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Pages: Templates-List: General Use Only, Infobox-Related, Categories-Related, Sets of Related Pages, Doc.

Template Documentation

  • Templates are documented either in the template itself (when the template is short and simple), or in a "/doc" sub-page. The "/doc" sub-page link will be found at the bottom of the template, and will be the template's name with "/doc" appended to it (without quotes). Example: Template:Cat_State's documentation is located at: Template:Cat_State/doc

Templates List

  • Template-names have been chosen with the purpose of them sorting alphabetically in such a way that templates with similar purposes will naturally sort together in the list.

What to Consider When Creating or Documenting a Template

Template Name Selection

  • Template Names must be chosen with these ideas in mind:
    • Template Names should be short and concise, not long and verbose. Abbreviations are often appropriate.
    • Template Names should clearly reflect the purpose of the template.
    • Template Names should be chosen so that they sort together with similar-purpose templates.
    • Template Names should follow the standard naming convention so that the name begins with a broader description and ends with a more specific description
      • Example: Cat_StateFireSvcsFreq
        • Cat = the template is related to the Wiki's categories
        • State = the template is related to state-specific categories
        • FireSvcs = the template is related to state-specific fire-services categories
        • Freq = the template is related to state-specific fire-services categories that list frequencies.

Template Documentation Style

  • Template Documentation will vary based upon Template-Type.
    • A "Text..." template which uses no parameters, and only displays boilerplate text, probably will only require brief documentation at the bottom of the template itself.
    • An "InfoBox..." template which uses several parameters, will likely deserve a separate "/doc" sub-page so that the template's documentation does not clutter and oversize the template itself.

Template Documentation Content

  • What to Include in the Template Documentation:
    • Template's Name
    • Template's Purpose -- give a clear but concise explanation
    • Template's Parameters, if any are used
      • Parameter Name
      • Parameter Description, if Parameter Name is not perfectly clear
      • Expected Value(s) of the parameter -- this includes unspecified, specified with no value, and specific expected values
      • Default Value of the parameter, if default value is used
      • Is a parameter-value required?

How to Document a Short Simple Template

How to Document a Template using a "/doc" Sub-Page

Pages: Templates-List: General Use Only, Infobox-Related, Categories-Related, Sets of Related Pages, Doc.