Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameArkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)
OwnersArkansas State, Arkansas State Police, Fayetteville City, Jacksonville City
Owner TypePublic
StatesArkansas, Texas
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WNJI743, WNJI744, WNJI747, WNJI751, WNJI756, WPKV208, WPSG339, WPTZ801, WPWZ521, WQBW870, WQBW991, WQBW993, WQBY405, WQBY521, WQBY528, WQBY530, WQBY534, WQBY538, WQBY541, WQBY556, WQBY561, WQBY562, WQBY661, WQBY857, WQBY858, WQBY859, WQBY873, WQBY875, WQBY877, WQBY881, WQBZ258, WQBZ259, WQBZ901, WQBZ905, WQBZ913, WQBZ916, WQBZ918, WQBZ922, WQBZ924, WQBZ931, WQBZ932, WQBZ950, WQBZ951, WQBZ952, WQCA356, WQCA363, WQCA364, WQCA471, WQCA472, WQCA798, WQCB987, WQCG465, WQCG481, WQCG660, WQCH670, WQCK448, WQCK450, WQCZ381, WQDB337, WQDB411, WQDC588, WQDC985, WQDD667, WQDD839, WQDD846, WQDD847, WQDD848, WQDD849, WQDF393, WQDF796, WQDF953, WQDG899, WQDH220, WQDH788, WQDI589, WQDM707, WQDT509, WQDU812, WQEA528, WQOG442, WQPU456, WQPX204, WQPY764, WQQZ509, WQQZ510, WQRX942

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns
WNIJ756, WQDH221, WQDU421, WQEJ762, WQFH569, WQGN294, WQHR809, WQJX918

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  • All Unit ID's vary across the state.
  • All Unit ID's are supposed to follow the 7 Digit scheme.
    (some ID's are on the old 6 digit scheme)
UID Range Description
1001xxx-21xxxxx City Police ID's
40xxxxx MEMS ID's
84xxxxx All Medical ID's
9xxxxxx State Police ID's Dispatch

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