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InfoBox project related:



Tasks: Articles

Quick Tasks

  1. Sandbox -- proposed Collaboration Categories update; see PMs
  2. Fix incorrect article-names
    • Resolve confusing article-names
    • Correct article-names that still have the old "no space before the ("
      • Use redirect as needed until DB "Wiki" button links are also updated.
  3. Make sure all Trunked Radio System articles are linked from the appropriate county pages, not just the Trunked Radio System (ST) page; so that when deprecated, removing the link from the Trunked Radio Systems (ST) page does not orphan the deprecated page, since it is linked from the county page.
    • This saves effort of moving deprecated links to a deprecated links article, which is/was the exact same list as is found on the equivalent Category:Deprecated Trunked Systems page.
  4. Consider parsing out the glossary-terms found in article Military Monitoring Glossary and make each a separate glossary article with appropriate glossary categories assigned.
    • Benefit: Each term can then be linked-to by other articles.
    • Benefit: Each term will be listed individually in the "...Glossary" categories and will save a navigation-step.
    • Benefit: Terms can be in multiple "...Glossary" categories, like Military and Aviation
    • See User:QDP2012/10
  5. Move MOSWIN RIDs from county-pages to separate pages and assign the "...RID/UIDs" categories.
  6. Change VIPER P25 Radio ID's layout to one sortable-table.
  7. For Category:New York and similar categories, rename "City of..." and "Town of..." pages so that they start follow "(county) (NY) (city/town)" convention.
  8. Review and finish compiling User:QDP2012/6#Wiki_pages_deprecated_by_BCFY_pages. As appropriate recommend "redirects" or "notes" for the RR Wiki pages, that follow the existing example.
  9. Review the pages in Category:FreeSCAN, and consider renaming them so they all have the same capitalization "FreeSCAN" or "FreeScan" or "Freescan" to match the software's official name-style. Then update the category name likewise.
  10. Rename articles related to Northern Illinois Police and Fire Unit IDs so that the state abbreviation is in parentheses, per the standard naming convention. Consider moving data from multi-county generically-named pages to county-specific-named pages.
  11. Apply Template:Infobox_Aviation to:
  12. See this page:
    • Link related Wiki pages back to the above page, and to each other
    • Add "software" related categories to RadioReference.com_Web_Service and related pages
  13. Make sure that "Marine..." categories are applied to all articles which already have "Marine... Freqs" categories applied to them; (likely will be "Bridge" articles.)
  14. Rename international airport pages to match US airport naming standard
    • Airport-name (FAA) County (ST)
    • Update template as needed to handle international callsigns, and links to, and to possibly hide or disable link to AirNav when airport does not exist in its site.
  15. Check to see if an article exists related to Setting up op25 to stream to broadcastify Thread

Longer/Recurring Tasks

  1. Finish incomplete TRVA pages
  2. Use Templates:DB,Forum in Collaboration box Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Collaboration
  3. List conventions and standards for consideration by admins as possibly part of Wiki help articles.
    • Standardize article names accordingly
  4. Confirm correct categories on all articles
    1. Remove parent-category from articles when child-category has been assigned.
      • Example: Remove "Business Frequencies" when "Communications Providers Frequencies" is applied
      • Example: Remove "Utilities Frequencies" when "Common Carriers Frequencies" is applied
  5. In articles with long lists (like Brevity Codes lists), use table-layout to put column(s) side-by-side so that page-length is decreased. -- do as needed, not systemically
  6. Add "Return to" links as appropriate (to avoid dead-end pages)
  7. If an article's purpose is simply to list articles that are in a specific category, then replace the article with a link to the category.
    • See Brevity Codes article for example. -- done
    • Consider replacing the Deprecated... articles with links or redirects to the related category -- done.
    • Consider Encrypted Agencies article and applying Category:Encryption by State; and possibly other sub-cat for encryption-related equipment. -- no


  • Goals:
  1. Eliminate needless "Red-links"
  2. If red-links are guaranteed to be static, like lists of counties, then keep them because they
    1. do not change, and
    2. will serve as valid links if the related Wiki pages are created.
  3. Else, Review and either edit or delete each red-link.
    1. Example: In Category:Trunked Radio Systems, review each "Trunked Radio Systems (ST)" page to:
      1. Verify that red-links are correct
      2. If incorrect, then either correct or remove them.
      3. If individual TRS is deprecated and red-link indicates no Wiki-page exists, then remove red-link
      4. If red-link info has changed because system was renamed in DB, then post comprehensive list in Wiki-forum...
        1. so that effect of DB-renaming is made clearer
        2. to discuss/decide whether to maintain red-links from lists or remove them

