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  • Air Evac Lifeteam (AEL) was established in 1985 by a group of citizens in West Plains, Mo. The goal was to provide air medical transportation and ensure access to emergency health care for their remote community in the Missouri Ozark region. Although air ambulances were primarily based in metropolitan areas at the time, the company founders believed that the people who needed air medical transport the most were those living in rural areas, often far away from a hospital. That was nearly 35 years ago.

Today, Air Evac Lifeteam is part of Global Medical Response (GMR), an industry-leading medical transportation company with both air and ground resources. Air Evac Lifeteam operates more than 140 helicopter air ambulance bases across 15 states. Flight crews, consisting of a pilot, flight nurse and flight paramedic, are on duty seven days a week to respond to the scene of an emergency, or provide transportation between medical facilities.

News / Updates

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  • Communications Center moved from West Plains, MO to O'Fallon, MO - (St Charles County near St Louis) in 2012.
  • A satellite tracking system, SKYTRAC SkyWeb, in the helicopters sends a signal back to the communications center so the movement of the aircraft can be tracked at all times. Communicators are able to track an aircraft's heading, location and air speed. If an aircraft runs into a problem, communicators know where it is and what is going on. Messages between communicators and pilots are relayed over a frame relay system. When a communicator speaks to a pilot over the radio, the message is sent to computer routers located on transmission towers throughout Air Evac's service areas. The routers convert the radio waves into data bits that can be transmitted faster and more accurately over the long distance.

Air Evac Lifeteam Units/Bases

  • Air Evac Lifeteam has licenses for nationwide itinerant (base/mobile) operation on
    • 151.5050 , 158.4000 , 464.5000 , 464.5500
    • 151.505 and 158.400 have been used with various DCS codes or PL tones on a temporary basis when a new base is established, or an existing base is moved, until a new frequency and license is obtained.
    • In many cases, AEL appear to be using these as PERMANENT bases, which is not legal. Their High Power base operations (and high altitude air units) could possibly be interfering with other businesses using these itinerant frequencies. Remember, Itinerant means not staying in the same place for an extended period of time.

Paging Tones

  • 879.0/669.9 151.505 AEL156 Madison County IL
List of bases and frequencies compiled from RadioReference Database, FCC license data, forum posts, etc.
May not be complete or accurate.
Base # / Location City State Freq-Out Type Tone Call Sign / County / Input / Other Info
Air Evac 01 West Plains MO
Air Evac 01** Willow Springs MO 154.3850 RM 103.5 WQR263 (N of W Plains) (155.4000 input)
Air Evac 01** Peck Ranch MO 154.3850 RM 123.0 WQR263 Oregon County (E of W Plains) (155.4000 input)
Air Evac 01** Thayer MO 154.3850 RM 100.0 WQR263 Ripley County (East of W Plains) (155.4000 input)
Air Evac 01** Thayer MO 151.7300 RM D032 WQLD588 Oregon County
Air Evac 02 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 02** Lake City AR 154.5050 RM WQLK203 Craighead County (near Jonesboro) (158.4150 input)
Air Evac 03 Sikeston MO
Air Evac 03** Cape Giradeau MO 159.7125 BM D032 WPYF285 Cape Dispatch (Cape Giradeau MO)
Air Evac 04 Springdale AR 153.0200 BM WQJQ331
