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Welcome to the Sentinel for the Home Patrol 1 and 2 article. Please list tips, tricks, issues (and resolutions) here

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Where Can I Get the Software?

HomePatrol Sentinel

  1. May need to Run As Administrator under Windows

Operations Issues and Fixes

  • I cant get Sentinel to open / start
    • Follow these steps
  1. Be sure Sentinel is not running.
  2. In Windows Explorer, look for this folder on your computer: C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Uniden
  3. In that folder, you will see a sub-folder that begins with "HomePatrol_Sentinel.exe_Url_"
  4. Delete that entire sub-folder (it contains the "user.config" file).... be sure you are deleting that specific folder.
  5. Re-start Sentinel... When Sentinel starts, it will re-write a new folder to replace the one that you deleted, and a fresh "user.config" file will be in that folder. That folder does not get deleted when you un-install Sentinel, so if the "user.config" file in there is corrupted, it will still be there when you re-install Sentinel.

  • I got an error trying to install under Win10 saying that Net framework 2.0 is required
    • Go to Settings / Apps / Apps and Features then look at the right for Related Pages.
    • Select Programs and Features
    • Look for Turn Windows Features On or Off on the left. Selections for .net framework should be at or near the top
    • If you need to install .net framework, see this page

Conventional Issues and Fixes

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