Tasks: Categories

Quick Tasks

  1. Continue adding DB-links in TRS-categories pages, via MoreText parameter.
  2. Possibly create Canada equivalent of "Statewide TRS", e.g. "Provincewide TRS".
  3. For each CSX div, make div-specific "CSXDiv_..._pages" templates to apply to the "Sub"'s pages, (to improve navigation and prevent dead-end pages)

Longer/Recurring Tasks

  1. Do Documentation
  2. Confirm correct categories on all articles
    1. Create new categories as appropriate, using appropriate templates.
    2. Confirm correct federal-level and state-level categories on federal agencies articles like the ATF, FBI, etc., so that the national-level articles are represented for all states, not just a few for which there might currently be data.
  3. Make sure that each TRS is linked-to by the related county/city pages; not just by that states' TRS(ST) page.
  4. Continue adding "|Country=United States " to the Special-topics templates.
  5. "Events", "Military Events", etc.
  6. Clean-up Category:US and Canadian Common Frequencies
    1. Some of its articles belong only to one country but not both
    2. Consider theme-based subcategories
  7. Consider template-categories for templates
  8. Based on various threads in forums, and if there are enough articles to need detailed subcategories, then ...
    • consider Business sub-categories:
      1. Stores
      2. Restaurants (consider using Category:Fast Food instead of a new Category:Restaurants)
      3. Offices
      4. Malls
      5. Manufacturing
    • consider Ground-Transportation sub-categories:
      1. Taxis (also might be under Businesses because Taxis are private, at least in US)
      2. Buses (cannot be under Businesses because some are operated by govt entities)

Tasks: Templates

Quick Tasks

  1. Update (aviation) template as needed to handle:
    1. create derivative Template:Infobox_AviationCiv, ...Mil, so that:
      1. ...Mil allows for additional link to Military forums, and has the military FAQ/Glossary links preset so they will not be manually added to the template-call on each military-base page.
      2. ...Aviation, ...Civ, ...Mil have "PAGENAME" as default valud for SysName parameter.
    2. international callsigns, and links to, and to possibly hide or disable link to AirNav when airport does not exist in its site.
      1. derivative templates will not pass-thru the "HideAirNav", "HideFlightAware" parameter, but could assign value to them which would be consistent for all callers of the derivative template.

List of Possible Template Names Moved

Listed in order of occurence

  • This is a list of all parameters.
  • Note: Not all of these will be used at the same time.
|Image          =|  <!-- displays in top of InfoBox -->
|TRSClass       =|  <!-- displays as prefix to InfoBox Title -->
|OwnerType      =|  <!-- displays value in InfoBox Title, fields, and Welcome -->
|SysName        =|  <!-- defaults to {{PAGENAME}} -->
|OwnerLabel     =|  <!-- overrides the boilerplate text "Owner" -->
|Owner          =|  <!-- displays the value to the right of the "OwnerLabel"-value -->
|OwnerTypeLabel =|  <!-- overrides the boilerplate text "Owner Type" -->
|OwnerType      =|  <!-- displays the value to the right of the "OwnerType"-value -->
|HideCity       =|  <!-- used to hide entire "City" row -->
|CityLabel      =|  <!-- overrides the boilerplate text "City" -->
|City           =|  <!-- displays value in InfoBox fields, and Welcome -->
|HideCounty     =|  <!-- used to hide entire "County" row -->
|CountyLabel    =|  <!-- overrides the boilerplate text "County" -->
|County         =|  <!-- displays value in InfoBox fields, and Welcome -->
|HideState      =|  <!-- used to hide entire "State" row -->
|StateLabel     =|  <!-- overrides the boilerplate text "State" -->
|State          =|  <!-- displays value in InfoBox fields, and Welcome -->
|Country        =|  <!-- defaults to "United States" -->

|Band           =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideSysType    =|  <!-- used to hide entire "SysType" row -->
|SysType        =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideSysID      =|  <!-- used to hide entire "SysID" row -->
|SysID          =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideCTone      =|  <!-- used to hide entire "CTone" row -->
|CTone          =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideWACN       =|  <!-- used to hide entire "WACN" row -->
|WACN           =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideNAC        =|  <!-- used to hide entire "NAC" row -->
|NAC            =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideDMR        =|  <!-- used to hide all DMR-specific rows, currently just "CCode" -->
|CCode          =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideNXDN       =|  <!-- used to hide all NXDN-specific rows, currently just "RAN" -->
|RAN            =|  <!-- defaults to blank -->
|HideTETRA      =|  <!-- used to hide all TETRA-specific rows (MCC, MNC, SSI) -->
|TMCC           =|  <!-- displays on the MCC row, defaults to blank -->
|TMNC           =|  <!-- displays on the MNC row, defaults to blank -->
|TSSI           =|  <!-- displays on the SSI row, defaults to blank -->