Air Evac 05 Quincy IL 159.6750 BM WQIA711
Air Evac 05** Mt Sterling IL 159.6975 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Quincy)
Air Evac 05** Mt Sterling IL 159.7125 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Quincy)
Air Evac 05** Mt Sterling IL 160.0575 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Quincy)
Air Evac 06 Altus OK 159.7500 BM D114 WQRZ623 Jackson County
Air Evac 07 Jackson TN 153.8150 RM D032 WPYH503 Madison County
Air Evac 08 Farmington MO
Air Evac 09 Lewisburg TN
Air Evac 10 Hopkinsville KY 159.6225 BM D114 WQAJ659
Air Evac 10 Hopkinsville KY 160.2000 BM D114
Air Evac 11 Mt. Vernon IL 153.3050 RM WQOA971 Bluford Jefferson County (159.6900 input)
Air Evac 11 Mt. Vernon IL 152.9975 BM D051 WPYF285 Bluford Jefferson County
Air Evac 11 Mt. Vernon IL 158.4000 BM D226 WPYR891 Bluford Jefferson County
Air Evac 11 Mt. Vernon IL 173.3750 BM D032 WQBD500 Bluford Jefferson County
Air Evac 12 Mountain Home AR
Air Evac 12** Gainesville MO 153.3500 RM WQIA712 Ozark County (N of Mtn Home) (158.1450 input)
Air Evac 12** Gainesville MO 154.3850 RM 179.9 WQR263 (N of Mtn Home) (155.4000 input)
Air Evac 13 Sullivan MO
Air Evac 13** Ofallon MO 153.0950 BM D073 WQIF745 St Charles County (near St Clair)(near 23 Lincoln)
Air Evac 13** Cuba MO 152.9975 BM D032 WPRL740 Crawford County (near St Clair)
Air Evac 14 Albany KY 152.9525 BM D032 WQBE217 see Air Evac 43
Air Evac 15 Vinemont AL 151.5125 BM D165 Cullman County
Air Evac 15** Birmingham AL 158.4000 D131 WPYR891 Jefferson County
Air Evac 15** Huntsville AL 157.7250 RM WPYH503 Madison County (152.9300 input)
Air Evac 16 Tuscumbia AL 151.5050 BM D205 Colbert County "The Shoals"
Air Evac 17 Paoli IN
Air Evac 18 Salem MO
Air Evac 19 Lafayette TN 158.4000 BM D115 Macon County
Air Evac 20 Poplar Bluff MO 159.5850 BM D331 WQHC691 Butler Co (fixed-wing)
Air Evac 21 Elk City OK 158.3700 BM D051 WQGH465
Air Evac 22 Paris AR
Air Evac 22** Waveland AR 159.6975 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Paris)
Air Evac 22** Waveland AR 159.7125 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Paris)
Air Evac 22** Waveland AR 160.0575 BM D032 WPWS479 (near Paris)
Air Evac 23 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 24 Poplar Bluff MO 159.5850 BM D331 WQHC691 Butler County
Air Evac 25 Duncan OK 160.0800 BM D114 WQRZ623 Stephens County
Air Evac 26 Ada OK 160.1550 BM D155 WQHC691 Garvin County
Air Evac 27 Jacksonville IL 159.6900 BM D072 WQIF745 Sangamon County (was 151.505 D072)
Air Evac 28 Effingham IL 151.5050 RM D047 WPYR891 Effingham County (158.4 input)
Air Evac 28** Greenup IL 151.8500 RM D331 WQLD588 Cumberland County (159.84 input) (was D047)
Air Evac 29 Claremore OK 159.5025 BM D032 WPYQ819
Air Evac 30 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 31 Martin TN 159.8100 BM D115 WQFK912 (Union City)
Air Evac 32 Scottsboro AL 153.3050 BM D065 WQCD342
Air Evac 33 Middlesboro KY see Air Evac 43
Air Evac 34 Wichita Falls TX 159.9000 BM D032 WPHQ819
Air Evac 35 Marion IL 158.4 BM D431 SALINE County (paging 832.5/746.8/832.5 tones)
Air Evac 36 Cushing OK 160.0650 BM D032 WQHG293
Air Evac 37 Waverly TN
Air Evac 38 Kirksville MO 153.2150 BM D032 WQCD342 Adair County "MU4"
Air Evac 39 Brazil IN 158.2200 BM D032 WQCD342
Air Evac 39** Indianapolis IN 153.5150 BM WQIF745 Marion County (East of Brazil)
Air Evac 40 Harrison AR Boone County
Air Evac 40* Western Grove AR 159.5025 BM D032 WPSF384 Newton County (near Harrison)
Air Evac 41 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 42 Forrest City AR 153.6050 BM D051 Cherry Valley-Cross County (near Memphis)
