ARCH Medical Helicopter (US-MO/IL)

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ARCH Air Medical Helicopter

Formerly called "Area Rescue Consortium of Hospitals"

Coverage Area - Covers the area of IL, MO and parts of OK, IA, KS, AR, KY, TN and IN. Response ? Inter-hospital transports (65%) and primary responses (on scene - vehicle accidents, etc) (have heard ARCH base on 461.525 talking to ARCH unit which was on Litchfield input 467.0750 107.2 PL) Has a VOIP Link to Chicago Radio System.

Owned by Air Methods; serves Central/Southwest Illinois and most of Missouri Map

Home Office - 2207 Scott Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63103, 314-655-4100, Dispatch 1-800-325-9191

9/21/12 - St. Louis (KSDK) - Arch Air Medical in St. Louis announced Thursday dispatcher jobs will be leaving the area in November. Bob Abrams, business manager for Arch Air Medical, said he cannot confirm the exact number of jobs that will be leaving, but did say they will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska on November 6th. Abrams says the parent company of Arch, Air Methods Corporation, is streamlining all dispatcher jobs across the country to one facility in Omaha.

ARCH Bases

ARCH Base Description Tail Number
ARCH 1 Spare helicopter N211SL
ARCH 2 Litchfield, Montgomery County IL N122SL
ARCH 3 Sparta, IL N330SL
ARCH 4 Backup aircraft (formerly Warrenton, MO) N440SL
ARCH 5 Joplin, MO [MedFlight 1]
@ St. Johns Regional Medical Center-Joplin
ARCH 6 Labette Health Center, Parsons KS
[MedFlight 2] Labette County Hospital, Parsons KS
ARCH 7 Cape Girardeau, MO (Formerly Lifebeat) 127LN (formerly N770SL)
ARCH 8 Granite City IL (was St. Louis) N880SL
ARCH 9 Effingham, IL
Effingham (County) Memorial Airport
ARCH 10 no longer in use (is now the new Airlife 1 based at Carle Hospital) 365CH
ARCH 11 St. Louis (St. Louis Children's Hospital/Cardinal Glennon "Kid Copter") 911KD
ARCH 12 Sullivan, MO N217LN
ARCH 15 Warrenton MO 115LN
ARCH 20 King Air 100 Fixed Wing based at Spirit of STL Airport N4490M
ARCH 22 King Air 200 Fixed Wing based at Spirit of STL Airport N220TB

Staff - Air Methods (Not ARCH units, but dispatched by ARCH)

  • STAFF 1 N10UM University of Missouri Hospital, Columbia MO
  • STAFF 2 126LN Lake Regional Hospital, Osage Beach, MO (was N22UM)
  • STAFF 3 N151AD LaMonte, MO

Other licensed frequencies

  • 461.2500 WPLR946 F (NOT USED?) Downtown Base (also Special School District) (466.25 Deleted)
  • 461.7250 WPLR946 F NOT USED (is used by Special School District - St. Louis)

Known Landing Zones

Illinois by County

  • PERRY, Pinkneyville - High School Football Practice Field and DuQuoin State Fairgrounds (ARCH-28 and ARCH-8)

ARCH Terminology and Brevity Codes

  • AirCom – Air Methods dispatch center in Omaha, NE
  • AirEvac - Refering to other AirEMS service in the area (Lifeteam)
  • BJC - Barnes-Jewish (Corporation) Hospitals
  • Childrens - Childrens Hopsital
  • Christian - Christian Hospitals in St. Louis? (NE or NW)
  • Coordinates - Longitude/Latitude (in decimal) of Landing Zone area / current air position
  • Downtown Base - Base at downtown St. Louis, MO
  • Drip - IV
  • ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival? (for a scene, hospital or other destination)
  • ETE - Estimated Time En-Route
  • FMA - Fire Mutual Aid (see below)
  • Final - on final approach to land
  • Fire Mutual Aid - Refers to Missouri, 154.2800
  • Full Bladder - Full gas tank
  • HEAR – Referes to Missouri Hospital frequency 155.3400 (normally CSQ)
  • I-REACH - Refers to Illinois, 155.0550
  • Glennon - Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis
  • Granite City Base – Base on Route 3 Granite City, near the Mississippi River south of I-270
  • LC - Loud & Clear
  • LifeBeat - Name of ARCH service in Cape Girardeau
  • LifeTeam - Refering to AirEVac Med-Evac company
  • Litchfield Repeater - Rptr in Lakewood/Shelby Co – formerly at Lfld Base (462.0750)
  • LZ - Landing Zone (for helicopter)
  • MedStar - EMS agency that serves St. Clair/Randolph Co in IL
  • MED 9 - Refers to dispatch frequency of 462.9500 162.2 pL
  • MERCI - Refers to Illinois Hospital communication frequency 155.3400 (normally CSQ)
  • Outer Link – Remote satellite tracking of Helo Locations (like GPS)
  • POB - Persons on Board (Souls)
  • Position - current status/location
  • St. Johns Mercy - Hospital @ ....
  • St. Louis Downtown base - Base by Union Station area (off I-64/44)
  • Ship - Aircraft/Helicopter
  • Sparta - Base in Sparta (Randolph County IL)
  • SLU - St. Louis University Hospital
  • Souls - People (on board)
  • Spirit - Spirit of St. Louis Airport - Chesterfield MO
  • Trauma Rotation - All hospitals in the St. Louis area get to "take turns" so none are left out (Old?)
  • Status B - unknown (heard enroute to Hospital in Marion)
  • Vent - Ventilator (Oxygen...)
  • Wulfsberg – The expensive communications radio system on board that can operate on multiple frequencies / bands / modes / tones, etc


  • 9/07 - Heard ARCH Base doing morning radio check with ARCH 3 on 159.7125 D032 from Cape Girardeau, MO
  • 11/08 - ARCH Helicopter has added a base at St Johns Hospital Springfield, named "Saints Flight" SJR Article Helicopter Pic
  • 7/11 - ARCH Dispatcher St Louis is now refererred to as AIRCOM
  • 461.5250 - St. Louis Repeater - Located at High Ridge? (Jefferson Co MO) - licensed in Randolph County MO) (FX1 - Repeater input was located in downtown StL at the old base, but may now be located in Granite City) [Also, Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Madison County, IL uses this frequency for repeater operations]

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