|HideCallsigns  =|  <!-- used to hide entire "Callsigns(s)" section -->
|CallsignsLabel =|  <!-- overrides boilerplate text "FCC Callsign(s)"; use for Canada -->
|Callsigns      =|  <!-- displays value in Callsigns row -->
|FCC            =|  <!-- legacy-parameter; do not use -->
|MoreCallsigns  =|  <!-- legacy-parameter; do not use -->

|sid            =|  <!-- the sid value used in the RRDB- and FCC-related links -->
|ForumPath      =|  <!-- allows entire forum path to be specified -->
|state          =|  <!-- specify state in most common ForumPath value -->

|MoreFAQs       =|  <!-- used to list additional FAQs below "Trunktracking FAQ" -->
|MoreGlossaries =|  <!-- used to list additional FAQs below "Trunktracking Glossary" -->

|CrumbTrail     =|  <!-- used to replace or hide the crumb-trail -->
|Welcome        =|  <!-- used to replace or hide the "welcome statement" -->
|HideTracker    =|  <!-- used to hide the "Tracker" value -->
|Tracker        =|  <!-- used to display the "Template:Tracker_..." statement -->
}} <!-- end template-call -->

  • Listed without comments, for easy copy-pasting:
|Image          =|
|TRSClass       =|
|OwnerType      =|
|SysName        =|
|OwnerLabel     =|
|Owner          =|
|OwnerTypeLabel =|
|OwnerType      =|
|HideCity       =|
|CityLabel      =|
|City           =|
|HideCounty     =|
|CountyLabel    =|
|County         =|
|HideState      =|
|StateLabel     =|
|State          =|
|Country        =|
|Band           =|
|HideSysType    =|
|SysType        =|
|HideSysID      =|
|SysID          =|
|HideCTone      =|
|CTone          =|
|HideWACN       =|
|WACN           =|
|HideNAC        =|
|NAC            =|
|HideDMR        =|
|CCode          =|
|HideNXDN       =|
|RAN            =|
|HideTETRA      =|
|TMCC           =|
|TMNC           =|
|TSSI           =|
|HideCallsigns  =|
|CallsignsLabel =|
|Callsigns      =|
|FCC            =|
|MoreCallsigns  =|
|sid            =|
|ForumPath      =|
|state          =|
|MoreFAQs       =|
|MoreGlossaries =|
|CrumbTrail     =|
|Welcome        =|
|HideTracker    =|
|Tracker        =|
}} <!-- end template-call -->

Longer/Recurring Tasks

  1. See User:QDP2012/30/1
  2. On long-table templates, like "Template:Table Trbosys", create sequential-nested "Hide##" parameters to hide unused table-rows.
    • Hide## hides all following rows, so that (##-1) is the last visible row.
    • Hide## hides all following rows, so that only one Hide statement is needed to hide end of table.
    • Template:Table_Trboconventional and Template:Table_Trbosys -- done.
  3. Add parameter "TitleSuffix" to Template:Text CatStateOtherFreq, Template:Text CatStateOther, Template:Text CatStateOtherNonRRDB, at end of both the title and the sample category-statement.
    1. Make HideOtherInTitle also hide "OtherIsNotFreq" etc.
    2. Verify reason for this parameter; possibly for " Repeaters", etc.
  4. Do Documentation
    1. Update Template:Text_CatStateOtherFreq/doc and other "/docs" with USDefFreqInState info.
    2. Finish other "/doc" pages
  5. Ensure that all articles use related templates
    1. Use compass at bottom of pages as appropriate
    2. Create additional templates as appropriate
  6. Update Infobox(es)
    1. Move FCC link up to the FCC line
    2. In lower section put Site Map links
    3. In lower section put new DBReport... links
    4. Adjust certain templates to make boilerplate text optional, or create second wrapper-template containing boilerplate text that wraps the template which does the work
  7. Add unused valid templates to User:QDP2012/30/1/1 to avoid the Unused Templates list
  8. Consider template-categories for templates
  9. Consider creating another template (aimilar to FCC License {{{1}}}) that queries FCC by callsign, as opposed to license-number

Pages: Templates-List: General Use Only, Infobox-Related, Categories-Related, Sets of Related Pages, Doc.
  • Consider "Text_SysType_P25", "Text_SysType_DMR", etc. for use as values in the "Template:InfoBox_TRS..." templates' parameter "SysType". -- no, basically redundant;

Tasks: Database

Quick Tasks

Longer/Recurring Tasks

  1. Check "Wiki" buttons
    1. Make sure that each button-link still matches existing Wiki pages' names
      1. If not, then correct Wiki page name as appropriate
    2. Make sure airport "Wiki" buttons' links match standardized Wiki Airport page names
    3. Make sure DB System names do not include ampersand (&) or pound (#) symbols because they are disallowed in the Wiki page name.
      1. When submitting change-requests, reference existing forum-thread regarding first such change.
  2. Verify Deprecated DB systems are also deprecated in Wiki