Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans Plaquemines Parish (LA)

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NAS/JRB New Orleans

General Information

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) New Orleans (Alvin Callender Field) is approximately seven miles southwest of New Orleans in the Upper Plaquemines Parish community of Belle Chasse, Louisiana. The base is one of only two joint reserve bases in the country, lying between the Mississippi River and the Intercoastal Waterway. Highway 23, directly east of the base, serves as the single major north/south transportation access route through the Parish.

The 4,900-acre base is home to ten separate command units supporting services for the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Louisiana Air National Guard. The base maintains a 24-hour operational capability to support launches and recoveries of U.S. Coast Guard Sea-Air Rescue, U.S. Customs Alert, and the 159th Fighter Wing's NORAD air sovereignty/homeland defense requirements. NAS JRB New Orleans also provides a crucial training ground for an array of fighter aircraft, being in close proximity to several open water training ranges.

Strike Fighter Squadron 204 (VFA-204)

  • Callsign - RIVER
  • Tail Code - AF
  • Aircraft - F/A-18/A+ Hornet
  • Nickname - River Rattlers

Strike Fighter Squadron 204 (VFA-204), also known as the "River Rattlers", is a U.S. Navy Reserve strike fighter squadron flying the F/A-18A+. The squadron is part of the United States Navy Reserve's Tactical Support Wing.

159th Fighter Wing (159 FW)

159th FW
  • Nickname - Bayou Militia

The 159th Fighter Wing (159 FW) is a unit of the Louisiana Air National Guard, stationed at NAS JRB New Orleans. If activated to federal service, the Wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Combat Command. The Air National Guard's premier F-15 Unit, the 159th Fighter Wing, nicknamed "The Bayou Militia," is a trained force of more than 1500 men and women that has proudly served the United States in almost every conflict in America's history.

The 159th Fighter Wing consists of the following units:

  • 159th Operations Group
122nd Fighter Squadron
  • 159th Maintenance Group
  • 159th Mission Support Group
  • 159th Medical Group
  • 214th Engineering & Installation Squadron
  • 236th Combat Communications Squadron (GSU at Hammond LA)
  • 259th Air Traffic Control Squadron (GSU at Alexandria LA)
  • 122d Air Support Operations Squadron (GSU at Pineville LA)

122nd Fighter Squadron (122d FS)

122nd FS
  • Callsigns - JAZZ, REX
  • Tail Code - JZ
  • Aircraft - F-15C/D Eagle

The 122nd Fighter Squadron, is tasked with providing air superiority over Louisiana and the Gulf Coast while supporting USNORTHCOM and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). The LA ANG use Warning Area airspace over the Gulf of Mexico for most of their training.

Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans

CGAS New Orleans
  • Primary VHF LMR net - CG112
  • Aircraft - MH-65C Dolphin

Coast Guard Air Station (CGAS) New Orleans support a multitude of Coast Guard missions world-wide. Air Station New Orleans provides Search & Rescue (SAR) coverage with MH-65C Dolphin helicopters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for numerous miles of shoreline from the western border of Florida to the eastern border of Texas, averaging more than 320 SAR cases a year. Other missions include: Marine Safety, Marine Environmental Protection, Protection of Natural Resources, Aids to Navigation support, Migrant Interdiction, Drug Interdiction, and Defense Readiness. Many of these missions require deployment of Aviation Detachments (AVDETs) aboard Coast Guard Cutters.

Other Units

  • VMR Belle Chase
  • Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 54 (VR-54)
  • NCTAMS LANT Det New Orleans
  • 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines
  • Navy Operational Support Center New Orleans
  • 377th Theater Support Command
  • FRC Mid-Atlantic Site New Orleans
  • Region Legal Service Office Southeast Det New Orleans
  • Civil Air Patrol, SWR-LA-086
  • Navy Air Logistics Office

Radio Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Primary land mobile communications uses site 2-33 of this system.

United States Department of Defense (BEE00-14C)

033 (21) Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans386.137500c 386.287500a 386.437500 386.587500 386.950000 388.112500

NAS/JRB New Orleans Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
28430  6f0e  JRB NO Tower  Tower 
29875  74b3  JRB PW  Public Works 
29879  74b7  JRB NO Tower  Tower to Ground Emergency Channel 
29882  74ba  JRB NO KB  Kill Box 
29885  74bd  JRB NO Maint  Maintenance Control 
29894  74c6  JRB NO Tac 4  NO EMERG TAC 4 
29897  74c9  JRB NO Tac 2  NO EMERG TAC 2 
29898  74ca  JRB NO Tac 3  NO EMERG TAC 3 
29920  74e0  JRB NO Maint  Building Maintenance 
29921  74e1  JRB NO Maint  Building Maintenance Talk 
29928  74e8  JRB NO ACMnt  Aircraft Maintenance 
29957  7505  JRB NO StDp  Station Dispatch 
29958  7506  JRO Supply  Supply and Maintenance Ops 
29962  750a  JRB NO Tac 5  NO EMERG TAC 5 

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans Unknown Talkgroups

159 FW Operations

Primary air combat maneuvers (ACM) (as of Q2 2015)
Preset Frequency Type Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
?? 277.400 BM ZHU24 LEV-LH Guard / Common (Sector 24 Leeville Low/Hi AM Military
7 Aux 314.300 BM 314.30 RED Air Red Air GCI / AIC AM Military
8 Aux 348.450 BM 348.45 BLUE Air Blue Air GCI / AIC AM Military
Other frequencies (as of Q2 2015)
?? 271.100 BM JAZZ Ops 122 FS Base AM Military
4 Aux 261.200 M 261.20 A/A JAZZ / REX / MOZAM Air-Air AM Military
5 Aux 262.750 M 262.75 A/A JAZZ / REX / VOODOO Air-Air AM Military
?? 284.050 M 159th FW 284.050 Mostly Air-Air comms AM Military
?? 353.775 BM Seabreeze Pri Pensacola FACSFAC - SEABREEZE Primary AM Military
?? 311.300 M 311.300 MHz "Tanker rendezvous freq" with 186 ARW tankers AM Military
?? 321.300 M AR Boom 321.3 AR??? Boom frequency 321.3 AM Military
?? 252.550 M AR Boom 252.55 AR??? Boom frequency 252.55 AM Military
Air Traffic Control (as of Q2 2015)
4 Pri 256.900 BM MSY A/D SE/S UHF Louis Armstrong New Orleans IAP Southeast & South Approach AM Military
5 Pri 353.550 BM ZHU24 LEV-LH Houston Center, Grand Isle RCAG AM Military
Operation Southern Strike 15 (Q4 2014)
?? 237.050 BM 237.050 MHz DOGHOUSE/AWACS GCI/AIC AM Military
?? 226.100 BM 226.100 MHz Recently found, unknown MOZAM usage AM Military
?? 354.100 BM GPT Approach Gulfport Approach (for units at the Trent Lott CRTC) AM Military

VFA-204 Operations

Local Frequencies / Channels (as of Q2 2015)
Preset Frequency Type Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
?? 275.650 M 275.650 A/A RIVER Air-Air AM Military
Operation Southern Strike 15 (Q4 2014)
?? 310.575 BM 310.575 MHz RIVER and FAMOUS ACM AM Military

Callsigns that may be heard on some of the above

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