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Radio control software organized by receiver manufacturer. Links to locations where data files for some of these applications may be found in our Programming Files article

Radio Shack / GRE

Win96 Screenshot
  • ARC83 Closed-source, commercial software for the Pro-83. Demo available.
  • Pro96Com - Closed-source software for the MS-Windows platform. Freely-available, but not public domain. Decodes the 9600-baud APCO-P25 control channel information from the Pro-96 and Pro-2096. Available from the PRO96Com Yahoo group
  • WinXX series from Don Starr's Closed-source, commercial software for MS-Windows. Starrsoft distributes some of the packages at no charge but it is not public domain. The demo version only works for 30 days then is disabled. Supposedly, some people who claim to have sent money via snail mail or the internet claim to have never received a key, refund or even a reply to inquiries. Until Don Starr catches up on the backlog, DO NOT SEND MONEY to starrsoft (or send cash thru the mails to anyone for that matter). However, on his website, he has apologized for falling behind in processing cash and offers a SIX MONTH free key to those who need it.


ARC396 Version 2.0 Screenshot
Advanced Virtual Control BCD396T (AVC396)
IDTracker Screenshot
ScanControl Screenshot
DOS packages
Linux or tcl/tk packages
Other OS
  • Con780. Closed-source software for Mac System 7.5 and higher (MacOS X support not stated). For the BC780XLT. Available at no cost.
Windows packages
  • AFS780. Closed-source, MS-Windows software available at no cost.
  • BuTel Software's Advanced Radio Control. Closed-source, commercial MS-Windows software. Demo versions are available.
  • FreeScan Programming support for the BC246T and BCD996T
  • ProScan
    • Version: 1.6 Build 1 Description: Software for the BC 250, BC 296, BC 780, BC 785, and the BC 796 with Scanner Over IP Multicast / Point-To-Point Remote Control, Audio Recorder, Database, Logging, and More!
  • Uniden Advanced Scanner Director - Closed-source, commercial, MS-Windows software. Some versions included with the radio, others available from Uniden. Some demos available. For various Uniden radios including the SC230, BC246T, BR330T, and BCD396T.

Other brands

  • FTBVR5K Support for the Yaesu/Vertex VR-5000
  • Frequency Manager Supports Yaesu/Vertex VR5000, receivers by TenTec, AOR, Japan Radio Corporation (NRD series), Drake and others, numerous ham transceivers by Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu
  • Probe supports the Optocom, Optoscan 456/535 and Optoscan Lite
    • The Yahoo support forum can be found here

Other HF Related Control Packages

This section lists packages that work with other receivers, many not yet covered in any of the other pages, such as the popular TenTec RX-320, JRC NRD series receivers, the Drake R8 series and more.

Other Download Areas

Amateur transceivers

  • CBT, Inc- Commercial programming software for Alinco radios.
  • Commander Commander is a free application that controls up to 4 Icom, TenTec, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Alinco, or Kachina transceivers, switching between them manually or automatically based on frequency, and displaying frequency-dependent settings for devices like tuners and amplifiers; includes a bandspread and transverter support. Commander is a member of the freeware DXLab Suite, which supports soundcard PSK31, soundcard PSK63, soundcard and/or TNC RTTY, CW generation, logging, award tracking, QSL generation, LotW and synchronization, QSL route discovery, antenna rotation, world map display, DX and WWV spot collection, and propagation forecasting.
  • G4HFQ's closed-source, commercial software for the MS-Windows platform that controls a variety of Yaesu radios. Demo available.
    • FTBCat - Rig Control for the Yaesu FT-100/D, FT-817/ND, FT-847, FT-857/D, FT-897/D, FT-920, FT-1000MP Mark V transceivers and VR-5000 and FRG-100 receivers. Comments on EHam about FTBasic.
    • FTBasicMMO - A memory management only program for Yaesu FT-817, FT-817ND, FT-847, FT-857, FT-857D, FT-897 and FT-897D transceivers.
    • Comments on EHam about FTBasicMMO can be found here
    • FTBasic Yahoo Group
  • Ham Radio Deluxe - Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free Windows programs providing CAT control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes mapping and PSK31 software. Supports most Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu, and Elecraft Receivers and Transcievers. Great for both Ham operators and SWL listeners.
    • Comments on EHam about Ham Radio Deluxe can be found here
    • The Ham Radio Deluxe support forums can be found here
  • KC8UNJ- Free programming software for many Yaesu handhelds, including the VX-2, VX-5, VX-6, VX-7, VR-120, FT-60 as well as the Icom R-2.
  • RadioControl Modular 32-bit Windows user interface compliant application for controlling multiple receivers and amateur radio transceivers simultaneously. Beside direct control, it also features frequency and memory management and various scan options. The functionality can be extended by plug-ins (external modules). Supported radios range from AOR (like AR-5000, AR-8200), Icom (like IC-R7100, IC-R8500, IC-PCR1000) to WiNRADiO.
  • RT Systems- Commercial programming software for several brands of ham radios, including Yaesu, Icom, Alinco, and ADI.
    • Comments on EHam about RT Systems products can be found here
  • tk7 Bob Parnass' open-source, GPLed, multi-platform software for the Icom Q7A/E
  • TRX Manager Supports the Yaesu/Vertex VR-5000, Icom R-75, R-7000, R-7100, R-8500 and numerous ham transceivers by Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom and TenTec