Algonquin PD

McLean County

  • Illinois State University (ISU) PD
  • McLean County Sheriff (and all Rural PD's in McLean County)
  • McLean County Animal Control; Juvenile Detention Center; County Courthouse Security
  • Normal Police
  • Normal Fire

Mercer County

  • Aledo Fire

Peoria County

  • Advance Medical Transport of Central Illinois

Sagamon County

  • Loami Police

St. Clair County

  • St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department
  • St. Clair County Highway Department
  • St. Clair County ESDA
  • Memorial Hospital in Belleville
  • “MetroLink” regional light rail transit and bus system
  • Scott Air Force Base
  • MidAmerica Airport
  • Coroner, Public Health Department, State’s Attorney, Probation Department, Housing Inspectors
  • Public Defender, Detention Center, Animal Control, Mental Health Board
  • Millstadt Police, Fire, EMS
  • Summerfield Police
  • Marissa Police
  • Fayetteville Police
  • Mascoutah Police, EMS
  • Shiloh Police
  • Stookey Township (Road Maintenance)
  • Fairview Heights Police, Fire
  • O'Fallon Police, Fire, EMS
  • Fairmont City Police, Fire
  • New Athens Fire
  • Midway Fire
  • East Carondelet Police
  • Marissa Fire
  • Church Road Fire
  • Lenzburg Fire
  • Camp Jackson Fire
  • Lebanon Police, Fire
  • Brooklyn Police, Fire
  • Prairie DuPont Fire
  • Golden Garden Fire
  • Villa Hills Fire
  • Fayetteville Fire
  • St. Libory Fire
  • French Village Fire
  • Washington Park Police Department ("Willie"/"William" units on TG7024

Will County

  • Plainfield Police Department
  • Romeoville Police Department
  • Lockport Police
  • Lockport Township FPD

Winnebago County

  • Rockford Police Department
  • Loves Park Police

Others Users

  • Ameren Utility Company (AmerenIP, AmerenCIPS, AmerenUE)
  • Ameren uses 800 MHz voice channels on 700 MHz control channel sites.
  • Statewide Ameren Mobile License WNQJ842

Illinois State Police
The Illinois State Police (ISP) is using the Starcom21 TRS as its primary means of communication. VHF may be used infrequently as an alternate channel in some districts. 155.4750 ISPERN is still in use.

  • ISP District Chicago as of 9/18/07
  • ISP District 1 (Sterling) as of 9/6/2007
  • ISP District 2 (Elgin) as of ?/?/2007
  • ISP District 5 (Joliet) as of late August 2007
  • ISP District 6 (Pontiac) as of 8/14/2007
  • ISP District 7 (Rock Island) as of 8/23/2007
  • ISP District 8 (Peoria) as of 8/16/2007
  • ISP District 9 (Springfield) as of 8/2/2007
  • ISP District 10 (Pesotum) as of 8/9/2007
  • ISP District 11 (Collinsville) as of 7/24/2007
  • ISP District 12 (Effingham) as of 7/27/2007
  • ISP District 13 (DuQuoin) as of ?April 2007
  • ISP District 14 (Macomb) as of 8/21/2007
  • ISP District 15 (Chicago Tollways-Oakbrook) as of ?9/2007
  • ISP District 16 (Rockford) 9/11/2007
  • ISP District 17 (La Salle) as of August 28, 2007
  • ISP District 18 (Litchfield) as of 7/31/2007
  • ISP District 19 (Carmi) as of ?April 2007
  • ISP District 20 (Pittsfield) as of 8/?/2007
  • ISP District 21 (Ashkum) as of 9/4/2007
  • ISP District 22 (Ullin) as of ?April 2007

For Starcom21 Pro96com identified radio id's and Pro96com files, see below

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