Air Evac 42** Luxora AR 152.9225 BM WPSF384 Mississippi County [Deleted]
Air Evac 42** Luxora AR 159.5025 BM D032 WPSF384 ? County (near Forrest City)
Air Evac 43 Campbellsville KY 153.3800 BM D051 WQCD403 Taylor County (AE14/33/43)
Air Evac 44 Manchester TN Coffee County
Air Evac 44** Woodbury TN 153.6200 BM WQOA971 Cannon County (near Manchester)
Air Evac 45 Fayette AL 152.4125 RM D054 WQJU811 Fayette County (157.6725 input)
Air Evac 46 Evansville IN 153.3800 BM 103.5 WQGH464
Air Evac 46** Washington IN 160.0350 BM D032 WPYF285 Daviess County
Air Evac 47 LaGrange TX 461.5750 RM D155 WPIB671 Fayette County
Air Evac 48 Kerrville TX 160.1100 BM WQLE332 Kerr County
Air Evac 48 Kerrville TX 463.8500 RM 100.0 WPKM240 Kerr County
Air Evac 49 Marble Falls TX 463.6750 162.2
Air Evac 50 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 51 Hillsboro TX 152.2775 BM WREN278 Hill County (157.695 input)
Air Evac 52 Brownwood TX 461.2750 RM 141.3 WQDJ499 License cancelled 1/2/13 unknown if still used
Air Evac 52 Brownwood TX 159.7650 RM WQRZ623 Brown County (152.87 input)
Air Evac 53 Fairfield TX 159.8100 BM D072 WQHC691 Freestone County
Air Evac 54 Big Spring TX 152.3750 RM D162 WQIF745 Howard County (157.635 input)
Air Evac 55 Mineral Wells TX 159.7275 BM D226 WPSF384 Palo Pinto County
Air Evac 56 Danville KY 153.1550 RM D125 WQJU811 (160.0500 input)
Air Evac 56 Danville KY 159.7200 BM D032 WQIC492 Shelby County (tx@shelbyville)
Air Evac 56** Junction City KY 153.1550 RM WQJU811 Boyle County (near Danville) (160.05 input)
Air Evac 57 Eagle Pass TX 152.9525 BM WQRZ628 Maverick County
Air Evac 58 Corinth MS 160.1400 BM D023 WQFK912 Alcorn County
Air Evac 59 Fort Madison IA
Air Evac 60 Sedalia MO "MU 3"
Air Evac 60** Ashland MO 159.7500 BM WQLE332 Boone County (near Sedalia/Columbs)
Air Evac 61 Batesville MS
Air Evac 61** Arkabulta MS 158.2650 BM WQLE332 Tate County
Air Evac 62 Bowling Green KY 160.1700 BM D331 WQHC691 Warren County
Air Evac 63 Abilene TX 460.6500 RM D331 WQIB752
Air Evac 64 (not currently in use 4/22)
Air Evac 65 Whitewright TX 153.6200 RM 162.2 WQHG293 Grayson County (159.9750 input)
Air Evac 65 Denison TX 152.4275 RM WRDH998 Grayson County (157.6875 input)
Air Evac 66 Killeen TX 160.1700 BM D331 WPJU811 Bell County (near Temple/Fort Hood)
Air Evac 67 Greenville TX 158.1750 BM D125 WQHG293 Hunt County (Majors Field)
Air Evac 68 Decatur TX 159.7650 BM D226 WQIA711 Wise County
Air Evac 69 Granbury TX 159.5775 BM D125 WPSF384 Hood County (was 151.505 D125)
Air Evac 70 Woodward OK 158.2950 BM D026 WQHG293
Air Evac 71 Carrizo Springs TX 160.0800 BM WQIA711 Dimmit County
Air Evac 72 Waynesboro TN 152.8700 RM D364 WQJQ331 Wayne County (159.8550 input)
Air Evac 73 DeQueen AR 153.0200 RM WQIC492 Sevier County (159.5950 input)
Air Evac 74 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 75 Dyersburg TN 153.2600 BM D116 WQIF745 Dyer County
Air Evac 76 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 77** Cataula GA 152.4650 RM WQIC492 Muscogee County (near Columbus) (157.7250 input)
Air Evac 77 Lagrange GA 159.6525 BM WPSF384 Troup County (near Columbus)
Air Evac 78 New Martinsville WV Wetzel County
Air Evac 78** Sardis OH 152.3600 RM WQOM552 Monroe County (157.6200 input)
Air Evac 79 Corbin KY 464.1875 RM WQJQ331 Whitley Co (469.1875 input) tx at Rockholds
Air Evac 80 Perryville MO (see Cape Girardeau)? Perry County
Air Evac 81 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 82 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 83 Muskogee OK 153.5750 RM WQXI783 Okmulgee County (near Preston) (159.8625 input)
