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Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

IDPH I-REACH/VHF Interoperbility Radios:

  • XTL-5000 (mobile), HT-1250 (portable), MTR-2000 (Base Station)

In base radio, 110wt VHF, with up to 16 channels:

  • 1) 155.2800 141.3 PL - Statewide Hospital Disaster Coordination
  • 2) 155.3400 210.7 PL - Statewide MERCI Tone
  • 3) 155.3400, 155.4000, 155.1600, 155.2200 (with Local Tone)

Illinois IDPH EMS Regions and Systems

Region 1 - Rockford

Winnebago County has the regional medical centers for region-1, all 3 Level 1 trauma centers are in Rockford.

Region 2 - Regionwide

Region 3

Southern Illinois Trauma Center

  • The area served by the new Southern Illinois Trauma Center is designated by IDPH Region III and includes 18 counties -- Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Cass, Christian, Greene, Hancock, Jersey, Logan, Macoupin, Mason, Menard, Montgomery, Morgan, Pike, Sangamon, Schuyler and Scott. There are two other Level II hospitals in the region -- Blessing Hospital in Quincy and Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville. They, along with Memorial and St. John's and Jersey Medical Community Hospital in Jerseyville, are the resource hospitals for Emergency Medical Systems (EMS).

Region 4

  • Madison, St. Clair, Bond, Clinton, Monroe, Randolph and Washington.

Southwestern Illinois EMS System

  • Belleville Memorial - Pod Hospital (Net Control KWF792) Touchette Regional-Centreville, Kenneth Hall-East St. Louis, St. Elizabeths-Belleville, St.Josephs-Breese, SAFB Medical Center, Red Bud Memorial Regional, Sparta Community, Anderson-Maryville, Alton Memorial, Gateway Regional-Granite City, St. Anthony's-Alton, St. Josephs-Highland, Utlat-Greenville, Thomas Boyd Memorial-Carrollton, Community Memorial-Staunton, Fayette County-Vandalia Region 4 info provided by Loyola University Health System

Region 5

North Egypt EMS System

  • St. Mary's Good Samaritin in Mt. Vernon
  • Established in 1979 and serves Jefferson, Marion, Franklin,Washington, Perry, and Saline County.

Region 8 - Du Page (southern)

  • A busy, state-defined EMS region west of downtown Chicago. Good Samaritan in Downers Grove

Region 9

  • McHenry, Kane, part of Lake, part Kendall, northern DuPage Counties
  • Christ Hospital McHenry and southern Lake county are assigned MED channels as follows: PRIMARY: 7 TERTIARY: 6 SECONDARY: 5 ITINERANT OR COMMON: 8

Region 11 - Chicago

  • All Chicago Hospitals are on a repeater. Telemetry hospitals are divided into 3 sections. North, Central, South. The North PL's are all 156.7, Central PL's 146.2, South PL's 173.8. In each region, all operations are run by Resource Hospitals Associate Hospitals function underneath Resource Hospitals. Multi-Victim incidents, EMS Plans are to be called into Resource Hospitals, while most other runs can be called into Associate Hospitals. We do have assigned Hospitals we are supposed to call, but we don't follow that always for various reasons. Med 8 is not repeatered on any systems.
  • FYI... It is NOT neccesary to monitor the input frequency of any MED frequency, they are all on Repeaters
  • CFD Ops Channel 8 (476.2875 simplex, 69.3 PL) is used for Helicopter EMS landing zone coordination ops.

St. Louis Area Hospitals

  • For a more complete list of St Louis hospitals, see St Louis City and County
  • 155.34000 BM 114.8 PL HEAR 114.8 Barnes-Jewish: Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms (to ARCH, etc) FMN Hospital
  • 155.34000 BM 114.8 PL HEAR 114.8 Missouri Baptist (St. Louis) FMN Hospital

Air Helos/Med-Evac

Air Evac Lifeteam

Air Methods

  • Air Methods Website
  • WQWX343 - 461.5250 Repeater, 468.8750 Mobile (11K at Bradley-Kankakee), used by Lifestar Chicago (Joliet)

ARCH Air Medical Services

Superior Air Med

  • In addition to STARCOM21 talkgroup 36531, they have been heard testing talkgroups 36532-36535. They also utilize Outerlink Global Solutions' satellite-based service IRIS, which includes Push-To-Talk VoIP radio.

University of Chicago Aeromedical Network (UCAN)

  • UCAN Base (129.475) has been heard acting as the Chicago-area base for aeromed helos from outside the Chicago area, including SAMARITAN (Parkview Health) and LUTHERAN AIR (Lutheran Health Network), both based in Northern Indiana.
  • Reference to channel "TAC 3" has been heard on 464.800 (a different frequency than 464.800). Possibly 129.475? A different frequency?
  • MedEx Ambulance provides ground transport services for UCAN.
  • UCAN's aviation services are provided by Air Methods.

EMS Agencies (Area-Wide)

Abbott Ambulance

  • Serves Metro East St Louis (IL) and St Louis

Medstar EMS

  • Map
  • 938.975 D074 Local Repeater (in use Fairview Heights 11/19/17)
  • Freeburg/Swansea/Belleville (618) 234-3088 Fairview Heights (618) 398-8833 Cahokia (618) 332-3088
  • Serves eastern half of Belleville, Cahokia, Swansea, Fairview Heights (Largest service in the MetroEast - operates 31 rigs in 3 counties)
  • Ambulances/Units: (Plates: 4 837 xx 05,11,15,24) BLS 64, 65, 101 ALS 34,68,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77*,78,79 (St. Clair County units)
  • not heard some are back-up vehicles Medivan Units: 43, 4447, 455, 4474 ?? Other units: 101 Utility van (used by janitor)


  • Sparta (Randolph) ALS 4G25-main, 4G24-main, 4G21-backup Red Bud ALS 4G18-main, 4G26-backup
  • Red Bud (Randolph)
  • Chester (Randolph) ALS 4G20-main, 4G16-backup
  • Steeleville (Randolph)
  • Swansea (St Clair) ALS, 1209 N. Illinois Street
  • Belleville (St Clair) ALS, 610 East Main Street: 74, 76:: 24 hour units, 73: 7am - 7pm 6 days a week
  • Cahokia (St Clair) ALS (Formerly Braun Ambulance Service)
  • East St Louis (St Clair)
  • Fairview Heights (St Clair) ALS
  • Freeburg (St Clair) ALS (Located in Freeburg VFD) Lebanon ALS (Located in Lebanon VFD) Unit 76?
  • Lebanon (St Clair)
  • Washington Park (St Clair)
  • Carlyle (Clinton)

Advanced Life Support

  • Notes: Operate 3 - 24 hour ALS trucks with one in Chester, Red Bud, and Sparta along with a 12 hour BLS truck in Steeleville which is a call out truck at night. The Steeleville base can turn into an ALS truck during the day and also a BLS backup for the nights. The three ALS bases also have a backup ALS truck that can be staffed at busy times or mass casuality situations.
  • Has a channel on Wireless USA? called USB-A?

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