NXDN Tips for the BCDx36HP and SDS Scanners

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This article is for documenting NXDN tips for the BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100 and SDS200 Uniden scanners. They all share the same version of Sentinel. ARC-536, ProScan and Sentinel tips are also welcome here.

Check / Update Your Firmware

  • How do I check what version firmware I have in my scanner?
    • Go to Menu / Settings then E / Yes
    • Select See Scanner Info
  • How Can I Add NXDN to my scanner?
    • Go to and purchase a key
    • See this video from ZipScanners
  • How do I update my firmware once I've purchased the key?
    • See Sentinel Menus and Toolbars in the Easier to Read manual. Use the Update Menu
    • See the Update Firmware section of the 436 / 536 Easier to Read manual.
    • For the SDS100 / SDS200, select Menu / Settings / E/Yes. Then select Upgrade
  • NXDN Decoding started with what version firmware?
    • Version 1.14.00 had this capability but there have been some revisions since. Note that firmware fixes always include prior updates as well.
  • Where can I go with questions / problems with the upgrade?
  • Thanks Easier to Read Manual for some of this

Programming with Software

  • FreeScan does not support programming the HP series of scanners, nor does it support NXDN programming. Use Sentinel, ProScan or ARC-536 for this

General / How To

General tips
  • Some NXDN Trunked Systems requires at least one LCN to track properly. Use LCN Finder to find them
  • Some systems use Direct Frequency Assignment, similar to that used in a P25 system. To track this properly, the CH IDs in the RRDB are all set to zero.
  • NXDN Freq Programming Help Thread
  • If you discover a new NXDN System, you will need a dummy system to use Analyze / LCN Finder
  • If you are running in ID Search mode, you will need a dummy department if you wish to store it
  • Discovery does need a dummy department
  • See the SDS200 Proscan NXDN Programming Question Thread

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