Air Evac 84 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 85 Logan WV 152.3675 RM Logan County (157.5775 input)
Air Evac 85 Logan WV 159.8550 BM WQLE332 Logan County
Air Evac 86 Americus GA 152.4125 RM WRAK222 Sumter County (157.6725 input)
Air Evac 87 Greenville MS Washington County
Air Evac 87** Indianola MS 151.7300 BM WQLE332 Sunflower County (near Washington Co)
Air Evac 88 Harlan KY 173.3250 BM D032 WPYH503 Harlan County
Air Evac 88 Harlan KY 463.5500 RM 141.3 WQAR241 Harlan County
Air Evac 89 Georgetown OH Brown County
Air Evac 90 Douglas GA
Air Evac 91 Vidalia GA 151.7300 BM WQLK203 Toombs County
Air Evac 92 Hardinsburg KY 160.1250 BM WQMG459 Breckenridge County
Air Evac 93 Laredo TX 159.7200 BM D226 WQMG459 Webb County
Air Evac 94 Savannah TN
Air Evac 95 Statesboro GA 151.9100 BM WQNK280 Bulloch County
Air Evac 96 Jesup GA 159.7425 BM WQRZ623 Wayne County
Air Evac 97 Portsmouth OH 159.7650 BM D155 WQNK280 Greenup County KY (near South Shore)
Air Evac 98 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 99 Natchez MS 153.9200 RM WQOA971 Adams County (159.9500 input)
Air Evac 100 Rayville LA
Air Evac 100* Oak Ridge LA 160.1550 BM WQOM552 Morehouse Parish (near Rayville)
Air Evac 101 Lancaster OH 151.5050 RM D072 WPXR891 Licking County (158.4000 input)
Air Evac 101 Lancaster OH 153.3500 RM WQOI856 Licking County (160.155 input)
Air Evac 101** Canal Winchester OH 151.7225 BM WQOM552 Franklin County (near Lancaster)
Air Evac 102 Dublin GA 151.8500 BM WQOM552 Laurens County
Air Evac 103 Summersville WV 159.3750 BM WQOI856 Nicholas County
Air Evac 104 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 105 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 106 Demopolis AL 151.5050 RM D073 (See Gordo AL) (158.4 input)
Air Evac 106 Demopolis AL 153.2450 RM WQOI856 Dallas County (158.235 input)
Air Evac 107 St. Louisville OH 153.3500 RM D026? WQOI856 (160.155 input)
Air Evac 108 Mayfield KY 160.2075 BM D143 WQOI856 Graves County
Air Evac 109 Manchester KY 153.1550 BM WQOI856 Clay County
Air Evac 110 Lawrenceburg TN 159.6600 BM WQRZ628 Lawrence County
Air Evac 111 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 112 Carrollton GA 159.5850 BM WQRZ623 Carroll County
Air Evac 113 Blytheville AR 160.0200 BM WPYQ823 Mississippi County
Air Evac 114 (not currently ln use 4/22)
Air Evac 115 Eastland TX 152.9750 RM D047 WQSV293 Eastland County (159.885 input)
Air Evac 116 Prestonsburg KY 151.5050 ? 179.9 Martin County
Air Evac 117 Snellville GA
Air Evac 118 West Liberty KY 151.8050 RM WQVB621 Morgan County (159.915 input)
Air Evac 119 Moberly MO 158.4300 BM WQVD795 Randolph County "MU 1"
Air Evac 120 Marion KY 159.5925 BM WQVD795 Crittenden County
Air Evac 121 Beckley WV 152.9525 RM WQWY790 Raleigh County (159.8925 input)
Air Evac 122 Weatherford OK 159.7725 BM WQVD795 Custer County
Air Evac 122 Weatherford OK 151.6700 BM WQAJ659 Custer County
Air Evac 123 Paris TN 159.8025 BM D114 WQAJ659 Henry County
Air Evac 124 Opelousas LA 151.5050 BM D026 St. Landry Parish (temporary)
Air Evac 124 Opelousas LA 151.8425 BM WQWY790 St. Landry Parish
Air Evac 125 Kinder LA 152.3675 RM D245 WQWY790 Oberlin Allen Parish (157.6275 input)
Air Evac 125 Kinder LA 152.9075 RM WQXI783 Oberlin Allen Parish (159.5475 input)
Air Evac 126 Beaumont TX Jefferson County SE TX Air Rescue
Air Evac 127 Crockett TX 151.9100 RM WQWY790 Houston County (159.6375 input)
Air Evac 127 Crockett TX 153.0575 RM WQXI783 Houston County Air Rescue (159.7575 input)
Air Evac 128 Ponca City OK Kay County
Air Evac 129 Idabel OK Choctaw County (tx@Hugo?)
Air Evac 130 Ardmore OK Carter County
Air Evac 131 Kingfisher OK 152.9975 BM D032 WPYQ819 Kingfisher County (Oklahoma City)
Air Evac 132 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 133 Williamstown KY Grant County
Air Evac 134 Del Rio TX 152.2850 RM WQXI783 Val Verde County (157.5450 input)
Air Evac 135 Henryetta OK Okmulgee County
Air Evac 136 (not currently ln use 10/22)
Air Evac 137 Greenville IL 154.5475 RM Bond County (159.8025 input)
Air Evac 138 Harrisburg IL Saline County
Air Evac 139 Paris TX Lamar County
Air Evac 140 Milledgeville GA Baldwin County
Air Evac 141 Parsons TN Decatur County
Air Evac 142 Tifton GA Tift County
Air Evac 143 Troy TN Obion County
Air Evac 144 Macomb IL 154.5050 RM WRAK222 McDonough County (159.765 input)
Air Evac 145 Mattoon IL Coles County (not currently ln use? 4/22)
Air Evac 146 Louisiana MO 152.4425 RM WRAK222 Carrollton IL Greene County (157.7025 input)
Air Evac 147 Pearsall TX Frio County Methodist Air Care 2
Air Evac 148 San Antonio TX Bexar County Methodist Air Care 1
Air Evac 149 Fort Smith AR Sebastian County
Air Evac 150 Olney IL Richland County
Air Evac 151 Clarksville TN Montgomery County
Air Evac 152 Jasper TX Jasper County SE Texas Air Rescue
Air Evac 153 Fayetteville GA Fayette County
Air Evac 154 Perry GA Houston County
Air Evac 155 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 156 Maryville IL Madison County - Anderson Hospital
Air Evac 157 Paducah KY 151.5050 BM D054 WPYR891 McCracken County
Air Evac 157 Ledbetter KY 152.4350 RM WREN278 Livingston County (157.6950 input)
Air Evac 158 Seminole OK Seminole County
Air Evac 159 Paris TN Henry County - Western Tennessee
Air Evac 160 Natchitoches LA Natchitoches Parish
Air Evac 161 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 162 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 163 (not currently in use 10/22)
Air Evac 164 Clarinda IA Page County
Air Evac 165 Grove OK Delaware County
Air Evac 173 Lebanon KY Marion County
Air Evac 175 Smyrna TN Rutherford County
Gordo AL Gordo AL 152.4125 RM WPJU811 Pickens County (near 45/106) (157.6725 input)
Wetumpka AL Wetumpka AL 151.9100 BM D072 WQLD588 Elmore County (AE 64 base closed 1/14)
Wetumpka AL Wetumpka AL 159.9900 BM D072 WQHG293 Elmore County (AE 64 base closed 1/14)
Beaver Township AR Beaver Township AR 151.7225 RM WRDH998 Carroll County (160.1850 input)
Lonoke AR Lonoke AR 159.8100 BM WQCD343 Lonoke County (for Vilonia near Little Rock)
Louann AR Louann AR 160.0350 BM WQLK203 Ouachita County (near Camden) (Base closed. Unknown if still used.)
Brunswick GA Brunswick GA 159.6750 BM WPSF384 Glynn County
Brunswick GA Brunswick GA 158.2050 BM WQOA971 Glynn County
Gordelle GA Gordelle GA 159.6450 BM WQLE332 Crisp County (AE86 moved to Americus. Unknown if still used.)
Omega GA Omega GA 152.2775 RM WRAJ539 Colquitt County (157.5375 input)
Rutledge GA Rutlege GA 159.5550 BM WQRZ623 Morgan County
Statham GA Statham GA 153.2300 RM WQSV293 Barrow County (159.5100 input)
Valdosta GA Valdosta GA 159.6900 BM WQMG459 Lowndes County
Waycross GA Waycross GA 160.1100 BM WQLK203 Ware County
Woodson IL Woodson IL 159.9750 BM WQVB621 Morgan County
New Albany IN New Albany IN 158.3925 BM WQOA971 Floyd County (near Louisville KY)
Normandy FL Normandy FL 153.0650 RM WRAJ539 Duvall County (158.1600 input)
Wichita KS Rosalia KS 158.3925 BM WPYF285 Butler County (no base in area)
Boons Camp KY Boons Camp KY 153.6350 RM WQVB621 Johnson County (159.7500 input)
Falmouth KY Falmouth KY 152.8925 RM WQXI783 Pendleton County (160.1325 input)
Lexington KY Lexington KY 462.0000 RM D526 KNGK368? "Uniform"
Paintsville KY Paintsville KY 152.4575 RM WRAK222 Johnson County (157.7175 input) (Between AE116 Prestonsburg and AE118 West Liberty)
Jackson MS Star MS 160.2000 BM WQIC492 Rankin County (near Jackson MS)
Louisiana MO Louisiana MO 152.3975 RM WREN278 Pike County (157.6575 input)
Fredericktown MO Fredericktown MO 160.0200 BM D065 WQOI856 Madison County (No Local Base, near Cape)
Rogersville MO Rogersville MO 158.2200 BM WQVD795 Greene County
Troy MO Troy MO 153.0800 BM D073 WQIA711 Lincoln County
Lawrenceville NJ Lawrenceville NJ 159.7125 BM WQVB621 Mercer County
Chilicothe OH Chilicothe OH 159.7725 BM WQNK280 Ross County (near Bainbridge)(Base closed. Unknown if still used.)
East Liverpool OH East Liverpool OH 152.4425 RM Columbiana County (157.7025 input)
Ironton OH Ironton OH 153.8000 RM D073 St. Mary’s Med Cen Ironton Campus (159.7950 input) WQSV293 Sheridan, OH Lawrence County (Base closed. Unknown if still used.)
Lawton OK Lawton OK 159.6900 BM D331 WQHC691 Comanche County (No aircraft based in Lawton)
McAlester OK McAlester OK 152.9525 BM D032 WQBE217 Pittsburg County (according to RRDB) (No aircraft based in McAlester)
McAlester OK McAlester OK 152.9075 BM WQBE217 Pittsburg County (licensed but not used?) (No aircraft based in McAlester)
Newkirk OK Newkirk OK 153.0500 RM WRDH998 Kay County (158.3700 input)
Bolivar TN Bolivar TN 159.5850 BM WQVD795 Hardeman County
Athen TN Athen TN 151.5200 BM D032 WQCD342 Starr Mountain near Etowah)(Base closed. Unknown if still used.)
Nash-Woodbury TN Woodbury TN 152.9975 BM D032 WPYH503 Cannon County (way E of Nashville)
Nash-Crossvile TN Crossville TN 153.2600 BM D051 WQGH464 Cumberland County (way E of Nashville)
Amarillo TX Hereford TX 151.9100 BM D032 WQIC492 Deaf Smith County (serves NM CO OK)
Amarillo TX Amarillo TX 152.3675 RM WRDH998 Potter County (157.6275 input)
Austin TX Austin TX 463.6750 RM 162.2 No License?
Ennis TX Ennis TX 151.8500 BM D032 WQIF745 Ellis County (Based moved to Waxahachie. Unknown if still used.)
Hondo TX Hondo TX 452.1250 RM WQLK203 Medina County (Base moved to Eagle Pass. Unknown if still used.)
San Antonio TX San Antonio TX 464.0250 RM 186.2 No License?
Seguin TX Seguin TX 153.4775 BM WQVD795 Guadalupe County (no longer in use? 4/22)
West TX West TX 159.6900 BM WQFK912 McLennan County
Elizabeth WV Elizabeth WV 152.9150 RM WPJU811 Wirt County (near Parkersburg) (159.8850 input)(Base closed. Unknown if still used.)
  • AEL Map Zip file contains a Google Earth .kml map of Air Evac Lifeteam base station locations compiled from the FCC database on 07 Dec 2011. The map is only as accurate as the FCC's records. It does not contain stations licensed to radio service providers that AEL uses in some areas. Some locations may no longer be in use. The name shown is the tower location/city name on the FCC license, not the location of the helicopter base.

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